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CIPIO Appoints AI and Big Data Pioneer Dr. Jin Yu as CTO and Launch 2.0 of Next-Gen Subscriber Experience Platform Breakthrough AI-based platform powering digital subscription organizations in media & entertainment, eLearning, eSports, digital fitness, & financial services bring in heavy hitting CTO to scale CIPIO

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 CIPIO, an AI company that is Humanizing SubscriptionsTM, today announced the appointment of Dr. Jin Yu as its CTO as it gets ready for its next phase of growth with Next-Gen Subscriber Experience PlatformTM 2.0.

Dr. Jin Yu, CTO, CIPIO Inc.
Dr. Jin Yu, CTO, CIPIO Inc.

With 25 years of experience in big data, AI, and distributed computing, Dr. Yu is a seasoned technologist and a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple startups including Kyndoo, an influencer marketing software platform with 2,000+ influencers and 90 million social user profiles, eBrain, an AI platform, and Portaura, a social data platform with 100 million location-based social user profiles. He started his career with HP (DEC) Systems Research Center, where he worked with several Turing Award recipients on distributed file systems and other cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Yu, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Masters from Stanford University, and a BS in Computer Sciences and a BA in Mathematics from the University of Texas, Austin, has authored several papers in AI, Big Data and Cloud Computing domain. Dr. Yu is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founded two startups, Portaura in social mobile big data and Martsoft in e-commerce search engine. Early in his career, he spent a number of years in HP(DEC) Systems Research Center, one of the top research labs in the world, where he worked closely with numerous Turing Award recipients in browser technology, search engine, multimedia, and distributed file systems.

“We are currently living in a subscription economy, with little insight into the relationship between subscribers and their subscriptions,” said Dr. Yu. “That’s why I’m beyond thrilled to be joining a pathbreaker like CIPIO that obsesses over the subscriber journey. Our next-gen Subscriber Experience PlatformTM helps digital subscription businesses and organizations create lifelong customers by strengthening and deepening the connection between a subscriber and their subscriptions. The platform incorporates patent-pending AI technology to supercharge any organization with the equivalent power of hundreds of data scientists.”



As digital businesses look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, they can no longer afford to leave acquisition, retention, and growth to chance. Digital businesses are faced with increasing competitive pressures as consumers have a plethora of choices and switching costs are nominal. CIPIO’s Subscriber Experience PlatformTM enables these organizations to shift from a reactive approach to these challenges to a proactive one, allowing them to manage dynamic market pressures as well as aggressive competition.

“CIPIO is proud to welcome onboard someone as highly decorated and revered as Jin; it’s an immense honor to have someone of his caliber join us as we reframe the digital subscription economy. Given our mission for Humanizing SubscriptionsTM, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to lead our product and technology roadmap and execute on our vision,” said Sundeep Sanghavi, CEO, CIPIO. “In the new norm, Hyper-Personalization is a must for every digital subscription organization and Jin’s deep knowledge, AI skills, and experience in processing social media data of structure, unstructured and deep learning is the key for our customers to augment their subscriber data and leapfrog in an ever-changing digital world.”

On the heels of its explosive growth following its inception, CIPIO is now rapidly gaining momentum and leveling the playing field in media and entertainment, digital fitness, eLearning, eSports, and financial services by providing enhanced AI capabilities to players of all sizes.



CIPIO Inc. provides the leading patent-pending AI platform that Humanizes SubscriptionsTM for digital organizations. By bringing together human, machine, and domain data, CIPIO arms organizations to sense, learn, predict behaviors and patterns of their individual subscribers leading to a dramatic increase in engagement, retention, and new acquisitions by strengthening the subscriber and subscription relationship. CIPIO impacts both the top and bottom-line financials for some of the world’s leading brands such as happiTV, Zype, InteliVideo, and Jonas Fitness. Learn more about CIPIO here.


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