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Tips on Avoiding Common Boating Blunders Captain Sandy from Below Deck Mediterranean Shares Her Tips on Avoiding Common (and Costly) Boating Mistakes

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In 2020, boat sales reached a 13-year high, corresponding with higher volumes of people hitting the water to enjoy outdoor recreation activities. However, with the rise in activity, Travelers data shows a corresponding jump in boating claims for the year. Recently, world renowned yacht captain and star of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, Captain Sandy Yawn, teamed with Travelers on a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss common boat blunders and what you can do to avoid costly mistakes.

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Captain Sandy from Below Deck Mediterranean Shares Her Tips on Avoiding Common (and Costly) Boating Mistakes

Ahead of the 2021 boating season, keeping basic safety tips in mind can go a long way to protect your family, friends and vessel. The most common boat blunders include:

  • Navigating Negligently: 37% of all Travelers Boat and Yacht claims were the result of collisions, especially with submerged objects. Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings when operating a watercraft.
  • Wild Weather: 16% of claims were due to damage from windstorms. Monitor your local weather and create a storm preparedness plan you can enact in the event of a tropical storm, hurricane, or other inclement weather in your area.
  • Ignored Inspections: 11% of all claims were due to mechanical breakdown. Make sure your vessel is shipshape by having it professionally inspected at the start of every season and making any necessary repairs.
  • Ensure Your Vessel is Insured: About half of the 12 million registered boats nationwide aren’t covered by insurance – a staggering number. Unfortunately, even when following every precaution, unforeseen circumstances can cause costly mishaps. So it’s important to make sure your vessel is covered by the right policy.

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About Captain Sandy Yawn:

A Fort Lauderdale native with over three decades of yachting experience under her belt, Captain Sandy is one of the most respected captains in the industry. Captain Sandy knew she wanted her career to revolve around the ocean from a very young age and was not discouraged when she discovered yachting to be a male-dominated field. Knowing the difficulties that come with leading an entire team while providing 5-star service, she makes it her mission to know everything and every department on the boat. Coming off the most trying season of her career yet, Captain Sandy hopes for a return to calmer waters and is determined to give charter guests an unforgettable experience. This season, the crew goes to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and Sandy is up for the challenge as she attempts to cultivate a new dream team aboard 180-foot mega yacht “Lady Michelle.”

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