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ToolsGroup Reimagines Supply Chain Decisions: Unveiling Decision Hub and GenAI-Assisted Planning at Hannover Messe

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ToolsGroup, a global leader in supply chain planning software, is set to unveil its latest innovations in decision-centric planning at Hannover Messe. As a pioneer in adopting AI-driven solutions that enable supply chain executives to navigate uncertainty, ToolsGroup has long been on the cutting edge, enabling smarter, faster decisions that drive profit. With the release of Decision Hub, ToolsGroup now makes continuous, collaborative and asynchronous decision-making in response to supply chain volatility simple.

Supply chain leaders face unprecedented and increasing supply chain disruptions. They need a more effective and efficient way to evaluate options, mitigate risks, and exploit opportunities as situations arise. Decision Hub transforms traditional supply chain decision-making by bringing together the right stakeholders at the right time, armed with the right information to make better decisions faster. Rather than struggling to find a time for a meeting or collaborating piecemeal in chats and a rapidly expanding email thread to make delayed decisions informed by outdated and cobbled-together data, supply chain executives can leverage Decision Hub to collaborate asynchronously in a virtual situation room, run multiple scenarios, evaluate potential impacts, and decide on the most profitable response.

ToolsGroup is revolutionizing customer productivity and value delivery through GenAI, reshaping the user experience within the SO99+ suite. This cutting-edge chatbot, integrated as a beta solution, integrates Microsoft AI Services, including Azure OpenAI Service in addition to Azure Kubernetes Service to offer unprecedented visibility into ToolsGroup’s proprietary engines’ autonomous decisions. Available for testing at Hannover Messe, it allows users to harness Natural Language Processing to interact with the solution effortlessly. This ensures seamless alignment with business objectives and facilitates critical decision-making. As the feature evolves, users will effectively have an SO99+ expert at their fingertips. These innovations lay the groundwork for ToolsGroup’s vision of decision-centric planning.

"Today, data latency, poor collaboration, and rigid decision-making processes all work against companies trying to make the right decisions in the face of uncertainty. Supply chain leaders must collaborate seamlessly and respond in real-time to critical events, adapting production and distribution plans to changes in demand and supply. Decision Hub reimagines this process, innovating decision collaboration for the speed of today’s supply chain,” said Robert Kaufholz, Senior VP of Product Management at ToolsGroup. “We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovations for true decision-centric planning with Microsoft at Hannover Messe. Together we are helping customers transform their businesses and are delivering impactful, human-centered solutions to the market.”

Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft added, “Microsoft AI capabilities provide ToolsGroup access to powerful language models, effortlessly tailored to specific tasks. This integration enables ToolsGroup to provide solutions that ensure seamless coordination between business goals and human-focused solutions.”

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Join ToolsGroup at Hannover Messe to experience firsthand how Decision Hub and GenAI are reshaping the future of the supply chain - Find us in the Microsoft Booth, Hall 17 Stand G06, April 22-26. Book a meeting with our experts.





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