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End Boring Meetings Forever Easy new meeting framework brings energy and purpose back your company’s meetings, conference calls and video conferences

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Are your remote teams still slogging through hours of conference calls each day? Does the appearance of yet another video meeting on the calendar cause a near revolt?

“The way we work has changed forever. So should the way we meet,” says Stefan Wissenbach, founder and CEO of Engagement Multiplier (www.engagementmultiplier.com) a leading SaaS provider of employee engagement surveys and tools for small-to-medium enterprises. “Teams that attempt to replicate the meeting structure they used in the office, are finding they’re losing productivity and sapping their peoples’ energy.”

The connections that exist between people on a team, and between teams and the company, are vital components of employee engagement. Leaders who aren’t changing up their meeting routines could be unwittingly wasting time and diminishing performance.

Wissenbach’s advice: put energy and connection front and center in team meetings, and watch how things improve.

“When the pandemic drove our teams home, we quickly started to change how we do meetings,” WIssenbach says.”We developed a new routine that we’ve turned into a framework we call the EPIC Meeting (™). Our team loves it - meetings are focused and efficient, but we still have time for fun and building connections between people. We have a tighter culture and more agile team as a result.”

EPIC Meetings are easy to run, if you just follow this simple outline:

  • Energy: Start each meeting by asking everyone to share something they’re feeling great about at that moment – whether or not it’s work-related. This simple act takes just a few minutes, gets everyone talking.
  • Purpose: Insist on a clear agenda for each meeting, but take it a step further: in addition to the purpose and objectives, challenge your team to also add what needs to be true at the end of the meeting to the agenda. This focuses the group clearly on getting to that solution.
  • Insight: A good exchange can unleash a torrent of ideas and information. Near the end of the meeting, ask each person to highlight a unique insight or learning they gained from the meeting. This enables you to capture – in the moment – thoughts as they’re crystallizing, and opens everyone to different points of view.
  • Connection: Start running EPIC Meetings, and you’ll see connections build: between your people to each other, and to the business purpose. The result: business captures more value and builds a stronger, more agile culture.

For a downloadable EPIC Meeting Guide and additional ideas for improving your meetings, please visit: https://www.engagementmultiplier.com/blog/epic-meetings-new-best-practices-for-virtual-teams/ .

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Engagement Multiplier helps businesses achieve greater profitability, productivity and success by enabling leaders to quickly assess, understand and improve employee engagement and harnessing the power of the company’s Engaged Purpose (™). Using the intuitive Engagement Multiplier dashboard, business leaders can easily survey employees using a Benchmark Assessment, or gather feedback from defined teams with a customized On-Demand Survey.

The company’s mission is to transform businesses and help 100 million employees become measurably more engaged. Founded in 2014, Engagement Multiplier today serves businesses and partners around the world.

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