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Cisco’s Cybersecurity Resolutions Everyone Needs to Make Media Tour Conducted Unveiling of Cisco’s first-ever list of cybersecurity resolutions

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Media Tour Conducted Unveiling of Cisco’s first-ever list of cybersecurity resolutions

While cybersecurity has become a top concern among consumers, especially as scammers and hackers have grown more creative, many struggle with how to practically protect themselves – what can they do to protect their identities, savings and credit?

The security team at Cisco is on the cutting edge of cybersecurity – battling hackers, uncovering the latest scams and seeking out the weaknesses that leave people and businesses vulnerable.

The team at Cisco has revealed its first-ever list of cybersecurity resolutions – the top hacks they expect to see targeting consumers and what the average person can do to protect themselves.

In conjunction with the release of the cybersecurity resolutions J. Wolfgang Goerlich conducted a nationwide media tour providing expert insights and shared the top tips and tricks to help anyone create their own cybersecurity resolutions.

Topics that Wolfgang discussed included:

  • What do individuals need to know about current cybersecurity threats?
  • What are the most persistent cyber threats for individuals?
  • Unveiling of Cisco’s first-ever list of cybersecurity resolutions
  • How the average person can protect themselves

Top cybersecurity tips included:

You Need to be Diligent

  1. Don’t click links from unknown sources - including text messages which have become a leading attack vector. No longer are suspicious links primarily sent through phishing emails
  2. If you get a suspicious text message or phone call, look for where it’s coming from. The way hackers have adapted - we must as well

Consider Your Privacy

  1. Don’t connect to public networks or access sensitive data on your mobile devices.
  2. Do you need to grant an app access to your contacts, location or photos?
  3. Know what companies are asking of you - major companies, like Apple and Google, tell you the permissions upfront what they need; however, if the company doesn’t clarify what it can do with your data, don’t just click the agree to terms and conditions box; read it.

Consider The Apps You and Your Kids Use

  1. Look at the news around TikTok - with local governments putting bans/restrictions in place, the future of the platform for all users remains up in the air
  2. Stay informed - have conversations with your kids around what you say and do online

Consider the Security Efforts of the Apps you Use

  1. When you download an app, you’ve likely been asked, “Allow ‘app’ to track activity across other companies’ apps and websites?” notification from Apple - be mindful of what this means about your personal data before making a decision
  2. For example - does your banking app require multi-factor authentication? What about other apps that have access to your most private info?




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