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Ryvid partners with Sosa Metalworks for a truly custom Electric Motorcycle Cristian Sosa creates a retro custom based on the latest Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle, retaining the height adjustable seat function and removable battery

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 Ryvid – the California-based Electric Motorcycle manufacturer – partnered with custom bike builder Cristian Sosa at Sosa Metalworks in Las Vegas to create a stunning interpretation of the Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle.

Better known for his traditional metal fabrication, the Ryvid Anthem was Cristian’s first attempt at a battery-powered motorcycle and the results are stunning.

Custom builder Cristian Sosa created his unique interpretation of the Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle
Custom builder Cristian Sosa created his unique interpretation of the Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle

And in addition to the striking bodywork, the Ryvid team was delighted to discover Cristian had retained the Anthem’s unique height adjustable seat, which allows a broad range of riders to comfortably fit the Anthem.

Cristian established Sosa Metalworks in September 2012 with his brother, Roberto, focusing on custom metal fabrication. Creating one-off metal pieces for custom projects, Cristian has specialized in motorcycles, which led him to become the lead metal fabricator at Count’s Kustoms for Discovery Channel's Counting Cars series.

Cristian’s collaboration with Ryvid kicked off at the One Motorcycle Show in 2023 where he encountered the Anthem and company founder Dong Tran. “I had the opportunity to speak to Dong and he explained some of the features. What really stood out to me was the steel frame design,” Cristian recalled. “I'd been interested in building an electric bike and knew I could do something cool around the frame, so the Anthem was a perfect fit.”



Whenever Cristian approaches a new project, he tries to imagine how a classic machine would look in the future. And this is what attracted him to the Anthem because it already had ultra-modern design. However, Cristian had to take a different approach because where he’d normally design around the motor and transmission, with the Anthem he had to focus on the folded steel frame and removable battery pack. “These elements dictated the use of sharper, straighter lines compared to the curved designs I often use,” Cristian explained. “Stepping outside my comfort zone was what made this challenge so much fun.”

Whereas steel is favored for classic motorbikes, Cristian prefers aluminum for modern machines. Not only does it fit the theme better but it’s lighter, helping overall performance. “Aluminum is harder to work than steel because it requires welding on both sides, but it’s softer and easier to shape,” Cristian said. “I also really like how hand-polished aluminum looks; I try to avoid mirror-polishing anything because I feel it loses its soul.”

“I did most of the work on the Ryvid project by hand but also incorporated my fast-cut CNC table into the design and build process, which is something I’ve never done before. Once every part was cut, I shaped them by hand on the power hammers,” Cristian continued. “Hammering requires a lot of time but it’s my favorite part of the process because I can get into my zone.”

Thanks in part to the technology used, the entire build took about three weeks to complete, including the design process. “It can be difficult to find a design direction, but once it was decided I then practically built the bike twice; first as a design buck, which allowed the templates to be created, and then replicated it in aluminum,” Cristian said.

“Every now and then, I make something that comes out better than I imagined, and this is one of those times. I remember when we were assembling the bike and it caught me by surprise. I couldn’t believe how well it came together and how good it looked. It has a classic feel but the lines makes it seem very aggressive and slightly futuristic, which I wasn’t expecting.”

One of the Ryvid Anthem’s standout features is its removable 4.3kWh battery with integrated charger used to power the 72V air-cooled, brushless DC motor. It also has a unique height adjustable seat, which can be positioned to suit the rider at the flick of a switch. Cristian was careful to integrate the technology, keeping the Anthem fully functional. The beautifully crafted Sosa seat unit flows from the central spine and, despite its appearance of solidity, can easily be raised and lowered with the Anthem’s electronic system. Similarly, the side panels can be removed to access the battery’s latch system, allowing it to be lowered and removed for remote charging, if required.


“I’ve always loved motorcycles, which have always represented gas-powered engines to me. In fact, the powerplant often inspired my designs, but you don’t have that with an electric motorcycle. Instead, I learned from riding the Ryvid Anthem that you focus on the actual ride rather than the motor, which is something that’s really grown on me. It becomes a completely different ways of riding. And while I love getting on a bike that you have to kickstart and work for it, there’s something beautiful about jumping on a bike and just twisting the throttle,” Cristian explained. “Some days I feel like driving and some I days I want to walk: two completely different modes that get you to the same place and put you in a completely different mindset. I feel what makes an electric motorcycle attractive is the simplicity and efficiency. There are times when I prefer that.

“The Anthem is also very light (313 lb), which really makes it fun to ride. And that was another reason I worked with aluminum to keep the weight as low as possible.

“I’ve been riding the bike almost daily since we got back from the One Motorcycle Show and it’s so much fun,” Cristian revealed.


After Cristian Sosa got involved in the Anthem project, Ryvid launched its second model at the 2024 One Motorcycle Show; the Outset. Based on the same frame, battery and motor as the Anthem, Outset is a scrambler-style machine with taller. multi-road tuned suspension, a narrower, longer dirt bike-style seat, wider handlebars, and more.

Cristian is already looking forward to his next electric project: “Let’s make something happen with the new Outset!” he laughed. “And I want to thank the Ryvid crew for the ride; it’s been fun.”

If somebody wanted to recreate the Sosa Anthem, they can contact Sosa Metalworks directly via sosametalworks.com.

“I only build one bike at a time. It’s very rare for me to jump from project to project. I like to focus on one project until it’s completed. I normally work around the client’s budget, which allows me to gauge the amount of time I can spend on it. But I never cut corners. I’ve been doing this for more than 25 years and one of the advantages of my experience is the skills I’ve acquired allow me to do things faster, while the tools and machinery I’ve acquired speed up the process even more. These things allow me to spend more time on the design aspect and craftsmanship,” Cristian concluded.


The Ryvid Anthem Electric and Ryvid Outset Electric are available to order now from ryvid.com. The $6,495 Anthem is available for immediate delivery in a choice of six colors. Deliveries of the new $5,995 Outset will begin in the Summer in either Sector Red or Vapor Grey. Riders must have a motorcycle license in order to ride both the Anthem and Outset.

The Anthem and Outset share a rigid steel backbone frame, instrument display, removable 4.3kWh battery with integrated charger, 72V air-cooled, brushless DC motor, controller, and sealed belt drive.

Both machines are capable of 75mph+ top speed and will provide up to 70 miles range* on the Outset or 75 miles* on the Anthem. The battery can be charged quickly from both 110V and 220V supplies.

Outset has an 33” seat height but its compliant suspension and narrow cushion means it will comfortably accommodate a range of riders. The Anthem seat is adjustable from 31-34” to accommodate an even wider range of riders.

Weighing just 313 and 315 lb, respectively, the Anthem and Outset share featherweight architecture and a low center of gravity. With the major components positioned at axle level, both bikes exhibit extraordinary handling characteristics, making them extremely easy to change direction at high speed or maneuver at low speed.

Another benefit of electric power is the Ryvid Reverse Drive. At the push of a button when stopped, the rider is able to move the motorcycle backwards at walking speed to extricate it from perhaps a tight parking position or awkward slope.


*Range is currently estimated on the the Ryvid Outset until it's subjected to the same Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule as the Anthem to establish recognized city and highway range figures, which are available at ryvid.com. Battery range may vary and can depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc.



Additional high-resolution images of the Ryvid-Sosa Anthem are available at ryvid.com/pages/media-room 

A Ryvid-Sosa Anthem video is available to view and share here: youtu.be/XfpGlzpjS-A?si=utyJjOsFMlW9z4VT 



Ryvid is a cutting-edge manufacturing corporation in the high-growth field of Electric Light Vehicles. Founded by enthusiasts, engineered by innovators, and designed by aerospace industry gearheads, the Ryvid mission is to create more sustainable and enjoyable personal mobility. The company name was derived by merging Rhythm and Avid; elements of motion and emotion that define the experience of using our products. Ryvid produces revolutionary, lightweight, affordable electric motorcycles with a significantly lower carbon footprint than its competitors. With the same innovation applied to all models, Ryvid is poised to revolutionize urban commuting. Ryvid products are designed and assembled in California. For further information, please visit ryvid.com


The Ryvid Anthem is available for delivery now at $6,495. The new Ryvid Outset is available at $5,995, with deliveries beginning Summer 2024




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