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Technology Minerals' Recyclus unveils 'milestone' lithium-ion EV battery recycling partnership

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Technology Minerals PLC chairman Robin Brundle joined Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with details of a milestone partnership between subsidiary Recyclus Group and Sureservice Autocentres, marking a crucial step in their commitment to safe storage, logistics, and the recycling of EV batteries.

The collaboration leverages Recyclus' Wolverhampton facility for the end-of-life processing of lithium-ion batteries, ensuring they are not improperly stored or discarded. The deal with Slicker Recycling enhances its capability to collect hazardous waste from the automotive sector across the UK, utilising over 100 vehicles and nine depots, facilitating around 25,000 collections annually. This system supports the safe and timely collection of materials from both independent and franchise dealer networks.

Brundle highlighted the dangers associated with the improper storage of EV batteries, citing recent incidents of fires in dealerships and during transport, underscoring the need for secure transportation solutions like its custom-designed LiBoxes.

The process upon the batteries' arrival at the Wolverhampton facility involves thorough inspection, and processing of all five battery chemistries without water or landfill waste, and aims to achieve a sustainable circular economy.

Technology Minerals is also exploring ways to separate black mass to retain critical raw materials within the UK, indicating a broader vision for sustainable resource management. Brundle revealed that additional partnerships are in negotiation, promising more updates on their progress.


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