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Decentralized MuskMelon Tokens to Embrace Meme Creators Community Developed on Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum, MuskMelon will start sales shortly

News release by MuskMelon

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MuskMelon, the disruptive new addition to the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Gaming, is launched with a promising solution for the meme creator’s community. MuskMelon allows the meme creators to spread their word, build a strong community and earn. The entire process of MuskMelon is decentralized and will help aspiring meme creators showcase their talent to the world.

melonmusk is an already popular social media feed. To give the melonmusk social media and digital creators community avenues to earn, MuskMelon is launched. MuskMelon will redefine the world of melonmusk, bring out the truth, the good, the bad and the ugly, and modify the meme creation process for the meme creators by procuring them with monetary assets in real-time. MuskMelon ecosystem will also launch a series of melon based lazy games and provide play-to-earn opportunities.

“The platform allows people to create their Melon avatars and even host them on the NFT marketplace for auction, bid, or sale. Melon is the native currency used to purchase NFTs, In-Game assets, and even contribute to the Ukraine Relief Fund,” said Neal Mathews, Project Advisor of MuskMelon.

The MuskMelon project is planning a comprehensive penetrative strategy with a public sale of 10 billion Melons, of which 5 billion will be released initially at a launch price of $0.05 apiece. The sale is designed to start on Bitmart and XT shortly, and it is widely being considered one of the most exciting projects of its kind to watch out for this year. Binance Gaming NFT has a total of 16 listed projects with a total of $884 million in volume.

The project lures the gaming community with an exciting storyline. MuskMelon, who is a Multibillionaire and Influencer, is currently on a rampage on the financial and emerging technology landscape. MuskMelon has made many people angry with his wavery mind, fickle attitude, and unrealistic plans. People from around are now seeking revenge on MuskMelon. MuskMelon has created mini melons and distributed himself amongst various universes. People have now picked up the Baton and are hunting MuskMelon across these universes (MiniGames).

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