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Utiq and Compliant partnership sets new standard in data compliance throughout the digital advertising ecosystem Compliant's leading independent verification technology will enhance the privacy solution offered by Utiq's Authentic Consent Service

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Utiq, the European adtech company delivering a telco-powered Authentic Consent Service to enable more responsible digital marketing, has selected Compliant to provide independent verification of its privacy and consent mechanisms.

The partnership will integrate Compliant’s advanced, AI-driven auditing and measurement capabilities to provide independent verification of Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service, enabling it to maintain the highest industry privacy standards.

Utiq was founded to enable more responsible digital marketing for people, publishers and brands. The service works across the ecosystem to enable users to give their consent to activate the Utiq service and receive advertising from specific brands and publisher websites, and to revoke that consent at any time.

Compliant’s technology helps advertisers measure the compliance of digital ad inventory at the campaign, publisher and impression level, while allowing agencies to curate compliant media from trusted publishers, and enabling publishers to demonstrate compliance to potential buyers as a signal for media quality. It helps brands limit exposure to huge regulatory, financial and reputational risk, and to avoid wasting money on media that jeopardises their own compliance.

Will Harmer, Chief Product Officer at Utiq, says: “Data compliance is an essential aspect of responsible audience development, media buying and selling and trusted partner evaluation. The partnership between Utiq and Compliant will empower, support and inform advertisers and publishers in a new era of privacy, consent, context and identity.”

“Compliant will work alongside Utiq to verify that all user data is properly consented, collected and passed through the digital advertising ecosystem. The independent service provided by Compliant’s technology will help Utiq maintain the highest standards of trust, transparency and integrity, in a more automated and scalable way. It will also give people and regulators confidence that best-practice principles are being applied during the consent process.”

Having mapped the compliance of over 90% of the world’s publishers, Compliant brings unique and unparalleled scale, insight and expertise to the partnership.

Jamie Barnard, CEO and co-founder of Compliant, says: “In the chaos of cookie deprecation, a new standard is rising from the ashes of uncertainty. Our partnership with Utiq will fulfil the promise of addressability at scale with data compliance at its core. Together, we're shaping the future of responsible media by prioritising consent and compliance from the outset, ensuring that brands can engage with consented audiences through trusted publishers.”

Utiq and Compliant are champions of the open internet, respectively driving trust through transparency and creating a higher standard for consent and compliance.

Both businesses have a shared commitment to responsible media, helping brands address consented audiences with trusted publishers. While Utiq offers accurate addressability at scale, Compliant provides incremental verification, transparency and accountability. Compliant will support Utiq as it develops its Authentic Consent Service and expands to new advertisers, publishers and markets.


About Utiq

Utiq is a European AdTech company that delivers a Telco-powered Authentic Consent Service to enable more responsible digital marketing. We’re helping to build an ecosystem based on trust and transparency, giving users simple and easy control over the use of their data.


Utiq enables brands and publishers to deliver relevant ad-funded experiences to their consented audiences while embracing the very toughest privacy standards through its secure and encrypted consenthub and consentpass solutions.


Utiq was launched in 2023 and is backed by the telecommunications providers Deutsche Telekom AG, Orange SA, Telefónica S.A. and Vodafone Group plc.


More about Utiq: www.utiq.com  


About Compliant

Compliant is pioneering a new standard for data compliance in the digital marketing industry. The founders believe in a new path for digital media – one that is built with a privacy-safe future in mind, while preserving the economics that underpin the free Internet.


Data compliance is becoming one of the most important digital media standards for the coming decade. And the tools brands, agencies, publishers and ad tech companies rely on most to navigate these headwinds are the Compliant Indexes which give the industry the tools it needs to go cookieless without risking consumer trust, campaign performance or compliance.For more information and to view Compliant’s Annual Publisher Audits, and recent release on the data compliance risk on over 90% of global digital media, visit www.compliant.global. 


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