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Out with the Old, in with the New PR Tech Stack: How AI is Transforming Journalism and PR Alike Panelists from IBM and The New Yorker will join PRophet’s Aaron Kwittken at PRovoke's Virtual PR Summit for In-Depth Discussion on AI’s Impact on Media, Media Relations and Media Relationships

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For years, the tech stack, driven by fast-paced innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, has been fundamentally changing the marketing industry. Now, it’s PR’s turn to join the stack.

The PR industry is on the cusp of a major change – thanks to AI, the job of the PR pro has the potential to be thoroughly reimagined, improving the work of humans without replacing them. This will be the topic of discussion at a marquee panel during the PRovoke North America Public Relations Summit on Wednesday, February 24, titled “Robots Won’t Take your Job, But AI Can Now Help You Perfect Your Pitch.”

The panel will feature IBM’s VP of corporate communications Sarah Bruning Meron and The New Yorker contributor John Seabrook, author of 2019’s “Can a Machine Learn to Write for The New Yorker” about the possibilities of predictive text and its impact on journalism. Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet, the first-ever AI-driven platform for the PR community to help predict media interest, will moderate the discussion, focusing on the role of AI in the modernization of media relations and media relationships.

The session will explore questions such as how AI and machine learning will change media relations forever, and whether AI can identify story angles and refine pitches more effectively than humans.

“AI and machine learning have the prospect of shaping media relations as never before,” said Aaron Kwittken, founder and CEO of PRophet. “By discussing the capabilities and practical applications of these technologies – and the impact they are likely to have on how both journalists and communications professionals do their jobs – this panel will offer a compelling and insightful window into the future of news and public relations.”

The virtual event marks PRovoke’s 8th North America PR summit, which will feature a half-day of content coalescing around the theme “Reset” – exploring the pressing communications issues that have emerged as we navigate the aftermath of 2020. The summit will be followed by the Innovation SABRE Awards – North America 2021 online gala.

To receive complementary access to the panel and event, email sales@prprophet.ai.

PRophet is the first-ever AI-driven software-as-a service (SaaS) platform designed by and for the PR community that samples past stories to better predict future media interest, sentiment, and spread through natural language processing and machine learning. PRophet is owned by Ahteed, LLC, an MDC Ventures company and was founded by marketing industry thought leader and entrepreneur Aaron Kwittken alongside former political strategist, technologist, and author Mark Penn, currently President of Stagwell Group and chairman and CEO of MDC Partners and formerly with Microsoft. To learn more, visit prprophet.ai/home.

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