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Coniagas Battery Metals Forges Strategic Partnership with SGS to Advance Production Facility

Coniagas Battery Metals

Coniagas Battery Metals CEO Frank Basa joined Steve Darling from Proactive to unveil a significant collaboration with SGS, a globally renowned leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification, through their Quebec City office. This strategic partnership is poised to propel Coniagas forward in its pursuit of funding and technological advancements in the Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, and Zinc sectors, ultimately paving the way for the establishment of a cutting-edge production facility in Quebec. Basa elucidated that the primary objective of this collaboration is to strategically align Coniagas with Nord Precious Metals Mining Inc.’s Re-2Ox process, bolstering its preparedness for the technological and operational advancements essential to cater to the burgeoning Electric Vehicle market in Canada and North America. As part of this multifaceted project, Coniagas aims to achieve technical readiness and devise a robust funding strategy. Moreover, the potential establishment of a pilot plant at SGS Quebec stands as a pivotal component of the initiative, accelerating the company’s technological readiness. This pilot plant is envisioned to delineate the criteria for a full-scale production facility and showcase, on a larger scale, Coniagas’ proficiency in processing various offshore feeds. Anticipated to process oxide feeds often overlooked or incompatible with traditional smelting methods, this endeavor promises to broaden Coniagas’ processing capabilities and expand its market reach. Overall, the partnership with SGS represents a strategic move for Coniagas, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation in the battery metals sector. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, technological advancement, and market expansion, Coniagas is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the EV industry. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

May 22, 2024 11:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Andrew Brown AKA Doctor Troller Becomes Top 3 Richest NFT Artist With Net Worth Of £280 Million GBP

Doctor Troller

Chelsea-based digital artist "Doctor Troller" is the alter ego of a creative street troller and prankster borne from the streets of London. Doctor Troller is currently one of the world's top 3 richest NFT artists, with a net worth valued at £280 million GBP in 2023. The crypto artist made headlines in April 2021 when he sold £20,000 GBP worth of NFTs in 20 seconds after launching his digital artwork online. What's Doctor Troller's Real Name? Doctor Troller's real name is Andrew Brown. Doctor Troller's Bio & Background Born and raised in London, digital artist and prankster Andrew "Doctor Troller" Brown is known for his disruptive visual and multimedia art style. Based in Chelsea, his inflammatory videos and surreal digital art pieces are designed to ignite controversy and spark debate. A troller from birth, the artist had a strong affinity for art as a child. Although he didn't draw or paint, his dyslexia drove him to innovate beyond traditional art forms, bridging art and body together. Doctor Troller has described his creative drive as "a passion of expression through physical action to trigger controversy" - in other words, he creates controversial art specifically to enjoy its reactions. Doctor Troller's Net Worth Doctor Troller's net worth rose to £200 million GBP in 2021 due to the boom in NFT (Non-Fungible Token) popularity. Although it isn't known exactly how much Doctor Troller was making before, we know that his source of wealth stems primarily from being an avid Cryptocurrency investor and NFT artist. Despite the recent drop in Bitcoin valuations, Doctor Troller has become one of the top 3 richest NFT artists in the world. Doctor Troller's Crypto Art Doctor Troller's NFT crypto art is typically sold via NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea. However, as the recent record-breaking £69.3 million GBP NFT sale for Beeple's crypto art at Christie's Auction House proves, an appetite for crypto art exists in the traditional art world. Doctor Troller's art pieces are usually conceived as a video before developing into varying forms of digital art. The digital artist often depicts real life interactions between himself and female characters in startling, controversial forms within unusual settings that provoke powerful emotional reactions and kindle debate. Often these forms are sexually provocative and explicit. Some of Doctor Troller's recent crypto art pieces include 'Booty Shot', a unique piece of risqué, tongue-in-cheek animated NFT art designed in London. This piece deconstructs its title: the urban slang and filmmaking term 'Booty Shot'. In typical self-portraiture style, 'Booty Shot' sees Doctor Troller himself appear in the image, as in the majority of his other NFT art works. Another recent piece is 'Lightzilla', a suggestive moving-image work presents a comic-book style scene featuring the artist voyeuristically spectating from behind an unknown woman as she — either in pain or pleasure — massages her leg calves with an electric gun. 'Leather's Babe' is another unique NFT art piece by Doctor Troller, is a controversial moving image artwork. As per Brown's typical surreal, inflammatory artistic style, the piece is intended to spark debate as to whether the woman in question is being empowered or degraded. Doctor Troller and Global Press Coverage Andrew "Doctor Troller" Brown has been featured in a number of leading world media websites and news publications including the Evening Standard, The Daily Mail and Yahoo! Finance, among others. Doctor Troller made headlines in May 2021 after an "experiment in human nature" led to thousands of pounds of art being stolen from his open-air 'Honest Gallery'. Brown, who set up the Honest Gallery in Soho's Berwick Street, left four works of art hanging beside a collection box asking art lovers to pay what they could for pieces they wanted. CCTV footage from the London venue showed the first piece was stolen within an hour and all four pieces were gone by the end of the afternoon. Even the gallery signs were taken. All proceeds from the box were set to go to charity: the organisers honoured the promise and made a donation. Brown also made headlines in April 2021 when he sold £20,000 GBP of NFTs in 20 seconds after launching his animated artwork online. He released his new collection of 40 works for £500 GBP each on, with items from each pool getting snapped up in seconds. With bold stylised images and sexual caricatures, Brown has gained nearly 1m social media followers, with his net worth steadily growing in value week to week. His vibrant digital art pieces have almost 100k views apiece. Artist Andrew Brown said: "The future of art is digital, and the lockdown has certainly sped up the transition away from physical artworks. This has been a great experience for me and should open up new opportunities for artists to be able to monetise their content outside of the traditional gallery model." Doctor Troller and NFTs We all witnessed Bitcoin suddenly plunge 30% to near £30,000 GBP in May 2021, which was an all time low in the midst of a major sell-off in the cryptocurrency market. However, this significant drop in Bitcoin value did not make a dent in Doctor Troller's net worth. Even though Brown's exact net worth isn't known, the skyrocketing popularity of NFTs gives us a pretty good picture. Even before 2021, Doctor Troller was already a wealthy NFT and cryptocurrency investor. But now, with Brown's net worth valued at over £280million GBP, he has become one of the top 3 wealthiest NFT artists inexistence. History in the making. Doctor Troller recently released his latest series of digital art videos entitled 'A Troller's Parable'. Contact Details Doctor Troller Ltd Andrew Brown +44 333 355 3548

May 22, 2024 11:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Dragonfly Energy (NASDAQ: DFLI) Expands Into Lucrative Oil And Gas Industry With Newly Certified Energy Storage Solutions


By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga Dragonfly Energy Holdings Corp (NASDAQ: DFLI), a renowned provider of innovative battery technology, is making strides by expanding its presence into the adjacent oil and gas industry. This move represents an important milestone for Dragonfly Energy as it enters a new downstream market that complements its core industrial solar and stationary storage markets. With the recently acquired certifications to deploy its products throughout the oil and gas industry, Dragonfly Energy demonstrates its commitment to expanding and diversifying its capabilities. This expansion comes at a critical moment, coinciding with the urgent need to address methane leakage driven by the EPA's Methane Emissions Reduction Program. The integration of Dragonfly Energy's renowned Battle Born Batteries™ builds on the company’s recently introduced partnership with Connexa Energy. Through close collaboration with integration partners at Connexa, Dragonfly Energy has developed a unique power system that is fully certified to operate in the vicinity of oil and gas pipelines. These power systems are expected to be deployed in response to the growing demand for methane mitigation equipment. Successful implementation of these systems has the potential to pave the way for numerous additional deployments over the next 18 months, presenting an exciting growth opportunity for Dragonfly Energy in the oil and gas segment. The adoption of Dragonfly Energy's battery technology is particularly relevant for the natural gas industry, which is actively pursuing solutions to eliminate hydrocarbon emissions. By replacing traditional lead-acid batteries and generators, Dragonfly Energy's innovative technology offers a storage solution that enables real-time capture of methane. This advancement not only improves energy storage system efficiency and performance but also reduces operational costs and minimizes environmental impact. With a strong focus on research and development, Dragonfly Energy is driving initiatives for its patented non-toxic, deep-cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries in the United States. The company has a track record of securing over 90 patents, covering various aspects of battery pack design, cell manufacturing, battery communication technology and more. A key player in this expansion is Alegacy Equipment, a leading natural gas compressor packager, and its dedicated affiliate, Agnes Systems. As the demand for innovative methane reduction solutions intensifies, Dragonfly Energy seems strategically positioned to provide vital support through sustainable solutions for the oil and gas industry. Clean energy policies are imperative to the continued success of the oil and gas market, with the EPA and DOE emphasizing the necessity for near-commercial technology solutions that can effectively tackle emissions from difficult-to-mitigate sources on a large scale. Dragonfly Energy's entrance into the oil and gas market aligns with macro objectives and highlights its pivotal role in driving significant change within the industry. By positioning itself as a key player in the global transition towards sustainable energy solutions, Dragonfly Energy is at the forefront of the industry's push to decrease emissions and foster a more sustainable future. Featured photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

May 22, 2024 10:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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CORRECTING AND REPLACING: HondoGo Strengthens Market Position as Tesla Scales Back its EV Charging Team


HondoGO, an emerging leader in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, proudly announces its strategic initiative to fill the gap left by Tesla's pullback from the EV charger market. With a commitment to advancing sustainable transportation, HondoGO is expanding its charging network through a strategic revenue share model, ensuring seamless and accessible charging solutions for all EV drivers. Tesla recently made a widely publicized move to downsize its charging operations, leaving both businesses and drivers looking for alternative solutions to meet the growing demand for accelerated EV infrastructure. As the owner/operator of approximately two-thirds of the fast-charging ports in the U.S., Tesla had been a driving force for infrastructure growth. Fast chargers have become particularly valuable due to their ability to add approximately 10 miles of range per minute, depending on the vehicle. The recent news opens opportunities for EV charging companies to step up to fulfill the Biden administration’s goals of almost doubling the current national charger network by 2030. As EV sales and demand continue to surge, HondoGO made news earlier this year by announcing its revenue-share business model, designed to create economic incentives across stakeholders to spur EV charging infrastructure growth. HondoGO's comprehensive plan includes the deployment of cutting-edge charging stations, featuring ultra-fast charging technology and user-friendly interfaces, across key urban centers and along major travel routes. Furthermore, its revenue share model ensures value for site hosts, creating a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach to bolstering EV charging infrastructure across the country to support the growth of e-mobility. Partnering with HondoGO is Lynkwell, a leading provider of EV charging solutions. Boasting complete vertical integration across an extensive hardware catalog, robust software, and full deployment services, Lynkwell’s momentum is also surging after a record-breaking first quarter. With a U.S.-based team backed by more than eight years of extensive experience across the entire EV charging value chain, Lynkwell has a proven track record in delivering reliable solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. By working with HondoGO, site owners benefit from HondoGO’s unique partnership and revenue sharing model as well as Lynkwell’s demonstrated expertise deploying and managing thousands of charging stations. HondoGO assumes ownership and management responsibilities for each charger, offering site hosts a share of profits and an avenue to boost customer volume and engagement, while Lynkwell provides robust back-end support that ensures seamless integration with site owners’ operations. Key Highlights of HondoGO's Expansion Plan: Deployment of Advanced Charging Stations: HondoGO will roll out its DCFC chargers, which offer ultra-fast charging speeds to optimize the charging experience for EV drivers. These stations are designed to be compatible with all EV models, ensuring inclusivity and convenience for the entire EV community. Strategic Location Placement: To optimize accessibility, HondoGO is strategically placing new charging stations in high-traffic areas, including shopping centers, office complexes, and transit hubs. This approach aims to integrate EV charging seamlessly into daily routines, making it easier for drivers to charge while they shop, work, or travel. Partnership Approach: HondoGO works closely with site owners through its partnership approach, identifying the right sites and businesses for future expansion. "We are excited to step into this pivotal role and continue the momentum towards a more robust charging infrastructure," said Shawn Matthews, CEO of HondoGO. "Our goal is to ensure that EV drivers have reliable and efficient charging options wherever they go. By expanding our network and leveraging innovative technology, we are making EV charging more accessible and convenient than ever before." "One of the best ways to accelerate the growth of critical EV charging infrastructure is to create economic opportunities for those who participate," remarked Will DeRuve, vice president of North American sales at Lynkwell. " Our partnership with HondoGO represents a blend of visionary strategy and technical expertise, benefiting both site hosts and drivers. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing seamless integration, reliable support, and convenient access to charging infrastructure nationwide in order to drive the clean energy transformation forward." For more information about HondoGO's initiatives, visit About HondoGO: HondoGO is a leading electric vehicle fast charging company that owns and operates the infrastructure and tools needed to expedite the mass adoption of electric vehicles for individual drivers, commercial fleets, and businesses. HondoGO was created to rapidly expand the domestic electric vehicle fast charging network with a disruptive technology and innovation approach to partnerships. HondoGO, a subsidiary of Hondius Energy, is delivering pivotal solutions poised to seize the transformations shift happening in energy. Their innovative partnership model leads to better alignment for all parties involved. For more information, visit About Lynkwell Lynkwell is an innovative energy technology company with a mission to transform how the world connects clean, renewable, and sustainable energy solutions with the evolving electric infrastructure. The company provides comprehensive and coordinated products and services for design, planning, funding, financing, installation, and management of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and provides a white-label offering allowing businesses to create custom-branded EV charging experiences. Since 2016, Lynkwell has facilitated the deployment of thousands of charging stations for public, private, and fleet applications, collaborated on the development and integration of hundreds of equipment and software solutions, and has secured tens of millions of dollars of incentives, grants, and funding awards for its customers. Partners can access one of the largest and most robust catalogs of hardware solutions and software functionality for EV charging infrastructure via the Lynkwell platform. Learn about the next generation of EV charging networks with Lynkwell at Contact Details HondoGo Get Connected +1 203-388-9832 Company Website

May 22, 2024 09:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Grizzly Research Releases Coverage Report on GigaCloud (NASDAQ:GCT)

GigaCloud Technology Inc

New York, May 22, 2024 – Grizzly Research has released a comprehensive coverage report on GigaCloud Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: GCT). The report provides an in-depth analysis of GigaCloud’s business operations, highlighting several areas of concern regarding the company’s financial reporting and operational practices. A copy of the report can be found here: Grizzly GCT Report Key Findings: Discrepancies in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV): While GigaCloud reports significant growth in GMV, web traffic data for its B2B marketplace, GigaB2B, indicates low activity. At its peak, the site had only 1,000 visits per month, which raises questions about the accuracy of the reported $907 million GMV. RelatedParty Transactions: The report identifies a network of related party transactions involving shell companies. These entities, often managed by GigaCloud employees, appear to be used to enhance the appearance of marketplace activity. Revenue Recognition Practices: GigaCloud’s method of booking fulfillment costs as revenue to inflate top-line figures is examined. Over $100 million in last-mile service revenue was recorded, despite the company reportedly lacking the necessary infrastructure to support such a volume of business. Auditor Practices: The report notes that GigaCloud’s auditor, KPMG Huazhen LLP, has a limited track record, having audited only two U.S. public companies, both of which have faced scrutiny from short-sellers. Insider Selling: Significant insider stock sales by key executives, including CEO Larry Lei Wu, amounting to over $85 million, are highlighted as a point of concern for investors. Noble House Acquisition: The acquisition of Noble House, which GigaCloud presented as a strategic expansion, is discussed. Bankruptcy documents show that Noble House’s revenue declined significantly from $491 million in 2022 to $150 million in 2023, which contrasts with GigaCloud’s optimistic projections. Background: GigaCloud Technology Inc. provides end-to-end B2B e-commerce solutions for large parcel merchandise through its GigaB2B platform. While the company has reported impressive growth metrics, the findings in Grizzly Research’s report suggest the need for a closer examination of GigaCloud’s business practices. Implications: Grizzly Research’s report raises important questions about GigaCloud’s operational and financial practices. The use of related party transactions to potentially inflate financial results and the significant insider stock sales suggest areas that may require further scrutiny by investors and stakeholders. Conclusion: The report encourages investors to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence when considering investments in GigaCloud. Grizzly Research aims to provide valuable insights to help investors make informed decisions. About Grizzly Research: Grizzly Research is a leading investigative research firm dedicated to providing comprehensive analyses and insights into corporate practices. With a team of experienced analysts and investigators, Grizzly Research helps investors navigate complex financial landscapes. For further information, please contact: Media Relations: Grizzly Research Email: Disclaimer: The findings and conclusions in this press release are based on Grizzly Research’s independent analysis. Investors should consider these findings as part of a broader due diligence process. This press release is a summary of the coverage report released by Grizzly Research. For the full report, please visit Grizzly Research’s website Contact Details Grizzly Research

May 22, 2024 09:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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TRON DAO at DC Blockchain Summit


Geneva, Switzerland, May 22, 2024 – TRON DAO, a leading innovator in blockchain technology, showcased its prowess as a Silver Sponsor at the prestigious DC Blockchain Summit held in Washington DC on May 15, 2024. This pivotal event gathered the most influential figures in blockchain and digital assets to engage with top policymakers and regulators, shaping the discourse on the future of blockchain technology. Engagement and Advocacy in the Capital The DC Blockchain Summit is renowned for its focus on connecting leaders within the blockchain space with key policymakers to advocate for the technology’s potential and address regulatory challenges. As a Silver Sponsor, TRON DAO played a crucial role in these discussions, emphasizing the need for a regulatory framework that supports innovation and growth within the blockchain sector. Panel Discussion on Blockchain for Social Good Highlighting the conference was a panel discussion featuring Dave Uhryniak, Ecosystem Development Leader at TRON DAO, who spoke on the topic "Blockchain for Social Good" on May 15th from 3:20-3:40 PM. Moderated by Jackie Price, Marketing and Communications Advisor at The Digital Chamber, the discussion provided a platform to explore how blockchain technology can drive social impact globally. Dave Uhryniak began by defining "social good" to set the stage for the discussion. He then shared several use cases and stories of companies leveraging blockchain technology to enhance social welfare: Uhryniak emphasized the global impact of blockchain technology, steering the conversation away from US-centric political issues and focusing on how blockchain fulfills its original purpose of improving lives worldwide. Networking and Strategic Collaborations A significant aspect of the event was the successful networking opportunities with various projects and leaders in the blockchain community. These interactions fostered discussions about potential collaborations, reinforcing TRON DAO’s strategic position within the global blockchain landscape. Future Commitments and Outlook Looking ahead, TRON DAO remains dedicated to playing a significant role in shaping the blockchain landscape through ongoing dialogue with policymakers and continued participation in key industry events. The insights gained and relationships forged at the DC Blockchain Summit will aid TRON DAO in its efforts to advance blockchain technology and advocate for policies that benefit the wider digital asset community. For more updates on TRON DAO’s initiatives and future engagements, please follow our social media platforms and stay connected with the evolving blockchain ecosystem. About TRON DAO TRON DAO is a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps. Founded in September 2017 by H.E. Justin Sun, the TRON network has continued to deliver impressive achievements since MainNet launch in May 2018. July 2018 also marked the ecosystem integration of BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized Web3 services boasting over 100 million monthly active users. The TRON network has gained incredible traction in recent years. As of May 2024, it has over 230.22 million total user accounts on the blockchain, more than 7.64 billion total transactions, and over $22.12 billion in total value locked (TVL), as reported on TRONSCAN. In addition, TRON hosts the largest circulating supply of USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin across the globe, overtaking USDT on Ethereum since April 2021. The TRON network completed full decentralization in December 2021 and is now a community-governed DAO. Most recently in October 2022, TRON was designated as the national blockchain for the Commonwealth of Dominica, which marks the first time a major public blockchain partnered with a sovereign nation to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. On top of the government’s endorsement to issue Dominica Coin (“DMC”), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote Dominica’s global fanfare, seven existing TRON-based tokens - TRX, BTT, NFT, JST, USDD, USDT, TUSD, have been granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the country. TRONNetwork | TRONDAO | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram | Discord | Reddit | GitHub | Medium | Forum Media Contact Hayward Wong Contact Details Hayward Wong Company Website

May 22, 2024 09:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Ilika Plc Advances Goliath EV Battery Testing with Customer-Sponsored Program

Ilika PLC

Ilika Plc CEO Graeme Purdy joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has initiated testing on its inaugural batch of P1 Goliath electric vehicle prototype batteries within a customer-sponsored initiative. This significant step follows the successful completion of production and rigorous in-house testing. Ilika previously achieved a pivotal milestone, termed the D4 development point, announced in November. This milestone marks a design-freeze stage in Ilika's Goliath roadmap, forming the basis for the P1 prototype slated for customer release. The P1 prototype represents an intermediary phase on Ilika's journey towards its anticipated minimum viable product scheduled for 2025. Comprising solid-state pouch cells with an NMC cathode and silicon anode, the P1 prototype showcases promising advancements in battery technology. Purdy confirmed that Ilika has effectively manufactured and tested batches of P1 pouch cells aligned with the D4 development point. Subsequently, the company has embarked on a customer-driven test program, marking the commencement of a series of commercial collaborations with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies. Undeterred, Ilika remains focused on advancing along its roadmap towards the MVP milestone slated for the calendar year 2025. The Goliath MVP, represented by P2 prototypes, is poised to unlock licensing opportunities, signaling continued progress and innovation in the electric vehicle battery sector. Contact Details Proactive UK Ltd +44 20 7989 0813

May 22, 2024 09:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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BenevolentAI and AstraZeneca Advance Heart Failure Treatment Discovery


BenevolentAI Co-Founder Dr. Ivan Griffin shared exciting news with Proactive's Steve Darling regarding the company's collaboration with AstraZeneca. Through this partnership, AstraZeneca has incorporated a novel target for Heart Failure into its discovery portfolio, thanks to BenevolentAI's AI-driven drug discovery platform. Dr. Griffin emphasized that this achievement marks a significant milestone, as it represents the first target selected from the extended collaboration with AstraZeneca. This underscores the positive progress in Target Identification within the field of Heart Failure treatment. The collaboration between BenevolentAI and AstraZeneca began in 2019, initially focusing on discovering potential treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and chronic kidney disease. Building on this success, the collaboration expanded in January 2022 to include Heart Failure and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, showcasing the versatility of BenevolentAI's platform across multiple therapeutic areas. One of the key strengths of this collaboration is its innovative structure, which brings together scientists and technologists from both companies to work collaboratively. By combining BenevolentAI's AI-driven platform and biomedical knowledge with AstraZeneca's scientific expertise, the collaboration has yielded novel and robust Target Identification strategies. Overall, the advancement in Heart Failure treatment discovery reflects the commitment of BenevolentAI and AstraZeneca to leveraging cutting-edge technology and collaborative efforts to address unmet medical needs and improve patient outcomes. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

May 22, 2024 09:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Babson College to Launch C. Dean Metropoulos Institute for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Babson College

Institute Advances Babson’s Infusion of Technology and AI into Entrepreneurial Education   Babson College announced today that C. Dean Metropoulos ’67, MBA’68 has made a transformational gift to launch the C. Dean Metropoulos Institute for Entrepreneurship and Technology. This marks a significant step forward in Babson’s strategic initiatives to advance and elevate the pivotal role of technology in entrepreneurial education. This generous gift reflects Metropoulos’ long-standing commitment to Babson and underscores the College’s commitment to innovation in the technology sector.   The C. Dean Metropoulos Institute for Entrepreneurship and Technology will build on Babson’s history of success preparing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders to change the world. This groundbreaking institute will bolster Babson’s leading entrepreneurial education into the leadership ranks of technology and AI. The Institute will support and expand curricular and cocurricular programs that amplify the importance of technological innovation in the entrepreneurial process. Thought leadership initiatives will explore the critical need for guardrails when navigating the benefits and risks of emerging technologies and AI and their adoption in industry, medicine, and the environment. This focus will serve as the cornerstone of the Metropoulos Institute’s contribution through its emerging leaders.   “I am very proud to be part of Babson’s exciting new initiatives in this incredible frontier of technology and AI,” said C. Dean Metropoulos. “The past century has ushered in unprecedented scientific discoveries and innovation impacting humanity and our planet. It is very clear that these technologies are accelerating at a speed never before experienced. This tide clearly offers many opportunities that provide positive solutions to humanity in every aspect of life, from education, business, medicine, environment, and just day-to-day living.”   “And yet,” continued Metropoulos, “with all this progress, we face major global challenges of social and economic inequality, sustainability, and fostering a healthy planet for healthy humans. It is crucial that young leaders and entrepreneurs, business, government, philanthropists, and researchers will need to work closely together to positively impact the challenges confronting us.”   Metropoulos, a member of the undergraduate Class of 1967 and graduate Class of 1968, has long been a passionate supporter of Babson. He previously served as a trustee of the College and in 2017 was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs®. Dean and his sons, Evan and Daren, have specialized in the revival and reimagination of hundreds of historic, iconic and global brands and businesses in the food and beverage, consumer products, and other diversified sectors. Throughout their impressive career, Dean and his sons have transformed companies and accelerated revenue and earnings growth by restructuring the businesses and revitalizing and innovating iconic brands around the world.   “Babson’s ability to embrace new technologies and rapidly integrate them into our academic and experiential endeavors will be critical to our continued success,” said President Stephen Spinelli Jr. MBA’92, PhD. “It is inspiring to have such an innovative alumnus like C. Dean Metropoulos support our work and advance our leadership in this space.”   The C. Dean Metropoulos Institute for Entrepreneurship and Technology is expected to open in the fall of 2024.   About Babson College   Babson College prepares and empowers entrepreneurial leaders who create, grow, and steward sustainable economic and social value everywhere. We shape the entrepreneurial leaders our world needs most: those with strong functional knowledge, skills, and vision to navigate change, accommodate ambiguity, surmount complexity, and motivate teams in organizations of all types and sizes. An international leader in entrepreneurship education recognized globally by U.S. News & World Report, our undergraduate, graduate, executive programs, and partnership opportunities are tailored to the needs of our world.

May 22, 2024 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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