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Charges Dismissed Against Dr. Mohammad Faghihi, Farzaneh Modarresi, and Faezeh Faghihi Clearing of Legal Allegations Marks a New Chapter for Esteemed Medical Professionals

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In a significant legal victory, Dr. Mohammad Faghihi, alongside Farzaneh Modarresi and Faezeh Faghihi, have been exonerated of all previously held charges. This announcement marks the resolution of a prolonged legal examination, affirming their commitment to ethical and lawful conduct.

The allegations, which pertained to purported violations of international sanctions, were rigorously investigated, leading to this unequivocal dismissal. This outcome substantiates the integrity of the individuals involved and dissolves any misgivings regarding their professional and personal endeavors.

Dr. Faghihi, expressing relief and optimism for the future, stated, "We are immensely thankful that justice has prevailed, and we can now focus on our passion for medical science without the weight of these accusations. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our legal team, family, and friends who have supported us through this challenging time."


The dismissal allows these dedicated professionals to continue their valuable contributions to the medical field without the distraction of legal obstacles.

About Dr. Mohammad Faghihi:


Dr. Mohammad Faghihi is a revered figure in the field of medical genetics, renowned for his pioneering work on non-coding RNAs and their significant role in gene regulation and epigenetics. An alumnus of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and the esteemed Karolinska Institute, where he earned his Ph.D., Dr. Faghihi has dedicated his career to unraveling the complexities of the human genome and its implications in neurological disorders. His extensive body of research, which has been published in numerous high-impact scientific journals, has not only advanced our understanding of genetic mechanisms but also opened up promising avenues for novel therapeutic strategies. As a committed educator and an innovative researcher, Dr. Faghihi continues to inspire and lead in the biomedical sciences, contributing to breakthroughs that could reshape the future of medical treatments and patient care.

For further insight into his professional background, accolades, and contributions to medical science, you may explore his detailed research history and achievements. 

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