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FiscalNote Holdings Inc’s (NYSE: NOTE) Artificial Intelligence Solutions: A Pathway To Success In An Algorithmic World?

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By Jad Malaeb, Benzinga

The prevalent perception of algorithms is that they’re almost mystical orchestrators that govern the way social media platforms function. For younger generations, the word “algorithm” is tied to TikTok and Instagram feeds, overly-specific advertisements and the results of a Google search.

This pervasive and intuitive significance of an algorithm represents the technology’s omnipresence. Even those who have no idea what it is know that it’s somehow “there,” lurking in the background. Sitting at a crossroads between mathematics and computer science, algorithms play a pivotal role in almost all data-centric systems with human input.

Algorithms control when numerous stocks are bought and sold, interpret what news is fed to the public upon release, direct the flow of emails from one destination to another, suggest the shortest route to get to a certain destination and perform a million other functions that have become part of everyday life.

Using Algorithms To Develop Statistical Edges Over Competitors

As a part of data-driven learning, algorithms have been praised for their ability to help humans make better decisions. However, because they’re often mathematically complex and demand knowledge of computer science, algorithms are difficult to build independently.

Those seeking to leverage algorithms’ competitive advantage may find some value in some that are already available. Specifically, examples like FiscalNote Holdings Inc’s (NYSE: NOTE) Anvil artificial intelligence platform may be a good destination for those hunting for algorithms that may provide them with a competitive advantage in the financial markets and business in general.

Anvil: FiscalNote’s Next-Generation AI Platform

 Anvil is FiscalNote's next-generation AI platform that ingests and structures millions of content-based documents monthly from around the globe, including news, regulatory filings, earnings calls, and social content. Anvil uses proprietary natural language understanding (NLU) techniques to extract entities, events, relationships, measurements, dates, and more.

Anvil provides access to billions of calculated measurements and millions of public and private companies, executives, insiders, and influencers. Its suite of AI-based scoring algorithms continually updates sentiment, saliency, impact scores, classifications and other measures to enrich the data. The platform also includes a collection of curated AI use cases that provide critical intelligence to analysts, quants and investors.

Anvil's use cases include Intelligent ESG for tracking and monitoring ESG events, Intelligent Earnings Call Transcripts with AI-generated transcripts augmented with statistical, sentiment, evasiveness, and emotive scores, Intelligent Sentiment for entity-level sentiment and associated signals, SEC Filings with rich topic modeling and critical information extraction and News Pulse for immediate detection of deviations in news coverage.

According to FiscalNote, clients like banks, hedge funds, multinational corporations and government agencies have used Anvil to develop a competitive advantage over others in their prevailing fields. Designed for easy access and integration with analytical or modeling environments, Anvil provides powerful insights that enable organizations to generate alpha, manage risk and improve operations.

Unravel the mysticism around algorithms and start harnessing their power for your benefit.

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