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iEntertainment Network Inc. and ScoreKount Partnership Integrating Web3 Tokenomics into Successful Web2 Games

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CARY, N.C. – February 27, 2024 – iEntertainment Network Inc. (OTCBB: IENT) is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership between its wholly owned subsidiary,, and, a Web3 company headquartered in Singapore. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the gaming landscape by infusing Web3 tokenomics, digital collectibles, and other innovative features into iMagic’s renowned Web2 games including currently operating game simulations like WarBirds, Dawn of Aces, M4 Tank Brigade, and other games from iMagic at

Sada VGK, CEO and Founder of ScoreKount, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration: "iMagic's games provide an ideal platform for the integration of tokenization and other Web3 functionalities, offering players unprecedented opportunities for staking events, competitions, and tournaments. We are thrilled to partner with iMagic, a team that has captivated global audiences with their Simulation and Strategy games for over three decades."

In addition to enhancing the existing games with Web3 attributes, iMagicGames will introduce new combat simulation titles. Among the upcoming releases are China 2027, Defense of Taiwan, and the exhilarating WarBirds Combat Target Racing ESports game series.

All of iMagicGames' current and legacy titles can be reviewed on our website at For insights into iMagic's strategic direction in 2024, refer to our Strategy Document. To learn more about ScoreKount's upcoming initiatives, visit their Work-in-Progress website at

About iMagicGames, a subsidiary of iEntertainment Network, Inc. (OTCBB: IENT):

iMagicGames, a subsidiary of iEntertainment Network Inc., boasts a rich history of developing over 250 successful games, with a collective sales figure surpassing 1 billion units worldwide. Notable titles include Civilization, Gunship, Silent Service, M1 Tank Platoon, and the iconic WarBirds series, each of which has garnered millions of enthusiastic players.

About ScoreKount:

ScoreKount is a Singapore-based company at the forefront of Web3 gaming solutions, specializing in tokenization, NFTs, and innovative gaming experiences. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, ScoreKount is committed to revolutionizing the gaming industry and empowering players with new opportunities for engagement and rewards.

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