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The U.S. Chamber Discover & Deliver initiative is Fighting Covid-19 with Innovation and Technology Kelly Anderson Senior Director of Health and Drug Policy at the U.S. Chamber’s Global Innovation Policy Center conducts nationwide media tour to discuss The U.S. Chamber Discover & Deliver initiative.

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Defeating the global pandemic is truly an all-of-nation effort. Across the nation, America’s innovation community has mobilized like never before to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Right now, our nation’s brightest scientific minds, most innovative companies, and leading universities are moving at unprecedented speed to deliver the COVID-19 treatments, vaccines, diagnostics, and cures we need.

The scope is as impressive as the speed. To date, scientists are conducting over a thousand clinical trials in the United States for potential pandemic ending solutions, in all 50 states, from big cities to small towns.

The U.S. Chamber Discover & Deliver initiative is telling the story about the private sector’s role in bringing the science to life and bringing it to people. It is a nationwide, cross-industry effort that involves our brightest scientific minds, the most innovative companies, and the nation’s leading universities—all working together toward the common goal of leading the global community out of this crisis.

Discover & Deliver is conducting virtual events in communities across the United States to engage local leaders, share the latest information, and provide a “boots on the ground” view of progress underway.

To help illustrate this story, the U.S. developed an interactive map, to show what’s happening across our country—in communities large and small—as innovation works to identify the solutions we need to solve the coronavirus pandemic.

Visit for the latest resources and insights into the all-of-nation effort underway to beat this pandemic.

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