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Best Buys for Valentine’s Day 2021 Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, Alle Fister, Shares Her Top Gift Ideas for Valentine’s 2021

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while this year’s day of love might look a little different, that’s all the more reason to celebrate the people around you. Recently, Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, Alle Fister, teamed with YourUpdateTV on a satellite media tour to share her top gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021.

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Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, Alle Fister, Shares Her Top Gift Ideas for Valentine’s 2021

Valentine’s Day Brunch

With the 14th falling on a Sunday this year, it means brunch will be a popular activity for many. So, whether you are having a romantic day with your partner or celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ on the 13th with friends, it’s always a good idea to kick off your celebrations with the ‘official sponsor of brunch’, Korbel. They have some really fun and easy 1 to 1 ratio cocktails such as the Chambord Royale, which is the PERFECT pink drink for at-home date night. Just pour Chambord into a flute glass, top with sparkling wine, and finish with a raspberry garnish.

Dressing for the Occasion

If you’re getting a little more dressed up for the occasion, checkout ModCloth’s Sweetheart Shop which features vintage inspired silhouettes from XS to 4X that will have you falling head over heels. These are the perfect option for any Valentine’s Day ensemble.

Valentine’s Day ‘Self-Love’

It’s been a long year, so I think we could all use a little self-love. One great option is from Birchbox. If you’re like me, you’re less ‘beauty obsessed’ and more ‘beauty casual’. You can’t spend all your time sorting through beauty products, so you prefer a simple and personalized way to explore different options. Birchbox exists to simplify all of the beauty and grooming product options for you and do a great job selecting product samples tailored to your specific beauty profile. For $15 a month, you can purchase the subscription for yourself or a gift subscription for someone special on your list.

Also check out Versed - the cleanest drug store brand out there, period! They have an incredible product called Dew Point, which is great if you want to keep your skin hydrated but don’t like the feeling of traditional cream textures. It absorbs instantly and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and never greasy. Last year, they sold one unit every 3 minutes and 45 seconds, so it’s a popular pick! You can find it online at or in-store at Target.

At-Home Fitness Routine

We’ve all had to adjust this year, and I think everyone learned one valuable lesson. We need to make the most of our space! Especially those of us living in smaller apartments. So, check out JAXJOX, the ultimate space-saver and the perfect addition to at-home workout routines. The Kettlebell goes from 12-42lbs in the click of a button - and the system includes smart tracking, saving you, and a partners, reps, weight, sets, and power! It’s pretty darn cool and provides the gym experience we’ve all been missing.

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About Allie Fister:

Alle Fister is the Principal and Founder of Bollare Communications, a full service beauty, fashion and lifestyle communications firm with offices in London, NYC, Los Angeles and Newport Beach. Fister began her career as an early employee at women’s online retailer, Shopbop, where she headed the brand’s communications. Ultimately, Shopbop was acquired by Amazon, and Fister launched her firm, Bollare, with Shopbop as her first client. Today Bollare works with clients such as Barbie, Blank Denim, Charlie Holiday, Josie Maran, Innisfree, Missguided, Modcloth, and Timberland across marketing, pr and communications. In her free time, Fister is on the Founding Team of I am a voter., a proud mother and wife, and an active yogi. Fister has appeared on over 400 regional and national broadcast segments such as the Today Show, EXTRA, CBS Early Show, MTV’s TRL, and had standing segments on E! News, TV Guide Channel, Soap Talk.

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