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Hydrogen Utopia CEO discusses advances in cannabis operation and future hydrogen projects

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC
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Hydrogen Utopia International PLC (LSE:HUI, OTCQB:HUIPF) CEO Aleksandra Binkowska joined Proactive's Stephen Gunnion to discuss progress at the company’s cannabis operation in Macedonia, highlighting two successful harvests and ongoing developments.

Binkowska noted the company has a 49% option in Ohrid Organics, highlighting its impressive facilities and high-tech enhancements, including an advanced drying system that significantly improves product quality. Binkowska emphasized the importance of the location’s natural benefits and technological enhancements for achieving high-quality outputs.

Currently, Hydrogen Utopia is awaiting laboratory results to officially confirm the product quality, which is necessary for obtaining the requisite governmental paperwork for product sales. She mentioned preparations for EU GMP certification audits, which will facilitate entry into the European market at higher certification levels, potentially allowing for a higher product price point.

Furthermore, Binkowska outlined the financial success of Ohrid Organics, projecting earnings that would fund Hydrogen Utopia’s first waste plastics hydrogen facility. The profits from Ohrid could potentially finance this without additional capital raising, underscoring the strategic advantage of the investment.

She also highlighted the supportive role of the Macedonian government in facilitating the company's initiatives in both the cannabis and hydrogen sectors.


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