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InterAct LifeLine Addresses Alarming Increase in Overdoses During COVID-19 Pandemic Technology Offers Addiction Treatment Programs Expanded Capabilities

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InterAct LifeLine, a telehealth platform delivering education and content on addiction and wellness, has moved from a beta program to full release offering addiction treatment programs as well as state and local community groups the ability to use technology for remote patient monitoring and keeping individuals connected virtually after they have completed an addiction rehab program. InterAct LifeLine offers structure and accountability, virtual connections to support groups and treatment professionals, along with education about how to maintain recovery and individual monitoring when needed. InterAct is a sister company of Convey Services.

“Every day, news reports are hyper focused on COVID-19, but they fail to see the devastation experienced by those struggling with addiction and mental health issues during the pandemic,” said Carolyn Bradfield CEO of InterAct LifeLine. “Addiction is a chronic disease requiring individuals to stay connected to longer term treatment, to implement healthy lifestyle changes, and to create a support system to help them stay in recovery. The pandemic has disrupted the ability for people with addiction to stay connected. This makes InterAct LifeLine’s capabilities all the more essential.”

In a July 1, 2020 article, the Washington Post reports that drug overdoses are soaring during the pandemic.According to the article, “Suspected overdoses nationally jumped 18% in March, 29% in April and 42% in May, data from ambulance teams, hospitals and police shows.” According to research conducted by the Post, individuals who are suffering from the disease of addiction have felt an increasing sense of isolation, suffer from the disruption in the economy, are disconnected from treatment, accelerating the on-going pandemic of drug addiction and overdose.

“I lost my first husband to suicide after a decades long battle with alcoholism and my daughter Laura to overdose a month before her thirtieth birthday,” added Bradfield. “The country cannot afford to ignore the addiction pandemic that takes more American lives annually than both the two Gulf wars and Vietnam War combined. The effects of addiction devastate families. InterAct has had a successful beta program this year and now we’re ready to expand our offering nationwide.”

InterAct Lifeline operates on Convey’s portal network using its proprietary Hub & Spoke™ technology to deliver education and content to customized portals used by addiction treatment programs, as well as state and local community groups. The technology offers personalized calendars with reminders for individuals to attend support meetings, therapy appointments, or work commitments. Outbound messaging and short surveys help case workers monitor patient progress and alert staff if there are issues. The program offers additional telehealth connections to therapists and psychiatrists for medication management, as well as providing families with a support and family therapy program.

InterAct LifeLine Addresses Alarming Increase in Overdoses During COVID-19 Pandemic

About InterAct LifeLine Founded in 2019 by Carolyn Bradfield following the overdose death of her daughter, InterAct is a telehealth platform delivering education and content on addiction and wellness strategies to promote recovery, connections to community through discussion forums and virtual support groups, and continuous outreach to its members.

InterAct’s portal technology is integrated with a HIPAA compliant mobile platform offering applications to families to engage individuals, organize their schedule with reminders and check ins, send secure messages and monitors vital signs through wearables to detect risk for overdose. InterAct’s technology produces detailed data used for treatment program outcomes studies.

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