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Tempered Networks Launches Airwall Teams: Free, Zero Trust Remote Access and Private Network Solution Industrial-Strength Private Overlay Network Secures Any Device, Anywhere in the World

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon Seattle, WA | February 02, 2021 08:57 AM Eastern Standard Time

Tempered Networks, a leading Zero Trust secure networking provider, today released Airwall Teams, a free, industrial-strength security platform for micro-segmentation and remote access. Airwall Teams allows organizations to build secure communications channels between devices, regardless of where they are located, to ensure secure access across all mobile, corporate, internet, and cloud networks.

Airwall Teams is based on the same network technology as Airwall™, Tempered’s easy-to-manage, enterprise-grade solution that leverages the standards-based Host Identity Protocol (HIP), including a range of scalable hardware gateways and policy management devices. They form a private overlay network that sits on top of existing cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

“Airwall Teams is a great option to allow potential Airwall users a chance to try our groundbreaking HIP secure access technology,” said Jeff Hussey, President, CEO and co-founder of Tempered. "Our platform allows users to greatly increase the security of their network flows and system access even though network perimeters are rapidly dissolving and cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated. Organizations are looking for an easy-to-deploy and manage Zero Trust network architecture, and Airwall Teams is the most expedient way to try out this approach quickly, at no cost.”

Some of the key benefits of Airwall Teams include:

  • Secure, Remote Management & Increased Productivity: With Airwall Teams organizations can increase productivity by quickly building the most secure remote access to critical endpoints and systems while completely eliminating vulnerabilities to unauthorized users. Security, DevOps and admin teams can use Airwall Teams to provide access to data center applications, IoT endpoints, and other industrial systems.
  • Trusted Network Privacy: Airwall Teams makes network assets essentially invisible and completely private to unauthorized users. Airwall Teams, like Airwall, recreates a virtual air gap to critical infrastructure while still allowing necessary remote access and communication across a global network. Hackers cannot attack what they cannot see.
  • Easy Deployment & Secure Team Connectivity: Airwall Teams features a simple drag-and-drop interface that can connect home, office, mobile and cloud resources across networks in just minutes. Employees can securely connect to each other and to servers, applications and email wherever they are located.

“Airwall Teams provides a valuable solution for securely connecting endpoints for a range of use cases across any network, anywhere”, said Caston Thomas, President of Interworks, a Michigan-based security integration firm. “It’s great for remote access to specific systems running in the cloud, or sharing files and even video streams over an encrypted overlay tunnel. I like it as a free platform to trial some zero trust deployment scenarios that might make sense for my clients.”

For its development of Airwall Teams and Airwall, as well as delivering innovative security services, Tempered was recently awarded a 2020 Best Practices Award by leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. “Frost & Sullivan is pleased to announce Tempered Networks as the recipient of the 2020 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its strong commitment to delivering simple and less expensive network security solutions”, said Harikrishnan N M, Senior Research Analyst, TechVision at Frost & Sullivan. “Through pioneering Identity-Based Networking with the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) and cryptographic identities, Tempered helps customers set up a truly native zero trust network architecture that can make the entire network invisible to cyber threats and hackers.”

“Tempered is committed to making the world a safer place by simplifying secure network and systems access,” added Hussey. “In the wake of the devastating SolarWinds attack and with threats already increasing inside corporate networks, organizations need to completely rethink how they are securing their networks and data. Airwall Teams offers this unparalleled network security for free, for networks up to 25 devices, enabling organizations to protect their devices and data inside simple, private and encrypted networks.”

Airwall Teams is available immediately and can connect up to 25 devices for free, supporting Macs, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. To learn more and sign up for Airwall Teams, please visit: http://tempered.io/products/Airwall-Teams.

Tempered makes the industry’s only truly native Zero Trust Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) solution. Airwall is the modern air gap for all connected things. Airwall makes it easy to create and maintain hyper-secure networks across complex infrastructure anywhere, including IT/OT/ICS/SCADA, remote and in the cloud. Airwall networks are multi-factor authenticated, micro-segmented, encrypted end-to-end, and impervious to lateral movement. Ready to make your company’s critical assets and infrastructure invisible to threats? Visit https://tempered.io.

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