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By Mangeet Kaur Bouns

Dental care is a crucial aspect of personal health and hygiene, profoundly influencing a person’s ability to eat, speak and maintain overall well-being. Poor oral hygiene is linked to numerous health issues, including cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections, diabetes and adverse pregnancy outcomes. In addition to physical health, poor dental health can affect mental and emotional well-being, leading to issues such as low self-esteem and social anxiety.

Despite the critical importance of oral health, access to quality dental care remains a significant challenge. Many people face barriers such as high costs and lack of insurance coverage, which prevent them from receiving the dental care they need., the largest online marketplace for dental savings plans and dental insurance, seeks to address this gap by making dental care more accessible and affordable for everyone. The company’s mission is to achieve dental care equality in America – ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to access quality dental care.

High Costs Prevent Access To Essential Dental Care

Oral health is a vital yet frequently overlooked component of general health. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can mitigate common oral diseases such as tooth decay, bad breath, dry mouth, periodontitis and oral cancer. Despite this, many people in the U.S. do not visit the dentist at least once a year, as health experts recommend. In 2022, nearly 14% of children and adolescents in the U.S. experienced oral health problems. This statistic underscores the importance of early and regular dental visits to prevent long-term health issues.

The deficit in dental coverage is immense. Nearly 69 million U.S. adults did not have dental insurance or access to routine oral health care in 2023, according to a survey by the nonprofit CareQuest Institute for Oral Health. Additionally, millions more lost dental insurance last year when states began to unwind Medicaid coverage for people who signed up during the COVID-19 pandemic. This loss of coverage means that many people who need dental care choose to wait until minor problems turn into larger, sometimes life-threatening, issues.

For those who rely on programs such as Medicaid or federally qualified community health centers, getting timely dental appointments is often a struggle. Only one in three U.S. dentists agree to take Medicaid patients, and even fewer see a substantial number of them. These statistics illustrate the urgent need for more affordable dental care solutions, which aims to provide through affordable, flexible dental savings plans. Pioneering Affordable Dental Care For 25 Years

This year, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Founded in Florida over two decades ago, the company has since become a national leader, having helped over a million people access quality dental care through direct-to-consumer dental savings plans and dental insurance plans. By offering dental savings plans – an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance – is helping consumers afford the care they need without sacrificing quality.

Dental savings plans operate similarly to membership programs at warehouse stores. Plan members pay a low annual fee to join and then receive reduced rates on almost all dental services, including major procedures like crowns, braces, implants and dentures. These plans provide a cost-effective solution for individuals who may not have dental insurance through their employers or those on Medicare, which does not cover regular dental care.

Plans From Top Healthcare Brands

Understanding that each individual’s dental needs are unique, is committed to ensuring everyone finds the most suitable and cost-effective dental plan for their specific needs. The company has introduced an innovative online quiz that asks a few questions and provides personalized plan recommendations within minutes. All plans are from top healthcare brands, including Cigna, Aetna, Careington, Humana and more.

By partnering with such brands, has over 25 high-quality plans for users to choose from. And with an extensive network of over 140,000 dentists nationwide, plan members can use their plan to save on their dental care no matter where they’re located.

Committed To Promoting Oral Health And Overall Well-Being

The company’s journey from a start-up of two entrepreneurs to an online leader in dental care access exemplifies the transformative power of innovation and commitment to social impact. By continuously seeking new ways to make dental care more accessible and affordable, plays a pivotal role in oral health outcomes for millions of Americans.’s mission to make quality dental care accessible and affordable for everyone remains at the forefront of its operations as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. By offering dental savings plans and working to eliminate financial barriers to dental care, continues to push society closer to true dental care equality. The company's ongoing efforts ensure that cost is no longer a barrier to essential oral health care, promoting a healthier future for all.

Feeling lost among countless dental plans? offers a straightforward, hassle-free way to choose the right plan for you, so you can save money on the dental care you need.

Featured photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash., founded in 1999, is a leading online marketplace for dental savings plans in the U.S., helping more than a million people to affordably access quality healthcare services. Our mission is to empower consumers with the tools, information, and services that they need to live happier, healthier lives.


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