Trust Relations President April White & Veteran PR Professional Laura Schooler Launch “The PR Wine Down” Podcast to Cover ‘The Good, The Questionable and The Unbelievable’ in Today’s PR Industry | News Direct

Trust Relations President April White & Veteran PR Professional Laura Schooler Launch “The PR Wine Down” Podcast to Cover ‘The Good, The Questionable and The Unbelievable’ in Today’s PR Industry New Podcast Will Feature Marketing and Public Relations Industry Experts and Offer Insight, Advice and Anecdotes for Young Professionals and Seasoned Pros

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Trust Relations, the virtual firm with over 284 years of combined experience in public relations, today announced the official launch of “The PR Wine Down Podcast.” The weekly show is an original podcast hosted by Trust Relations President and Founder April White and veteran PR professional Laura Schooler. Together, these dynamic public relations personalities have nearly 50 years of combined experience in the industry, both on the agency and in-house sides.

“The PR Wine Down” is Trust Relations’ premier podcast, created to explore the trends, news, culture and best practices impacting the modern public relations and marketing industries with a candid, humorous and against-the-tide twist.

Episodes will be released on a weekly basis beginning today, Friday, July 24, and will be available to stream for free on the Trust Relations website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and wherever your favorite podcasts are found.

The first episode will introduce listeners to the reasons why White and Schooler decided to team up and create the podcast, based on their personal successes and challenges in the industry — and their lofty hopes to help ensure a bright future for their chosen profession.

The second episode, to be released on Friday, July 31, will feature special guest Chris Atkins, a PR consultant, professor, author, and speaker with more than 35 years of PR agency and in-house experience. In this episode, the experts weigh in on how the industry has changed since the traditional agency model of the 1980s, and what young rookies can do to get ahead.

Recurring topics will include hot takes on the latest news and recent PR stumbles, anonymous PR horror stories sourced from the listening audience, off-the-cuff — and sometimes outrageous — anecdotes, and advice from the hosts’ own careers.

“We’re launching the PR Wine Down to have the candid conversations that industry professionals typically reserve for a secret, after-work cocktail hour,” says April White, president and founder of Trust Relations and “The PR Wine Down” co-host. “The inspiration behind this podcast is similar to what drove me to found Trust Relations: we’re passionate about improving the PR industry by doing things differently, wherever we see a need, and we aren’t afraid to shine a humorous light on what doesn’t work. We want this podcast to offer young professionals real advice from seasoned publicists, to help them be the best they can be — and to help them see a light at the end of the tunnel, if they find themselves caught in an unsupportive situation.”

In addition to audio-only syndication, full episodes of “The PR Wine Down” will be available to watch on YouTube, and can be accessed worldwide.

“It’s such an exciting time in our careers, to be able to reflect back on all these years of experience and to share what we’ve learned firsthand,” says Laura Schooler, seasoned PR consultant, founder of SchoolerCommunications, and co-host of the new podcast. “We’re breaking down walls and kicking down old doors of the PR industry with ‘The PR Wine Down.’ The show strives to help people who are entering the industry, whom we so passionately support, to push past some of the scarier elements of agency culture. Our goal is to reshape the industry by example into a place of real creativity and professionalism — with a few laughs along the way.”

Follow the latest updates from the PR Wine Down Podcast on Trust Relations’ official Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Listeners can submit an anonymous PR industry story or learn more information about the show at

“The PR Wine Down” Podcast Will Cover ‘The Good, The Questionable and The Unbelievable’ in Today’s PR Industry

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