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Has This Company ‘Sekured’ Safe Messaging In The Wild West Of User Data Protection? By David Willey, Benzinga

News release by Sekur Private Data Ltd

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Concern has reportedly grown in recent years about insecure messaging and data harvesting of private electronic activity.

This has seemingly been countered by a steady shift toward data encryption as one solution, but widespread online protection remains a relatively new, underdeveloped field. Nevertheless, text messaging, multimedia messaging and app-to-app messaging have exploded in the past couple of decades.

On a daily basis, 27 billion texts, 60 billion WhatsApp messages and 319 billion emails are sent worldwide. All of these messages constitute data, which is precious and personal, as reflected in the saying, “Data is the new oil,” coined by mathematician Clive Humby.

Unfortunately, many companies might be unscrupulous about harvesting and selling users’ private data. Numerous scandals cropped up in recent years, which indicates that users’ data is not safe. For example, the Cambridge Analytica breach in 2018, which involved Meta Platforms Inc.’s (NASDAQ: META) Facebook platform allowing data to be used for political advertising; LinkedIn having a major data breach, with all its users’ data posted to the dark web; and users en masse ditching WhatsApp in 2021 over secure messaging concerns.

In response to these events, alternative messaging platforms have popped up in the past few years. Prominent among these are Signal, Telegram and Threema. These platforms remain almost exclusively focused on messaging, possibly leaving the field open for a company to produce a more comprehensive, self-sufficient system that replicates the data storage and communication offerings of mainstream companies but on a secure and encrypted platform.

The Platform Inviting Communication Expansion?

Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) is building an ecosystem it says is based on protecting privacy while maximizing efficient use — the Switzerland-hosted company uses a proprietary, non-open source, military-grade encryption service that runs off Swiss International Standard for Organization-certified data centers that house Sekur’s private servers. Using its own servers means the system avoids any main cloud service, provided by companies like Alphabet Inc. 's (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Google and Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Azure, which can reportedly be more vulnerable to hacking and data breaches.

Sekur’s comprehensive Communications platform goes beyond messaging. It includes messaging, chat-by-invite, letting Sekur users message non-Sekur users and includes secure instant messaging, group creation, audio recordings, encrypted email with proprietary SekurSend feature and a 100Gb storage for its SekurMail solution. Sekur’s Data and document management suite includes secure email, document storage, disaster recovery and encrypted password management. The company reports that unlimited storage is available for Sekur messages, and all data is securely backed up multiple times in multiple locations in Switzerland.

The plethora of social media apps can be overwhelming and may discourage people from using obscure messaging apps. But Sekur says its secure and private ecosystem can communicate with users outside of its platform through its recently developed Chat-By-Invites function.

Chat-By-Invite uses email or text messaging to invite a user who is not on Sekur to message privately and securely via the Sekur platform without using the app or purchasing the service. After the conversation, the Sekur user has the ability to destroy the messages at both ends of the communication and wipe them from the server, protecting the integrity of the secure system. Another advantage of the Sekur platform is that it does not require users to give their phone numbers to register, reducing dramatically the risk of hacks and creating a more private experience for senders and recipients.

This function is also available for emails with SekurSend. Sekur’s Chat-By-Invite and SekurSend initiatives are seen as important because they provide a cohesive platform with the flexibility to reach beyond itself while data privacy is maintained. Sekur Chat-By-Invite has facilitated conversations in over 61 countries covering a population of over 3.4 billion, and the company says it will continue to expand to more countries as a global messaging service.

“We are excited to have released Chat-By-Invite via SMS,” Sekur Private Data CEO Alain Ghiai said. “This milestone puts us closer to offering a unique package of secure and private communications to individuals, businesses and governments looking to protect their communications without having to divulge their phone numbers, without data mining and without forcing the recipient to also download the same application.

“We look forward to continuing to offer true data privacy to all individuals and their businesses and protect their intellectual property and their privacy, from data miners and malicious hackers.”

To learn more about Sekur Private Data Ltd., visit its website.



Sekur Private Data Ltd. is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss hosted solutions for secure communications and secure data management. The Company distributes a suite of secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, document management, encrypted e-mails, and secure communication tools. Sekur Private Data Ltd. sells its products through its websites www.sekur.com and www.sekursuite.com, and approved distributors, and telecommunications companies worldwide. Sekur Private Data Ltd. serves consumers, businesses and governments worldwide.


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