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Hot Paper Lantern Partners with YVote to Get the Youth Vote Out in Election 2020

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Democracy thrives on participation in the election process but, historically, the country’s youth has failed to show up at the polls. In fact, there are approximately 22 million young people (18-24) eligible to vote in the 2020 election, yet less than 50% of the them have voted in previous elections.

This is why Hot Paper Lantern is partnering with YVote to help the organization raise awareness of its mission and drive participation among young people in the voting process. YVote is a non-profit organization that helps young people understand the importance of voting, being involved in the political process, and participating in elections through an issue-based approach.

“Statistics show that teenagers who vote when they turn 18 years-old are more likely to vote regularly in elections throughout their lives, so it’s imperative that we teach young people about the importance of voting and empower them with the knowledge, tools and network to overcome voter suppression and engage in the political process,” said Sanda Balaban, founder of YVote/Next generation Politics. “As a non-profit, we are thrilled to be working alongside seasoned communications professionals at Hot Paper Lantern in an effort to raise as much visibility as possible in YVote and the importance of youth voting.”

Hot Paper Lantern will provide YVote with strategic communications support and mentoring, including messaging and content development, digital and social media marketing, and media relations.

“Involvement in the political process is one of the great issues of our time, and YVote has built an engine that is helping young people overcome the obstacles they face on the path to voting,” said Ted Birkhahn, President of Hot Paper Lantern. “We believe the power of communications will accelerate YVote’s mission and have a direct impact on voter turnout in the upcoming election.”

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