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Astraverse: Reinventing Fashion Retail Through Gaming Fashion Revolutionized with Gamified Retail Virtual World

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Exclusive interview with Executive Team by G2M Digital

The team at is on a mission to change how fashion retail works. By building the first virtual world for gamified retail, Astraverse is here to reinvent the way we shop fashion in a more environmentally-friendly and engaging manner.

“We now have a large population that understands how to create an avatar, explore virtual worlds to find rare items and work within teams towards achieving social goals. This gives us a possibility to reinvent the fashion shopping experience for the next generation, and the Astraverse team is banking on making this a reality,” Luke Jeffers, Co-founder and Blockchain Game Development Lead of the team remarked.

The team is now on a mission to build the first virtual world for gamified retail which allows people to interact with the brands close to their heart on a metaverse. Or as what the team had coined it, the “metacommerce” experience.

Building since 2020 before the metaverse hype cycle began, the team have received grants from Epic Games & Meta and had 1000+ demo testers of 3 iterations at conferences like Decentral Austin, Zebu Live London & NFT London. They also managed to attract a 100+ brand waitlist and have grown their community to 20k members, while being accelerated by University of Cambridge I4SF, Nvidia Inception Programme, DeFine, Technation, KPMG.

You may be thinking - how would this work? Now, Imagine a scenario where shopping is done through a 3D gaming experience, and everything happens by jumping into a virtual world with your avatar. "It’s the perfect time to things different, almost 10 years since Amazon came online and introduced a new way of shopping; the stars have aligned to reinvent fashion retail and gaming gives us the tools to achieve this," mentioned Niyi Okeowo, Art Direction Lead and Co-founder of In this universe that the team has created, the possibilities are endless. You can participate in weekly raffles or promotional events held by your favourite brands, or simply try out the latest Fall collection of the most luxurious brands with your avatar. Because all this happens in 3D, participating brands can manufacture and ship on demand to improve the environmental sustainability of the fashion industry.

“We are adding an e-commerce system to the gaming front to create a new platform for a global, sustainable and gamified fashion retail solution. Just like how Amazon started with books, we plan to expand out of fashion into other retail categories over the next few years,” commented Delz Erinle, Founder of He currently leads the diverse team of 20+ employees ranging from design, web3 product, full-stack development and gaming backgrounds. The team believes strongly in a common goal - to add “metacommerce” in a futuristic-yet-familiar way that brings a level of physicality to the e-commerce experience.

Some may question how much potential does the future of digital fashion hold, but they must understand that in the next 10 years, nearly 3 in 4 Gen-Z users are expected to spend money on digital fashion, with over 25% already spending from $20 to $100 or more on a single virtual item today.

Having reached product market fit, the team has planned for a lot of partnerships in the upcoming years, including a launch with a global retailer that has everyone excited on how gaming and web3 to create a new experience that makes fashion retail more gamified and sustainable.

Tune in to the exclusive executive interview with the core team at with G2M Digital and find out more on what they are building. Stay updated with the upcoming news from by following their Twitter or Instagram.


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