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Royal Charter Elevates European-American University's Educational Offerings

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European-American University, an institution committed to excellence for more than 20 years, proudly upholds its Royal Charter, marking its recognition and credibility in the educational arena. This esteemed recognition, combined with the university's authorization under the statutes of the State of Florida to award religious degrees, as well as its registration as a private higher education provider in France (Ecole Superieure Euro-Americaine), places European-American University among the ranks of universities with a truly global footprint.


"Receiving a Royal Charter of Incorporation from the King of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom and achieving international validation are significant milestones for European-American University," stated Professor John Kersey, Chancellor. "These recognitions not only honor our educational commitment but also reassure our students and partners of the quality and legitimacy of our programs. I'm very proud of the fact that we have a presence on three continents."

The Royal Charter is a testament to the university's adherence to high standards of educational excellence and its contribution to academic scholarship. In addition to the Royal Charter, European-American University holds a wide range of recognition and accreditation agreements with institutions worldwide. These partnerships and recognitions validate the university's programs, allowing graduates to leverage their degrees on a global scale and enhance their professional and academic opportunities.

The university offers a diverse array of degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels across various disciplines, including business, humanities, and the arts. Some programs are delivered through a flexible, distance learning format that allows students to balance their studies with personal and professional commitments. Some programs even allow students to get a degree entirely through their previous life experience without taking any additional classes or exams at all. These experience-based degrees are based on the Validation des Acquis de l'Experience (VAE) framework which was codified into French law in 2002.

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About Ecole Superieure Euro-Américaine

Ecole Superieure Euro-Americaine is a premier private higher education institution based in Paris, France and is the French division of European-American University. Dedicated to blending European and American academic traditions, European-American University offers a diverse range of programs designed to foster critical thinking, global awareness, and professional development. For over 20 years, European-American University has provided accessible and innovative educational opportunities to students worldwide through flexible learning approaches, including both residential and distance learning options. The institution also offers unique programs that recognize and credit life experiences, allowing students to leverage their professional and personal achievements towards earning a degree.

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About the author: With more than 20 years serving at European-American University, originally as the school's President and Director of Academic Affairs, and now as its Chancellor, John Kersey is renowned for his educational leadership. He has been instrumental in developing programs that blend rigorous academic standards with practical applications, serving students across the globe.


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