Updating Video: CIPIO Appoints Serial Data & AI Entrepreneur Sundeep Sanghavi as CEO & Silicon Valley Media Tech Veteran Dipak Patel as CMO to Humanize Digital Subscriptions. | News Direct

Updating Video: CIPIO Appoints Serial Data & AI Entrepreneur Sundeep Sanghavi as CEO & Silicon Valley Media Tech Veteran Dipak Patel as CMO to Humanize Digital Subscriptions. Trailblazing startup sets sights on the $478 B subscription economy, delivering patent-pending AI platform to strengthen relationships between Subscribers and their Digital Subscriptions.

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Fairfax, VA | June 24, 2021 02:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

 CIPIO, an AI company that is Humanizing SubscriptionsTM, today announced the appointment of Sundeep Sanghavi as its CEO and Dipak M. Patel as CMO & EVP of Strategic Initiatives.

Sanghavi, a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully founded, built, and sold four Big Data and AI companies and has invested in multiple digital oriented startups, including CIPIO. He is renowned for his obsession with data and pioneering successful AI-led business transformations across industry verticals, including global subscription and services related enterprises.

  Patel, prior to joining CIPIO, was most recently chartered to create and execute innovation and go-to-market models for TiVo’s IP business. And, as the Co-Founder & CEO of Zeality, Inc., Dipak built the industry’s first immersive media streaming platform. Over 25 years in Silicon Valley, Dipak has held numerous executive, go-to-market, advisory, and board positions, including G-Technology, Western Digital’s premier Media Technology storage solutions.

“We’re experiencing exponential growth by onboarding great partnerships like Zype, InteliVideo, and Jonas Fitness. Globally, there are billions of subscriptions that need to be activated. To meet the demand, we’re adding powerhouse leaders like Sundeep and Dipak to our already stellar team.” said Growson Edwards, Co-Founder, and COO of CIPIO. “As experienced investors, founders, & executives, they both understand what it takes to build and scale AI, big data, and media tech companies. The CIPIO team is excited to reframe the world around Humanizing SubscriptionsTM.”

The global pandemic sent the world’s population into a scramble to find new ways to experience media & entertainment, teach & learn, and lead healthy lifestyles. These drivers led to a 300% growth in digital subscription activation globally.

“As digital subscription growth continues to skyrocket, we believe every subscription needs a brain,” expressed Dipak M. Patel, CMO, CIPIO. “Without one, subscriptions become disposable because they’re not able to see and hear us, learn from us, and respond to our needs and feelings. We are Humanizing SubscriptionsTM by giving every single subscription a brain.”

By Humanizing SubscriptionsTM, CIPIO empowers digital organizations to enhance the experience throughout the subscriber’s journey, including conversion from free to premium, proactively retain, and optimization of content acquisition costs.

“I am obsessed with how data can truly serve humanity. Over the past year, we’ve seen a need to connect people in new ways,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO, CIPIO. “As an investor and founder of multiple AI companies, CIPIO presents an opportunity to a game-changing influence on how the world interacts with their digital experiences. I’m excited to join a phenomenal team of technologists, market makers, and influencers that shares our passion for Humanizing SubscriptionsTM.”


CIPIO provides the leading patent pending AI technology platform that Humanizes SubscriptionsTM for digital organizations. By bringing together human, machine, and domain data, CIPIO arms organizations with capabilities to sense, learn, predict and recommend digital experiences to strengthen the subscriber and subscription relationship. CIPIO impacts both the top and bottom line financials for some of the world’s leading brands such as Zype, InteliVideo, and Jonas Fitness. To learn more about CIPIO, visit www.cipio.ai 

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