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Statement from Nick Desai: Co-Founder of Heal Nick Desai, Heal Co-Founder, Stepping Down from the Company

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The following is a statement from Nick Desai, Co-Founder of Heal:

"It's with great sense of appreciation and high hopes for the future that I announce I've stepped down as CEO of Heal. As I catch my breath from Heal, I am thinking about who's going to create the healthcare solution that is used not by 100,000 or one million, but rather 100 million Americans. In the six years of building Heal and my 30+ year professional career, I know more than anything that education and equal access - especially to Americans who are economically or demographically disadvantaged, ethnic minorities and others who struggle with getting even the most basic healthcare - are desperately needed and my hope is to help improve access to innovations and information that will help them, most of all.

It was recently reported that 85% of telehealth users come from households with an income over $150,000 - meaning much work remains in creating truly accessible, effective solutions that are equally and easily available to those who need it most. As of now, I am an entrepreneur again. And, of course, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Heal, its team and mission. I am incredibly proud of what my wife and Co-Founder, Renee, and I built at Heal. We transformed healthcare with innovative solutions like doctor house calls, one-touch telehealth and upfront price transparency, that enable better healthcare for all. Looking back and seeing things we invented as industry standard best practices is very gratifying. While my role as CEO has been passed on to my successor Scott Vertrees, Renee remains the Chief Medical Officer of Heal and driving force of Heal's continued innovations and of the excellent, life-changing patient care Heal delivers every day.

More than the awards Heal won, or the investors I brought to Heal, such as Lionel Richie, Fidelity, Breyer Capital and Humana, or the 250,000 patients we have served, I am most proud of the dozens of letters, postcards and emails from everyday Americans saying we saved the lives of their parents, kids and loved ones.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to the growth and success of Heal. Looking back, I can barely imagine we went from Renee and I going house to house to Heal being available to nearly 150MM Americans in 11 US States. I look forward to the future and know Heal will continue to do great things as I focus on helping solve more problems impacting healthcare in America."

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