FABER HAND SANITIZER – SHIPPING TO SCHOOLS Formulated in Compliance with FDA Guidelines

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As schools debate the possibility of reopening and preparing for the return of students, Pennsylvania-based Faber Distilling Co. (Faber) is increasing its production of hand sanitizer (Faber Hand Sanitizer) to meet growing demand. In addition to supplying hospitals, truck drivers, and first responders with its 80 percent alcohol antiseptic hand sanitizer, public school systems, private and charter schools, and even major colleges and universities are relying on Faber to help protect students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

Pennsylvania based Faber Hand Sanitizer is formulated in compliance with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is available in stores and online – with zero ‘out of stock’ issues.

Methanol is excluded from the production, making it a safe choice for those looking to keep themselves and others safe.

“With all the confusion and anxiety that parents, educators, and policy makers have these days, we just feel fortunate to be a part of the solution, regardless if schools choose to embrace distance learning, or bring students back,” explained Faber spokesperson Ashleigh Baldwin. “We have been producing abundant supplies of high-quality sanitizer to relieve the anxieties of businesses preparing to safely conduct business again – and doing the same for hospitals, schools, and individuals too.”

“With the recalls of many imported sanitizer brands – nearly 90 on the growing list – it should be comforting to know Faber is an alcohol antiseptic, free of the dangerous chemicals that have led to recalls. We are a safe choice for homes, businesses, and schools,” Baldwin continued.

Faber’s increased production, and existing supply can reassure school leaders, and business owners that hand sanitizer, made following FDA guidelines, will be there when they need it. Product is shipped directly to schools, businesses, and consumers in a variety of pack sizes – even by the pallet load.

“We are proud to support the health of students, educators, and support staff with hand sanitizer as they prepare to reopen,” Baldwin said. “We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, and complex decisions need to be made, however, procuring Faber Hand Sanitizer is an easy safe choice for those responsible for protecting themselves and others.”

To obtain Faber’s Hand Sanitizer and support global health, please visit https://www.fabersanitizer.com/

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