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Maryland Author Launches Kickstarter to Launch the “Adventures of Warfield” A Family Saga of Statesmen, Soldiers, Entrepreneurs, and Wallis Warfield Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor

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"This book has it all romance, sex, culture, and history. Enjoy wonderful storytelling and photography as this book transports the reader over decadeswith a rare insider's unvarnished peek into the lives of the rich and famous! Witty, entertaining, and surprising, sure to be a book you pass on and one that will spice up the book club!" Jean Halle

Long Live the Abdication

In Adventures of Warfield: A Family Saga of Statesmen, Soldiers, Entrepreneurs, and Wallis Warfield Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, author Edwin Warfield interweaves stories of his family — from the American Revolution to the Internet Revolution — with stories of his cousin, the Duchess of Windsor, giving readers unique insights into their remarkable lives. With its tales of war, peace and love, the book is part history, part biopic, and all fascinating.

In 1659, Richard Warfield left his native Britain and its monarchy for America to become an indentured servant before gaining his freedom. Almost three centuries later, Bessie Wallis Warfield rocked Britain and its monarchy when a love-struck King Edward VIII abdicated his throne to marry her — a divorced, American commoner who became the Duchess of Windsor. A battle royale ensued. H.L. Mencken called it “the greatest news story since the resurrection.”

Madonna, who documented the whole Edward/Wallis/abdication brouhaha in her 2011 feature film W.E., labeled the whole affair a “witch hunt.” But who really was the baddie in all this? The Duke? The Duchess? The monarchy? The government? The subject still has people on both sides of the Atlantic abuzz — and obsessed.

In examining the life of the Duchess, the author leaned heavily on a trio of knowledgeable influencers: Madonna; Cornelia Guest, the social-swan-2.0 goddaughter of Wallis; and Judy Steir, who wrote Only a Kingdom, a musical theater production about Wallis, Edward, and the abdication.

The book also features life lessons from another influencer: the distinctly American author and humorist, Mark Twain, who figures into the family history as well.

Given that the vast majority of Warfields included in Adventures of Warfield are dead, the author reluctantly serves as the family historian, sharing previously unexplored aspects of the Duchess of Windsor’s life, while illuminating the exploits of more recent Warfields.

Proceeds from this Kickstarter campaign will finance the costs associated with printing 1,000 advance copies of the book.

"It is very well written, highly engaging, and beautiful." Fred LInd

Madonna Directing W.E. The Duke and Duchess on their wedding day - no royals attended

“It is silly to portray her as a baddie. If there was anyone who was a baddie, it was Edward VIII.”– HUGOVICKERS , author of Behind Closed Doors, quoted in The Telegraph, April 11, 2011

"Edward gave up the most powerful position in the world for this woman. The fact that he abdicated the throne left many people devastated, and of course they had to demonize Wallis." – MADONNA


"WOW! You should have a divorce, estrangement from assorted children, a stroke, and a ....... I am only 48 pages into Adventures of Warfield, but it reads fluidly and elegantly. Your turn of a phrase is engaging, and your first person voice is both inventive and highly effective. Humor abounds. I can’t wait to read more." Cliff Ransom

"Your creative way of interweaving the adventures and history of the characters of your family with the likes of Mark Twain, Madonna, La Petite Princesse, Cecil Beaton, Kings and Nazis, a steamboat named the President Warfield repurposed and renamed Exodus 1947... all so fascinating! Your wry sense of humor combined with a bit of self-deprecation together with your courage and honesty about your personal challenges and adventures will endear you to your readers..." Mark Hoffberger

"Your book was amazing - very well done Edwin ! Thank you for my copy!" Elizabeth Massing

“Fascinating family tale, melding together history and conjecture with personal reflections. It’s wonderfully entertaining” Anne Katz

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