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Holiday Fire Prevention Checklist Expert from Thumbtack Helps Homeowners Get Ahead of Peak Residential Fire Season

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The holidays are all about celebrating traditions with family and friends. Between choosing the right gifts and preparing delicious meals, you have plenty on your plate. Ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe can be an additional stress. Recently, Home Expert at Thumbtack, David Steckel, participated in a nationwide satellite media tour to discuss tips to help homeowners navigate peak residential fire season.

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Expert from Thumbtack Helps Homeowners Get Ahead of Peak Residential Fire Season

 Thumbtack, the app used by millions of homeowners across the country to care for their homes, unveiled a new “Holiday Fire Prevention Checklist” that allows homeowners to check their home’s fire risk, and seamlessly book a home service professional to help prevent fires before they happen.

The “Holiday Fire Prevention Checklist” highlights the top projects homeowners should tackle before the holidays and which have the highest risk of starting a fire if left unaddressed, including:

  1. Hang holiday lights (hire a pro): A professional installer can take this festive (but time-consuming) task off your hands — and ensure you’re not overloading your circuits.
  2. Sweep chimney (hire a pro): Annual inspections and cleanings are a must to minimize fire hazards, manage creosote buildup, and prevent gas leaks.
  3. Maintain gas fireplace (hire a pro): These fireplaces need regular maintenance too — connections can corrode over time, leading to potential gas leaks.
  4. Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (DIY): Working alarms are crucial. Testing yearly and replacing every 7 years is the best way to make sure you're protected.
  5. Clean dryer vents (hire a pro): Lint buildup causes about 3,000 house fires yearly. Cleaning your dryer’s exhaust pipe can help prevent a fire and improve efficiency.
  6. Inspect fire extinguishers (DIY): Always keep a working dry chemical fire extinguisher (the dial should be in the “green region”) easily accessible and near the kitchen.
  7. Trim trees (hire a pro): Keeping your trees trimmed prolongs the life of your roof, cuts down on potential fire hazards, and can prevent wildlife from moving in.
  8. Deep clean gas range (DIY or hire a pro): Built-up grease can be a big fire hazard — especially with a gas range. Be sure to clean it out every 3-6 months.
  9. Ensure space heaters are not a hazard (DIY): Only run space heaters in a clear, hazard-free space — and never overnight.
  10. Do an electrical check (hire a pro): Prevent fire hazards by having a pro check your property (inside and out) for faulty electrical wiring and overloaded circuits.
  11. Maintain Christmas tree (DIY): Make sure to water your tree, unplug it at night, or set a timer to avoid fires — artificial trees are also a great alternative.


Visit to learn more about potential fire hazards this holiday season, to see how your home ranks on the safety scale, and to book a pro to ensure you’re ready to tackle the holiday season — worry-free.

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