TOWER CAPITAL GROUP SPONSORS A GLOBAL INVESTMENT CONSORTIUM TOWER CAPITAL GROUP Expands its Partnership With The World Economic Forum Centers of Health & Healthcare to Sponsor a Global Investment Consortium Dedicated to Women’s Health.


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TOWER CAPITAL GROUP, market maker of Generational Health, defines the trillion dollar category as pivotal to evolutionary capacity, country competitiveness, and global health. In a recent publication TOWER reveals that a critical lever for Generational Health is Women’s Health.  

TOWER states that funding women’s health innovation is a requirement for Generational Health and has committed to support this effort at a global scale. In demonstration of this commitment, TOWER expands its relationship with the Centre for Health and Healthcare at The World Economic Forum, and is the lead champion and sponsor of a first-in-kind global women’s health investment consortium.  

The Consortium, ”Global Women’s Health Responsible Investment Consortium” is designed to serve the global need for innovation in women’s health. Not only to be a channel of investment, but responsible and sustainable funding for the category. The Consortium serves to:

  • Unite Global Investors with Global Innovators for Women’s Health Outcomes
  • Accelerate and Measure Commitments to Funding and Secure Matching Commitment to select Innovators
  • Leverage The World Economic Forum and Global Alliance for Women’s Health Platform to Curate Investment Outcomes
  • Amplify Tower Capital’s Collective of ~1000+ Innovators
  • Open the Aperture of Women’s Health Through the Lens of Generational Health

“There is nothing more important than actualizing innovation and scientific breakthroughs for women, to ensure Generational Health.” Sanskriti Thakur, TOWER CAPITAL GROUP Founder and Chairwoman.

“In collaboration with TOWER CAPITAL, we are delighted to launch the First Global Responsible Investment Consortium for Women’s Health. Together, let’s bridge the funding gap and unlock innovation for better health outcomes for all women.“ Shyam Bishen, Head, Centre for Health & Healthcare, The World Economic Forum.

About TOWER:

Operating across industries, regions and partners, TOWER CAPITAL GROUP and its affiliates deploy expertise and capital to uncover economic value, investment, and innovation within Generational Health and bring it to stakeholders across the globe. Generational Health are those effects passed on genetically, epigenetically, and environmentally, shaping humanity’s evolutionary curve. It represents a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity encompassing critical areas of community, environment, and women’s health. Visit for more information on Generational Health, the company, and its mission.

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