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Eco-friendly Brands That Put the Planet First Citizen Watches knows style doesn’t need to take a toll on the planet

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Citizen Watches knows style doesn’t need to take a toll on the planet

There’s never been a more important time to collectively become more aware of how we—as individuals, corporations, and businesses—are affecting the planet.

What we buy, where we shop, how those items are made.

After years of working and traveling internationally, International sustainable brand consultant and fashion stylist, Cassandra Dittmer has witnessed the increase of negative impacts that the fashion industry has on both the environment and its labor force that make everything possible.

Cassandra immersed herself in eco-conscious living practices, products, brands that challenge the way sustainability is currently defined.

One brand that Cassandra has identified as meeting the eco-friendly challenge is Citizen.

Invented over 45 years ago, Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive is the light-powered, eco-mindful technology that eliminates the need for watch battery replacement and at the heart of almost all of Citizen’s timepieces

In 1970, in response to an environmental crisis, Citizen pioneered the world’s first light-powered watch: Eco-Drive. Eco-Drive enables Citizen watches to be powered by any light source, continuously and sustainably, eliminating the need to replace watch batteries.

A standard in renewable energy for timepieces, Eco-Drive simultaneously respects and preserves the environment by preventing millions of watch batteries from entering landfills each year.

Citizen has pledged to donate 1% of its website sales in the US to support a host of nonprofit organizations focused on the environment.

Citizen partners with 1% of the Planet – who represents an alliance of businesses and individuals who are committed to enacting change to protect and restore the Earth.

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