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Is Your Corporate Video Lonely? VideoXRM is the Cure for Invisible Video

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Lonely corporate videos REJOICE! VideoXRM, a B2B content distribution and discovery platform, was developed to bring your audience to you! The problem with video is that its structure is not well suited for search engines – making it hard to find.

VideoXRM merges the superior communications power of rich media with precise subject indexing and granular search capabilities to bring precise exposure to your video and rich media assets.


VideoXRM Beta Homepage
VideoXRM Beta Homepage

VideoXRM Platform Benefits

  • Global visibility by publishing your videos to our unique video/audio database.

  • Precise content indexing allows searchers to find the content they want, easily.
  • Diversified products and services are not a problem as each video is uniquely indexed.
  • Syndication partners and tools provide even more exposure.
  • Enhance your video ROI by reaching customers, partners, suppliers, investors, media, researchers, and other stakeholders.
  • Leverage on-platform messaging to communicate with interested parties.
  • Conduct video sales and marketing campaigns to interested prospects via VideoXRM.

VideoXRM is a scalable media discovery platform leveraging proprietary indexing structures, industry taxonomies and search engine technology that lets content providers upload and individually index their rich media assets to be easily found.

There is no cost to upload or search for content on VideoXRM, and early-adopter content providers benefit from a range of promotional efforts that will drive visitors to the VideoXRM beta program over the next three months.

VideoXRM takes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the next level, with “RM” standing for Relationship Management, while the variable “X” can represent a partner, constituent, employee, supplier, customer researcher, recruiter, reporter, investor, citizen, etc. Given the growing user preference for video and rich media, VideoXRM provides a powerful new medium for exposure and precise searches.


About VideoXRM (

VideoXRM is a global, searchable video and audio sharing and networking platform connecting corporate rich media content with all potential stakeholders. The platform and smart search technology creates value and knowledge from mountains of unstructured digital media, delivering greater ROI from content investments.


VideoXRM'€™s mission is harnessing the enhanced communicative power of rich media through a new distribution and discovery paradigm. VideoXRM was co-founded by David N. Baker, who formed Revere Data LLC (Sectorbase) which was acquired by FactSet Data Systems, Inc. His Co-founders are Vadim A. Tarasov, Byron Kwok, and David Guzy.


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