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Voter Study Reveals Key Vulnerabilities Among Republicans and Democrats Heading into the 2022 Midterm Elections Voter Frustration, Apathy, Confidence and Issues Diverge Starkly Across Demographic and Party Groups

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Epluribus LLC, creators of the MOXY™ - the non-partisan citizen empowerment platform – published an eye-popping report in advance of the pivotal midterm election season. The study measured the sentiment of 1,750 American residents nationwide, carefully stratified by geographic region, age group, ethnicity/race, gender and party affiliation. Answers to rarely asked questions on issues, voter participation, confidence in politicians and campaign contributions paint a clear picture of the upcoming contest to win party control in November.

According to Epluribus Founder & CEO César M Melgoza, “meticulous measurement efforts helped us reveal voter distinctions that will enable both incumbents and challengers to sharpen their campaign platform ahead of the elections.”

Notable Highlights Include:

  • Americans overall rate the economy, jobs, inflation and health care expenses as their most important issues.
  • Republicans see a greater level of importance in cost of living, inflation and immigration control.
  • Democrats are more concerned about COVID-19/pandemic management and climate/environment.
  • Independent voters rank the economy/jobs, health care/insurance costs and inflation/cost of living most important.
  • Black voters find civil rights/better race relations more important than other voter groups.
  • Female voters tend to place a greater importance on religious freedom.
  • Hispanics rate climate/environment higher than other cultural sub-segments.
  • Among the substantial number of eligible voters who plan to abstain from the ballot box in November, their top reason is a loss of confidence in their elected representatives.


The wealth of insights gleaned from the study reveal key issues across party affiliation, age cohorts, ethnicity/race groups and other key demographic clusters. The report is available to members of the MOXY platform which is free of charge via the Apple App Store , Google Play Store, and website or you can view and download the report by visiting the Spotlight link on the home page.


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