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“One Of The Most Significant Developments In Rapid In Vitro Diagnostics Since Its Invention” Says Gemina Labs CEO About Company’s Revolutionary Technology

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By Meg Flippin, Benzinga

Gemina Laboratories (CNSX: GLAB), the biosensor and diagnostic company focused on rapid testing for respiratory and other pathogens that affect human health and wellness,

is making waves in the diagnostics sector thanks to its cutting-edge, next-gen technology.

Under the leadership of CEO Brian Firth, formerly COO of Swiss Precision Diagnostics and makers of the Clear Blue Pregnancy Test, Gemina Laboratories says it is poised to transform the landscape of rapid testing for respiratory diseases and beyond. It’s a big market opportunity, given chronic respiratory disease was the third-leading cause of death in 2019. Rapid testing for it and other pathogens can reduce the spread of life-threatening illnesses and help people get treated faster.

Breakthrough In Point-Of-Care Diagnostics

Gemina Labs specializes in the development of unique binding technologies for the Point-of-Care (PoC) diagnostic industry. Utilizing their proprietary chemistry, Gemina's innovations reduce production costs and improve the accuracy and the useability of diagnostic tests. The company’s "game-changing" chemistry is not only reserved for its own products. Gemina Labs is also licensing it to other producers to incorporate into their lateral flow technologies. "Our chemistry is one of the most significant developments in rapid in vitro diagnostics since its invention. It reduces production costs and improves accuracy," says Firth.

Expanding Horizons And Industry Impact

Gemina Labs is in growth mode, pursuing its vision to make affordable, rapid and lab-accurate PoC diagnostics available worldwide. The company’s cutting-edge technology and R&D capabilities have drawn significant attention from leading biochemists, healthcare professionals, academics and business leaders globally, including a big global diagnostics company. Gemina Labs just signed a licensing agreement with what it says is one of the leading players in the $106 billion global in vitro diagnostics market. Gemina says the agreement marks a major validation of its technology after a year of extensive scrutiny and evaluation by the diagnostics company. "This is an outstanding first for Gemina," said Firth. "We are now targeting similar licensing deals with strategic partners across the life sciences and medical device sectors to enable next-generation diagnostics with our unique suite of proprietary technologies."

Financial And Commercial Implications

The new partnership looks poised to have significant financial implications for both Gemina and the broader diagnostics market, thanks to Gemina’s ability to reduce the antibody requirements in lateral flow. As it stands, Gemina says the antibodies used in lateral flow cost up to $1,500 per mg. Gemina’s technology can potentially reduce that by 75%, translating into $3 billion in annual savings for the lateral flow diagnostics sector. That, says Firth, is a convincing commercial opportunity for partners. "Our diagnostic technology asset has passed rigorous testing by one of the best teams in the industry, resulting in this long-term relationship. We have previously reported how one of our technology breakthroughs saves up to 75% of antibodies used on lateral flow tests," Firth said.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Gemina Labs is strategically positioning itself for further growth through additional licensing deals and partnerships. The company’s goal is to continue expanding access to rapid, accurate diagnostics – making a positive difference in the medical, healthcare, wellness and occupational health sectors. Gemina Labs isn’t your run-of-the-mill diagnostics company. It sees itself as a transformative force with the potential to revolutionize how rapid diagnostics are developed and deployed globally. Investors and industry stakeholders may want to keep an eye on this potential rising star.

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