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Majority Of US Social Media Users Make Influencer-Inspired Online Purchases, According To New IZEA Study

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By James Blacker, Benzinga

In the rapidly evolving arena of e-commerce and social media influencing, understanding consumer behavior has become a strategic imperative. Influencer marketing pioneer IZEA Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA) released a new research report on Apr. 18 that examines the effectiveness of influencer marketing on purchasing behavior and its impact on products sold on (NASDAQ: AMZN).

Drawing insights from a survey of more than 1,200 American consumers, Influencers & Amazon 2024 reveals compelling statistics that paint a vivid picture of how influencers shape consumer decisions. The study found that 59% of all social media users in the U.S. have made a purchase after seeing it being used by an influencer, and an estimated 55% have made influencer-inspired purchases on Amazon.

The report also shows that consumers are at least 7.6 times more likely to shop on Amazon than other websites after seeing a product promoted by an influencer, with 71% of respondents saying they use the e-commerce giant to make purchases. Furthermore, 80% of social media users surveyed said they are Amazon Prime members.

Consumers Find Influencer Marketing Compelling

Users of all social media platforms reported that they have bought a product after seeing it used by an influencer. However, a staggering 78% of TikTok users and 75% of Snapchat users said this was the case, compared to 67% of Instagram users, 60% of Facebook users, and 38% of X users.

The findings echo those in a report titled Trust in Influencer Marketing 2024, published by IZEA in March, which found that 51% of respondents made a purchase after seeing a product used by an influencer. The same study found that influencers reach at least 83% of social media users aged 18-60.

It is also noteworthy that more than 50% of U.S. consumers surveyed for the March report said they find that content created by social media influencers is more compelling than scripted advertising written by a marketing professional. Respondents under the age of 45 said influencer posts are the number one way to get them to try a new product.

The data clearly shows that influencers hold immense sway over consumer behavior. Brands need to make the most of this form of marketing if they do not want to fall behind their competitors.

This is where IZEA can help. By connecting brands with the right influencers and crafting impactful campaigns, IZEA empowers brands to capitalize on this consumer behavior effectively.

Founded in 2006 as one of the first influencer marketing platforms, the company has now grown to more than 100 employees in the United States and Canada. It has completed over 3.7 million transactions between marketers and brands, and currently processes tens of millions of dollars to creators each year.

IZEA’s next-gen influencer marketing platform, IZEA Flex, provides brands with a suite of services designed to track and measure the performance of campaigns. It gives detailed analytics and reports so brands can understand how a campaign is performing and make the necessary adjustments to get better results.

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