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Industry Veteran Gregg Castano launches News Direct - Upending Traditional Paradigm of News Wire Category News Direct is the only news and content distribution platform purpose-built for the demands of modern-day storytellers

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News Direct, the first content and news distribution platform purpose-built for contemporary media outreach, officially launches today. News Direct enables both journalists and PR professionals to do their best work. It’s the only platform with the exclusive capability to release standalone multimedia and features a self-directed, collaborative workspace powered by AI-assisted advanced automation software.

Amid the coronavirus global pandemic, the volume and scale of pitches sent to journalists has exponentially increased - prompting brands and PR pros to determine the best way to convey and distribute COVID-related information in digestible bites. This is also reflective of today’s communications landscape.

“Newswire services, which so many brands rely on to distribute their news and content, remain stagnant. This had to change. How news and information is disseminated and consumed today requires public relations professionals and journalists to create and deliver impactful multi-sensory stories. And this is what News Direct provides,” said Gregg Castano, Founder and CEO of News Direct. “It is a platform that helps great content rise to the top and get discovered. Full stop.”

The Future of News Distribution is Here: News Direct disrupts the status quo with game-changing efficiency, flexibility and control.

A purpose-built platform for the contemporary communications landscape.

News Direct provides features and benefits that address key pain points for PR and IR professionals to position them for success. This includes:

Exclusive standalone multimedia distribution: Bridging together PR and journalists’ ecosystems by delivering of relevant, engaging and informative content in the most sought-after formats. Infographics, videos and images are distributed as independent assets – without the requirement of embedding into a news release.

Reimagined workflow: Users can work smarter with a state-of-the-art platform that combines advanced automation with speed, efficiency and collaboration. News Direct maintains the human element where it matters most, however – in customer service.

Unparalleled security: The most secure data protection protocol in the category – supported by industry-leading technology that offers the highest level of content security throughout the workflow and distribution process.

Actionable analytics: Proprietary media intelligence that provides meaningful metrics and insights that stakeholders care about. News Direct has partnered with News Quantified to provide best-in-class measurement and exclusive data reporting.

Predictable pricing: The only major platform with a flat-rate pricing model for greater budget management and value. No word counting or geographic limitations like others.

About News Direct

News Direct is redefining the content and news distribution industry – and we’re doing it from the ground up. That’s because the News Direct platform was designed and built from the ground up, to reinvent content delivery, re-engineer workflow, revitalize metrics and ROI, and bring security and pricing into the 21st century.

News Direct is purpose-built. Client-focused. Dedicated to modern media outreach, and to the PR and IR professionals who need a platform to make them the best they can be.

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