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Baking Spirits Bright During Christmas in July Covid Style: Bringing Merriment and Real-Life Journey to Others with Diabetes The Journey of the “Drop the Puck” Children’s Books Author

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Viewers will fall in love with the No Sugar Baker, with her real-life story and energetic warm personality. Her story hasn’t been told but nationally over 34 million are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in our nation alone. What is different? In six months, she’s turned her life around.

Last August, on her 44th birthday, Jayne Jones got super sick and landed herself in the emergency room with stunning vital signs. After numerous tests, the ER physician diagnosed her as a severe diabetic who was minutes away from having a stroke. This was an eye-shocking surprise for Jayne, a lawyer by trade and health policy wonk.

The next hours were crucial---no one told her that she’d lose her sight! Jayne lost her vision/eyesight for 15 days. She went on prescribed medications, but never insulin. Her attitude was lifesaving. Jayne went to work and wore out her tennis shoes. She changed her diet and eliminated all sugar, fruit, flour and snacking.

Fast forward to April, per the advice of her college daughter, Jayne started a whim of an idea during the COVID stay-at-home, a recipe blog featuring her daily story, struggle and journey.

That journey: In less than five months, Jayne lost 60 pounds, was medicine free and her eyesight is now 20/20. All accomplished by pure lifestyle change.

Since April, her blog has over 22,000 followers, over 30,000 views of her fun warming Saturday morning garage sale shopping show and every day, Jayne gets messages about how she has impacted others’ lives.

Starting Friday July 17, for 12 days, The No Sugar Baker is during its first major announcement---Baking Spirits Bright A Celebration of Christmas In July---during such a difficult time. Besides tasty Christmas treats, the family is even sending out Christmas cards too.

The recipes, No Sugar Baker’s Bacon Crusted Pizza, No Sugar Baker’s Blueberry Pie Ice Cream and No Sugar Baker’s Cinnamon Rolls.

Jayne would love to talk with your audience, viewers and readers. She can cook live from their kitchen, tell her story in a fast-engaging way and their kitchen will be “decked” in holiday spirit.

A winning story in a difficult time.

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Facebook Followers: Over 20,000 since April 15, 2020; Over 30,000 views of Saturday morning 6 minute garage sale show and recipe debuts;

Instagram Followers: Over 2,500 since June 10, 2020


About the No Sugar Baker (Jayne Jones)

Jayne Jones is the author of a series of six children's books, “Drop the Puck,” which tells the stories of young hockey players.

Jayne, born and raised in Minnesota, grew up on chewy tator-tot-hotdish and sugary pans of bars. After law school, Jayne worked in state and federal government public policy roles. Jayne has founded a government grant firm, a nonprofit chaperone travel service for individuals with intellectual disabilities and learning differences and authored six national and world award-winning books. Jayne loves braised current events, is bubbly strong willed, and her least favorite charred word is “no.” Jayne is a proud non-coffee drinking Lutheran, who drenches the church with her voice singing all hymns.

A self-taught decadent cook, baker and party thrower, Jayne’s main love is entertaining and knocking everyone’s aprons off with her creativity, devotion to dollar saving tips and delightful savory tastes. Though far from “a-typical,” a typical weekend would find Jayne roaming enticing garage sales, trying a new gratifying recipe on her glorified taste testing team, and rooting for her friends in the National Hockey League.

Jayne got deathly ill and sick in the fall of 2019. Her love of the kitchen, party throwing and zest for life got crumbled up in one bite. But, not out of sight. She had a sour after-taste but that bitterness won’t last long or become over baked. The timer was up for perishable days.

After six months of blood, sweat and tears, Jayne rolled up her sleeves, put back on an apron and went to work as the No Sugar Baker.

Jayne is married to Chris Beehler, (AKA The Hubs), and has a college-aged daughter Emily (AKA Em).

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