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Cloud Conventions Supports ADA Requirements for Virtual Event Accessibility

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Cloud Conventions, a full featured virtual tradeshow and event technology solution supports ADA requirements for accessibility to help event operators accommodate people with disabilities and avoid increasing legal action being taken against failure to provide attendees easy access to content and programming. As most tradeshows, conferences and association events transition from live to virtual in response to COVID-19, accessibility is often overlooked when making the switch. Event planners who normally take steps to ensure their in-person events accommodate people with any level of handicap, are often unaware that virtual events must meet the same requirements.

“Providing ADA accessibility is usually not top of mind, but it is an important component in your overall virtual event strategy not only to accommodate attendees with visual or hearing disabilities, but also to protect your organization from legal action being directed at non-compliant events,” said Carolyn Bradfield, founder of Convey. “Today, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is being interpreted to include websites and even virtual events as ‘places of public accommodation.’ Events that operate using online platforms that fail to provide accessibility can be viewed as discriminating against persons with disabilities. In 2020, plaintiffs’ lawyers along with certain states like California and New York are filing a significant number of ADA lawsuits for discrimination.”

Cloud Conventions took steps in 2019 to ensure that virtual events on the platform could be ADA compliant. For a virtual event operator this means that Cloud Conventions’ technology supports ADA, enabling the event operator to ensure attendees have unrestricted access to the platform and the event content hosted on it. Visually impaired attendees can use web readers and view images that have “Alt” text to be read aloud on a screen reader. In addition, higher levels of color contrast on buttons or other graphics elements guides individuals through the site.

“The phrase most often seen in lawsuits is ‘effective communication,’ in other words, does a virtual event provide effective communication for any and all persons who attend,” added Bradfield. “ADA is a strict liability law which means excuses or defenses for violations, like ignorance of the law or third-party responsibility, do not relieve accountability. Cloud Conventions makes complying with ADA requirements easier, but ultimately virtual tradeshow operators and event planners need to educate themselves on effectively applying Cloud Conventions’ underlying resources to their individual show.”

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Cloud Conventions Supports ADA Requirements for Virtual Event Accessibility

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