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Hi-Tech Holiday Gift Guide for 2021 Technology and Lifestyle Expert, Stephanie Humphrey, partners with Amazon, Huffy Bicycles, myQ, and SimpliSafe to help gift tech lovers an upgrade.

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Technology and Lifestyle Expert, Stephanie Humphrey, partners with Amazon, Huffy Bicycles, myQ, and SimpliSafe to help gift tech lovers an upgrade.

  Despite supply chain issues, consumers are eager to shop and spend close to 135-billion dollars on gear and tech gadgets this holiday season. Tech Expert, Stephanie Humphrey has compiled a list of some of her favorite must-have hi-tech holiday gift picks in time for this year’s holiday shopping season.


Families with children have been particularly challenged over the past two years with regards to staying connected with remote friends and family members. Humphrey says, “The families that talk and play together — stay together!”

This year, one of her must-have technology gifts is the Amazon Glow. The new interactive projector and video calling device helps keep families close. The tech lover says, “Kids and remote family members are connected on a video call, while playing and interacting with the same fun games, books, drawing, and more. All that fun is projected from Glow for kids to interact with, and it shows up on a tablet for grownups.”


The Glow makes it easy to get creative with lots of colors, stickers, pencils and brushes. Humphrey highlights “the awesome scanning feature.” She says kids can scan in toys or art and turn them into digital stickers to draw with — again, all done at the same time.

Additionally, Glow comes with a wide selection of games, like a fun twist on charades, checkers, card games, tic tac toe, and more that are fun for all ages. There are also unique games, like Tangram Bits, that use physical pieces to solve puzzles, and it’s also a game kids can play side-by-side if they aren’t connected with someone on a video call.

Humphrey added that the Amazon Glow can help children learn to read. “We know how much fun it is to read together, and friends and family members can join in the experience. “Remote grand parents can read with their grand kids. You can actually turn the pages together and put a digital spotlight on the page to help kids focus.”

For more, search for “Amazon Glow” on amazon.com or via the Amazon app.


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One trend that surfaced during the pandemic has been in transportation. The nation saw an increase in bike ridership, and Humphrey says there is a lot of excitement in the world of cycling tech.

Over the past year-and-a-half people have been changing their daily routines and behaviors. Many have turned to bikes instead of mass transit. However, the tech expert points out that, “Many of us are also biking for leisure and exercise.” For that reason, e-bikes have made it onto Humphrey’s hi-tech holiday gift list.

“Everyone has fond memories of their Huffy Bikes,” Humphrey said, noting how the brand expanded its product line to include e-bikes and e-scooters. Both offer a superior riding experience with an e-powered boost to ride further and easily climb inclines or hills.

The Huffy Oslo e-bike has a compact, folding frame with a telescopic seatpost and handlebars. Ideal for the everyday rider, commuter and camping enthusiast looking for a convenient ride with a speed boost. The brand’s catalogue also includes The Everett+ E-cruiser bike and Transic+ E-mountain bike which offer traditional bicycle frames while also providing an electric boost for all levels of biking experience.

E-bikes are not the only craze these days, Humphrey points out how e-scooters are also favorites this season, saying, “they’re perfect for that last leg of your journey.” The Huffy H350 and H300 scooters are both folding, ideal for storing in tight spaces and the H350 even comes with a seat for more support.

For more, go to huffybikes.com.


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It’s important to keep safety top of mind during the hectic holiday season, especially during holiday festivities and visits from loved ones. Humphrey says home security should be a priority now and throughout the entire year.

The tech and lifestyle expert says, “It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate, but don’t let your guard down,” adding, “With family reunions to plan and stockings to be stuffed, the last thing you want to worry about this season is whether your home is properly protected.”

Another technology gadget making her 2021 gifting list is from the brand SimpliSafe. The Essentials Kit and the Video Doorbell Pro protects homes and loved ones inside it with award-winning technology.

SimpliSafe provides whole-home protection against everything from intruders to fires, water damage and more. Humphrey says the products’ DIY installation makes it easy to secure the home inside and out in under an hour, without the need of professionals or intimidating tools.

The hi-tech gift item allows people to arm their homes, monitor gift deliveries, or say hello to carolers even while away via an easy-to-use app.

Find out more at simplisafe.com. 


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The final brand making Humphrey’s hi-tech holiday gift list includes a device to make homes smarter. She highlights how homes are getting smarter, and it often begins with a smart garage.”

The myQ Smart Garage Control lets people link an existing garage door opener to its app, allowing them to control, secure, and monitor their home’s busiest entryway from a smartphone.

Humphrey urges shoppers to think about it, saying, “Friends and family will never have to worry if they left the garage door open. They can get alerts, and/or check the status of the door from anywhere with the app.” Additionally, it works with Amazon Key for convenient In-Garage Delivery of Amazon packages and groceries. The technology expert says the price point of $30 is great and makes the device a perfect stocking stuffer.

You can find out more at myQ.com 


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