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David Teten at the 2022 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference The Founder and Managing Partner of Versatile Venture Capital on how to identify market white space

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Serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist David Teten gave a keynote presentation on the opening day of the 2022 Leading Entrepreneurs of the World Conference on how to identify the next great entrepreneurial opportunity and market white space.

David Teten at the 2022 LEW Conference

Are you thinking of starting a business? The cost of starting a business has trending down to the cost of being unemployed, which means dramatically more startups, and therefore more competition for your startup idea. How do you identify a startup idea which addresses a market others are not serving?

Serial entrepreneur and VC David Teten discusses how to:

- Figure out which business you should start, and which you should kill fast

- Identify and learn from potential customers at zero or minimal cost

- Learn from the parallel experiments that your competitors are running

- Run experiments on new business ideas for free or minimum cost

David Teten is the Founder and Managing Partner of Versatile Venture Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage, capital-efficient companies. David is also the Founder of the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York - now the largest angel group on the East Coast, and has been an advisor to many institutional investors and private equity firms throughout his path.


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