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Minuteman Press Franchise in Huntington, NY Celebrates 45 Years, Achieves Record Monthly Sales

News release by Minuteman Press International Inc

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John Titus is the owner of one of the first Minuteman Press franchise locations that opened in Huntington, NY in July of 1977. With over 45 years in business, John and his team at Minuteman Press in Huntington have continued to build on their established foundation and grow sales. This includes their milestone of achieving record monthly sales for their business in 2022.

Minuteman Press International Senior VP Gary Titus (left) with Huntington, NY franchise owners John Titus (center) and Gregory Titus (right).
Minuteman Press International Senior VP Gary Titus (left) with Huntington, NY franchise owners John Titus (center) and Gregory Titus (right).

Every Door Direct Mail Sparks Sales Growth

John credits the recent sales growth to his booming Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) business, which local businesses use to promote themselves along USPS carrier routes. He shares, “We do a tremendous amount of EDDM, which is something my son Greg really jumped on and helped grow over the years to what it is today. In our first year of promoting EDDM, we did 50 campaigns. To date, we’ve now done about 2,500 EDDM campaigns and average approximately 300 EDDMs per year.”

John continues, “Our EDDM mailings range from 500 postcards to up to 100,000 postcards. We have real estate agencies, landscapers and contractors who use us for EDDM. During our record sales month, we had high volume EDDM mailings going out for clients at least every week, with some being mailed every 5 days or even every 3 days.”

He adds, “I’ve always been organized and I like to focus on the details. For direct mail campaigns, it’s important to not only get the mailing right but think about how the mailing will be sent and also what carrier routes are being chosen. For example, we have a half-dozen clients dropping 10K EDDM postcards per month, and I think they appreciate our attention to detail.”

Evolution of Printing

Like many of the original Minuteman Press shops that started up, Minuteman Press in Huntington began by offering traditional quick printing services. John says, “We followed along with what Minuteman Press was doing at the time, doing 1 and 2-color work, offering ‘color days’ to our customers, and providing great service to go with our products.”

Today, John has continued to evolve and follow the lead of Minuteman Press International, providing digital printing, in-house wide format printing, and EDDM services. He is also looking to continue growing his apparel business. He says, “We definitely are looking to produce more shirts and garments for our clients who need them such as restaurants and contractors.”

I think print has longevity to it vs. other forms of advertising like tv/radio and online ads. Whether it’s the signs we see or business cards and postcards in people’s hands, print definitely hangs around and is not so quickly forgotten.” -John Titus, owner, Minuteman Press, Huntington, NY

3 Keys to Success & Longevity

When asked about what has made his Minuteman Press franchise successful over the years, John offers the following three keys:

  • “With a locally owned and operated print shop like we are vs. online competitors, our clients know that they can pick up the phone and talk to us. People like to talk to people, and business owners like to do business with other local businesses.”

  • “We know that when we do a good job and deliver on our promises, we’ll continue to get business. I would say 90% of our clients are repeat customers who continue to order from us.”

  • “We continue to market our business in various ways following the lead of Minuteman Press International. This includes through our website/email, social media, and our own direct mail campaigns.”


Another key to success for John is that Minuteman Press in Huntington remains a family business with his son Greg being an integral part of the shop. John says, “Greg joined us in 2009 and he’s been with us ever since. He jumped on the EDDM side of the business and helped us grow that part of it, and he always has great ideas and a fresh perspective that he brings to the table.”

“We would not be where we are today without our son Greg coming into the business in 2009 and doing such a tremendous job over the past 13 years. He is one of the biggest reasons for our sustained success and new growth.” -John Titus

A True Family Business

As a result of their hard work and growth over the past 45 years, Minuteman Press in Huntington employs three full-time staff members and three part-time staff members in addition to owners John, Gina, and Greg. John shares, “Owning this business has given us both the economic rewards as well as flexibility in our lives. Greg has added a ton to the business as well and it’s great to keep it going strong with the family.”

John also shares his own perspective on Minuteman Press International from someone who has seen the franchise operate from the beginning. He says, “I feel like Minuteman Press International has done a fantastic job, and maybe the team at World HQ doesn’t get enough credit. When Roy Titus was in charge, he focused on growing from our original ten or so shops to what is now nearly 1,000 centers.”

He continues, “Then, under Bob Titus’ direction, the support system that was put in place for all of these locations across five countries has been outstanding and second-to-none. Also, with Nick Titus as President today and how he helped us navigate the pandemic while also bringing new ideas to the business, I can’t say enough about their hard work and leadership capabilities.”

John concludes, “As a franchisee, Minuteman Press helps us in so many ways and I would be overwhelmed if I was doing all of this on my own. They have provided us with vendor agreements, special contracts, FLEX software, local support, marketing programs, and now a brand new website that they built. The support and progress I’ve seen first-hand has been tremendous to say the least.”

Minuteman Press in Huntington is located at 46 Gerard St., Huntington, NY 11743. For more information, visit their website: https://minuteman.com/us/locations/ny/huntington/

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