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New Earnings Report from Reveals Financial Reality of Content Creators Over 70% of content creators reportedly value quality content and audience engagement over follower count and revenue

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Link-in-bio platform, which caters to the needs of content creators with high engagement through an exclusive invite-only model, has partnered with NeoReach, the influencer marketing software responsible for highly effective data campaigns throughout the creator economy space, to compile a 2022 Creator Earnings Report that highlights important insights into the varying aspects of a content creator’s income. Over 2,000 content creators on the platform were surveyed for this report, with conclusive data touching on creators' various sources of revenue, the correlation of longevity as a creator and income, what social media applications generate the most revenue, how link-in-bio tools significantly increase traffic and engagement, and much more.

With both companies dedicated to supporting the evolution of the creator economy, and NeoReach have gathered vital revenue statistics in order to help content creators both established and aspiring identify avenues for growth in order to achieve optimal success. This report also allows the two companies to divulge concrete information regarding the creator economy to the general public, giving everyone front row access into a financial sector that most of the population actively participates in — whether they’re aware of it or not.

Valuable insights from the Earnings Report include:

Can Content Creation Be Your Day Job?

  • 48.72% of content creators surveyed work as creators full-time
  • 21% of those polled make over $50,000/year as a content creator
  • 35% of creators have been building an audience for 4+ years

A Surprising Wage Disparity Emerges:

  • Male content creators report making 1.88X more money than their female counterparts

Brand Deals Support Content Creation:

  • Brand deals make up 68% of a content creators' annual revenue

Link-in-Bio Tools Make Significant Difference in Growth:

  • 74% of creators polled reported increased traffic/engagement once they started using a link-in-bio tool

Audience Engagement & Intentional Content Are Keys to Success:

  • Content creators value audience engagement on all social media platforms over follower count.

  • Over 70% of content creators care more about creating quality content and connecting with their audience than building a follower count and making money.

To see the full Creator Earnings Report and learn more, click here.

"At, it is our mission to not only understand what content creators need in order to succeed on a daily basis, but what the global audience needs in order to get the most value out of this incredible community,” explains Founder and CEO, Jordan Greenfield. “With so many creators active on social media, it can be easy to overlook the dedicated work that goes into building and maintaining yourself as a creator and this report provides valuable insight into the various realities of creators and hopefully helps creators of all levels to sustain and grow their digital livelihood well into the future.”

And with the future always in mind for, the emerging data shared allows the Boston-based startup to anticipate and plan far beyond the existing needs of content creators. As this new level of commerce continues to drive the evolution of our daily lives, the question of expansion is not a matter of “What next?” but rather How far can we go?

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