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Tuscaloosa, AL Modernizes Courts with Move to Catalis Court Case Management Platform

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The City of Tuscaloosa, AL, has implemented Benchmark Court Case Management Software to modernize its court operations. The Benchmark software platform, Catalis’ enterprise court case management system, powers local government's day-to-day and end-to-end administrative, accounting, and transparency needs.

Tuscaloosa’s previous case management system was antiquated, with siloed data and manual processes creating barriers to staff in meeting citizen expectations. City officials turned to Catalis to deliver an integrated all-inclusive technology to break down data barriers, modernize internal and public-facing operations, and streamline services.

“We are pleased to utilize Benchmark for both our staff and the citizens of Tuscaloosa. Of all the products we evaluated, Benchmark stands out because of the robust workflows, meaningful insights, and new opportunities to engage with the public,” said Tuscaloosa Municipal Court Administrator Marion Williams. “We feel we’ve found the best solution in Benchmark and are lookingforward to increased efficienciesacross all ofour workflows.”

Benchmark will transform the Tuscaloosa Municipal Court’s daily operations to better meet the needs and expectations of constituents and staff. Additionally, Benchmark’s partner integrations and strong reporting capabilities will greatly improve collaboration and transparency. Catalis’ Pioneer division, a national leader in Courts technology, worked closely with the Municipal Court to ensure a successful implementation and a seamless rollout.

“We are delighted to have partnered with Tuscaloosa Municipal Court on this important project,” said Catalis CEO Scott Roza. “We believe that our software will make a real difference in the way the court does business and look forward to supporting them in the future.”

Tuscaloosa, the state’s fifth-largest city with a population of 102,000, is located just over 57 miles from Birmingham and 100 miles to the state capital in Montgomery. The successful implementation of Benchmark for Tuscaloosa continues Catalis’ long-standing partnership with Alabama Court systems.


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