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TickTrader: How the ever-relevant trading platform was developed

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The removal of MetaTrader 4 and 5 apps from the App Store, along with the fact that MetaQuotes has put on hold accepting applications for white-label solutions for MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, reminds us how volatile the field of Forex trading technology can be.

Therefore, we deem it necessary to remind our followers of the factors that come into play when we develop a white-label technology to launch a Forex broker. One such example is our TickTrader trading platform, which allows brokers to issue white-label licenses — and place their own trading applications in the App Store and Google Play sans restrictions.

  • Flexible range of functions

Regardless of the type of audience we are addressing; our trading platform should be able to meet the needs of both novice and experienced users. Newcomers may not plan to use custom alerts or create their own EA yet, but what if they do in the future? By identifying these needs in advance, we can greatly improve our chances of keeping old customers and attracting new ones with the growth of our business.

Advanced users will appreciate features such as one/double-click trading mode (perfect for analyzing fast-moving markets), advanced trading alerts with the ability to bind on the server side (so client activity is not tied to the state of trading applications), or detailed charts with the options to draw, view volumes, trades, and set alerts.

  • Choosing a trading account that best suits one’s needs

Clients should be able to select the account type that best suits their needs based on the currencies they want to trade, the instruments, the initial deposit, the brokerage bonus offer, etc.

With the TickTrader trading platform, one can open both margin accounts (leveraged) and spot exchange accounts (cash), with margin accounts subdivided into gross and net.

  • Advanced order types

It would be useful if advanced orders were offered in addition to the usual order types (market and pending orders, including Stop, Limit, and Stop Limit orders), allowing experienced traders to develop more complex trading strategies.

In addition to complex orders such as Good Till Cancel or Hidden, the TickTrader Trading Platform also allows the creation of order strategies such as Ladder or OTA (One Triggers Another). As a result, users will be able to adapt to different market conditions much more easily.

  • Slippage control

To avoid or reduce slippage, it is desirable to apply a slippage control function. For the TickTrader trading platform, Slippage control implies the following operating principle: the Slippage control value is added to the price of the client's market order, then an IOC (Immediate or Cancel) order is placed. The liquidity provider commits to execute this limit order at the available prices, but not below the limit order price.

  • A terminal for each platform

With multi-language web, desktop, and mobile terminals, our clients may select the most effective manner to use our services. Four different types of client terminals, each with a specialized set of features created for a specific context, are available through the TickTrader trading platform.

The TickTrader desktop terminal offers access to both low-latency marginal trading and exchange of FX and Crypto products, as well as high-end features.

With the TickTrader Web Terminal, one can access TickTrader from anywhere with only a computer and an internet connection. Last but not least, the TickTrader mobile terminal (available for iOS and Android) offers convenient 24/7 access to mobile Forex and exchange trading through the Internet.

  • A comprehensive API kit

The TickTrader trading server's application programming interfaces kit enables developers to build specialized trading tools and interfaces for use with no-terminal trading. The Web REST API, Sockets API, FIX API, SFX, and Manager API are all included in the TickTrader trading platform API kit.

Among other functions, the TickTrader’s API kit allows users to receive detailed information about financial instruments, user accounts, and trading operations, and connect securely to the TickTrader Server to get information about quote flows (currencies, symbols).

Business side features

We have discussed the advantages that the trading platform may offer to the end user above, but we must remember, nevertheless, that there are many helpful features hidden inside that will make the lives of administrators much easier. We will examine the modules built as a part of the TickTrader trading platform administrative architecture because every software supplier approaches this problem differently.

  • Sublicensing

Customers that use the TickTrader Trading Platform as part of a white-label solution may now provide sublicensing services. As soon as the solution is implemented, the sublicensing system is immediately usable and relatively straightforward. As part of the contract with Soft-FX, the software buyer is entitled to supply a sub-license and possibly boost their earnings through increased trading volumes and extra commissions.

  • Algo-Studio

The protocols included in TickTrader Algo Studio enable the creation and operation of algorithmic trading systems. It has pre-installed market-maker algorithms that provide administrators the power to control price flow, liquidity, and pricing guidelines for any token or derivative product.

A collection of trading bots and pre-built algorithmic trading systems are also included in the TickTrader trading platform software package, which also offers the option to import and convert strategies from MT4 and MT5 for usage in TickTrader in the future.

  • Stock Events Module

This module enables tailoring stock operations on the trading platform in accordance with corporate events that take place at a specific period. Any move that significantly alters a stock-issuing corporation and affects its stakeholders is referred to as a corporate action. Corporate activities include things like dividends, stock splits, mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs, all of which can demand a lot of processing time and resources in the absence of automation.

For instance, stock splits may cause significant gaps to appear on the chart, giving the appearance of a sudden price decline. Technical indicators would provide false sale signals based on the chart.

A technique to prevent such situations is the TickTrader Stock Events module. By removing any gaps left behind after occurrences like splits, dividends, and mergers and acquisitions, this functionality enables us to change data and make our platform as adaptable as feasible.

  • Liquidity Aggregation

The TickTrader trading platform may be set up to produce market depth feed and enhance liquidity flow diversity.

  • Utilizing a strong matching engine, for instance, enables customers to create internal liquidity and operate as both price givers and takers of prices. This implies that we will be able to contribute our clients' orders to the market depth in addition to the liquidity from external providers. This can greatly lower the costs associated with the fees paid to the liquidity providers.
  • Expanded alternatives for risk management provide a hybrid A-book/B-book paradigm that is implemented through a trading multiplier system, allowing for the assignment of a trading multiplier to each trading account on the platform. The multiplier's value affects how much of the proposed trading volume is sent to the outside market, allowing us to manage successful clients in accordance with current company goals.
  • Admin Console

TickTrader has a comfortable administrative console. The workflow and user interface were created with an emphasis on the possibility of completely varied experiences among the employees who will utilize this capability.

For example: dealing department workers who have prior expertise utilizing the admin and manager components of MT4 and MT5 should find it quite simple to grasp the TickTrader admin panel.

In conclusion

We hope that the details above have helped you get a clearer idea of how a dependable white-label trading platform's functionality is designed and executed. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have about the TickTrader trading platform, which gives consumers the option to perform trading operations on both a cryptocurrency exchange and an FX brokerage. This platform serves as a strong basis for the exchange and brokerage industries. Contact us!


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