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Senior Moments: 6 Ways Our Dogs Remind Us They’re Getting Older Lintbells, manufacturer of leading dog hip/joint supplement, YuMOVE, preps pet parents with helpful veterinarian-approved tips to monitor signs of aging in dogs.

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Pets, like people are living longer than ever. Sure, we may notice their handsome grey muzzles, but are there other signs pet owners may be missing? According to the Dog Aging Project, senior dogs experience many of the same health conditions humans do including cognitive and mobility issues. As responsible pet owners it’s important to look out for signs of aging and tend to any subtle changes sooner than later.

Our senior dogs who may not have the same skip in their step as they did in their younger years, bring no less joy into our daily lives! Veterinarian Dr. Craig Prior, B.V.Sc., C.V.J., member of YuMOVE veterinary advisory board offers signs for dog owners to look out for that may warrant additional attention.

The Tell-TAIL signs to look out for:

  • Posture – Are you noticing any changes in your dog’s body shape such as muscle loss or other changes in the way they walk?
  • Gaining Weight – Is your dog starting to look a bit pudgier?
  • Attitude – Has your dog unexpectedly changed the way they react to you, family or other dogs?
  • Willingness – Is your dog still up for walks, for games, able to get in and out of the car easily and barking at every little thing?
  • Slowing Down – Does it appear that overall energy level has slowed down or getting up and lying down takes longer these days?
  • Jumping- Does your dog hesitate or show signs of struggle when jumping up on the couch, the bed or in and out of the car?

Take Action:

Seeing the signs of aging doesn’t mean it’s too late. There are steps pet owners can take to help slow the signs of aging and keep the “Senior Moments” at bay, but the earlier addressed, the better. Taking proactive steps to support our four-legged friends can make all the difference. Making small changes in the home to be easier to get around, changing your walking routine to include smaller, more frequent outings, and giving proven supplements to support their joints, all help dogs age gracefully. Pet owners should talk with their veterinarian about changes to their dog’s physical and emotional behavior.

Interviews, additional veterinarian advice and supporting documentation available upon request. For more information on hip/joint health, senior dogs, and keeping pets active for life, please visit

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*Study conducted by the Royal Veterinary College of London, United Kingdom

**Kynetec VetTrak data, sales through veterinary wholesalers, February 2021

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