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DB Schenker Showcases Thought Leadership in Import/Export Logistics Through New Video Series on the Port of Halifax

DB Schenker

DB Schenker, a global leader in logistics and supply chain management, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exclusive video series focused on the Port of Halifax. This series, designed for logistics experts and import/export professionals, highlights the Port of Halifax's strategic importance and innovative practices in global trade. The video series features insightful interviews with prominent figures, including: Marilisa Benigno, Honorary Consul of Italy, Atlantic Region Suzanne Rix, Honorary Consul of Germany for the Maritime Provinces Captain Allan Gray, President, and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority Jonathan Chia, Head of Commercial at PSA Halifax David Thomas, Executive Director at The PIER Key Highlights: Vision and Mission of the Port of Halifax: Capt. Gray elaborates on the Port of Halifax's mission to be Canada’s preferred gateway, emphasizing its global connectivity and economic impact. “Every day, we connect with markets in Central Canada, the U.S. Midwest and countries around the world,” said Capt. Gray. “These connections foster opportunities for business and support thousands of jobs today. Looking ahead, the port will continue to integrate innovation, sustainability and community into how we do business.” Economic Impact: The Port of Halifax is a significant economic driver. A recent study showed the port generates billions of dollars in economic activity annually, contributing $1.6 billion in labour income and supporting over 25,000 jobs in the region. Jonathan Chia discusses the port’s role in reducing logistics costs for inland Canada and its strategic positioning as a gateway port. Global Connectivity and Innovation: The port’s connection to more than 150 countries worldwide, along with substantial investments in mega cranes and digitalization, positions Halifax as a key player on the global stage. Sustainability and Community Engagement: The series delves into the port's collaborative efforts with the Port of Hamburg to accelerate decarbonization and sustainability initiatives. Capt. Gray will also highlight the port's commitment to community integration and sustainable growth through innovative projects and partnerships. Future Infrastructure Developments: Viewers will gain insights into the port's 50-year plan, which includes expanding rail capacity and optimizing existing infrastructure to meet future demand while focusing on sustainable growth. Strengthening Italy-Canada Relations: Marilisa Benigno, Honorary Consul of Italy, Atlantic Region shares the consulate’s efforts to strengthen ties between Italy and Canada through various initiatives, including visa facilitation, cultural events, and business collaborations. German-Canadian Collaboration: Suzanne Rix, Honorary Consul of Germany for the Maritime Provinces, discusses the burgeoning relationship between Germany and Halifax, particularly in the fields of hydrogen and wind energy. The collaboration between the Port of Hamburg and the Port of Halifax in seeking to decarbonize their respective route is a significant step towards sustainable trade practices. Innovation and the Living Lab: David Thomas, Executive Director at The PIER, explains the role of The PIER as Canada’s first living lab to help solve supply chain and logistics challenges. The PIER’s projects emphasize efficiency, resilience, transparency, and sustainability in supply chains​. Catch the full Interviews on DB Schenker’s LinkedIn: The complete series of interviews is available on DB Schenker’s LinkedIn page, offering valuable insights for professionals in the logistics and supply chain sectors. Follow the link to stay updated and engage with industry leaders: DB Schenker LinkedIn. About DB Schenker With around 76,600 employees at more than 1,850 locations in over 130 countries, DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading logistics service providers. The company operates land, air, and ocean transportation services, and it also offers comprehensive logistics and global supply chain management solutions from a single source. Aiming for a sustainable future of the logistics industry, DB Schenker continuously invests in innovative transport solutions, renewable energies, and low-emission products for its customers. Contact Details Nicholas Leighton +1 949-478-5880 Company Website

July 16, 2024 11:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Tesla Of The Skies? How One Company Could Be About To Change The Aviation Industry Forever


By James Blacker, Benzinga Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is without doubt one of the great success stories of the stock market, having seen its share price soar almost 1500% over the past five years. The company sold some 1.8 million vehicles in 2023, compared to 22,442 vehicles 10 years earlier in 2013. During the same period, its annual revenue grew to over $95 billion. With a market cap of over $800 billion, Tesla is now by far the largest automaker in the U.S. by market cap. By comparison, Toyota (NYSE: TM), the second-largest carmaker, has a market cap of a little over $270 billion. The success of Tesla can be attributed to numerous factors, not least its groundbreaking innovation, market disruption and commitment to sustainability. Just as Tesla has redefined the automotive industry, an emerging player seeks to do the same for the aviation industry. As the world looks to the skies for the next transportation revolution, New Horizon Aircraft (NASDAQ: HOVR) could be set to be a game changer for aviation with its hybrid electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Tesla's Blueprint For Market Dominance Tesla is best known as a pioneer in the electric car market that continues to innovate with its high-tech EVs and Supercharger network. The company has been a leader in the EV market for years thanks to its focus on cutting-edge tech, including the development of advanced battery systems and autonomous driving capabilities. Thanks in large part to Tesla, the auto sector has undergone a radical change in the last decade. Global EV sales reached 14 million in 2023, rising 35% from the previous year. This figure is more than six times higher than just five years earlier. In 2023 there were around 40 million EVs on the roads, and industry experts expect this number to continue rising – forecasts suggest that the global EV fleet will reach 250 million by 2030 and 525 million by 2035. EVs are set to play an important role in helping governments around the world achieve their net zero emissions targets. As such, Tesla’s success can also be attributed to its commitment to sustainability, which is at the core of its mission. The company says its products are designed to replace the planet’s biggest polluters. Last year, Tesla customers avoided releasing over 20 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This focus on sustainability has resonated with consumers and propelled Tesla to become one of the most valuable companies in the world. New Horizon Aircraft: The Tesla Of The Skies? New Horizon Aircraft is positioning itself to emulate Tesla’s success as a company at the forefront of a new era in aviation, dedicated to revolutionizing air travel through innovative and sustainable tech. Founded in 2013 by a father-and-son team with extensive flying experience, Horizon Aircraft’s team of elite aerospace engineers is developing a hybrid eVTOL aircraft called the Cavorite X7. This aircraft uses a patented fan-in-wing design that lets it take off and land vertically like a helicopter but reconfigure en route to fly like a traditional aircraft. Redefining Aviation With Cutting-Edge Technology Much like Tesla, Horizon is continually innovating and developing new technology for its aircraft design. In contrast to many other eVTOL aircraft, the Cavorite X7 uses a hybrid electric main power system, which means it can recharge its battery array mid-flight and post-flight. Horizon says that this hybrid electric system, coupled with its patented fan-in-wing design, allows the Cavorite X7 to go faster and farther and carry more useful load than its competitors. According to the company, the X7 will have a maximum range of 500 miles, a maximum useful load of 1,500lb and a top speed of 250 mph. Horizon is also innovating with advanced autonomy and control systems that aim to make flight operations safer and more efficient. The company’s technical innovations will not only allow precise control during takeoff, landing and flight but also pave the way for a fully autonomous eVTOL in the future, pending regulatory acceptance. In line with its vision, sustainability is a key aspect of Horizon’s design philosophy. The Cavorite X7’s hybrid electric system reduces fuel consumption, meaning it can operate with up to 30% less hydrocarbon emissions than conventional aircraft performing similar operations, according to the company. Furthermore, as battery technology continues to advance, the Cavorite is expected to become fully electric, which will further reduce its environmental impact. Additionally, Horizon says its aircraft could bring costs down some 30% even compared to a helicopter carrying out a similar regional transport mission and at twice the speed. Transforming Urban And Regional Mobility With their small design and ability to take off and land vertically, eVTOL aircraft are ideal for transporting people and goods within urban areas. They are therefore seen as a solution to the global problem of traffic congestion, which leads to lost time, increased fuel consumption and high emissions. A recent study found that road congestion results in up to $200 billion in lost productivity annually. With the growing need for efficient and sustainable mobility solutions, eVTOL aircraft have the potential to transform urban mobility. With a wing design that allows it to fly farther, Horizon’s Cavorite X7 sets itself apart from other eVTOL aircraft as it is also ideal for regional air mobility (RAM) – short-haul travel connecting regions that are underserved by traditional airline routes. This capability means Horizon could be poised to capitalize on a global RAM market that is expected to grow to $115 billion by 2035. In addition to passenger travel for the RAM market, Horizon expects the X7’s uses to range from medical evacuation to natural disaster response, emergency surveillance and search and rescue. Navigating Challenges As with any disruptive technology, some challenges will need to be overcome before it becomes fully accessible to the wider public. Firstly, regulatory bodies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), need to adapt to the rapid advancement of eVTOL technology – new products will require rigorous testing and certification processes before they can be approved. Regulators must also consider factors such as developing rules for safe flight in urban areas and air traffic control. The final hurdle to overcome for the eVTOL industry will be gaining market acceptance. It will be important to educate the public and stakeholders about the safety and benefits of this new technology in order to build trust. Adoption could come sooner than you think, however, with the FAA saying last year that it expects the first eVTOL to begin commercial operations around late 2024 or early 2025. A Vision For Tomorrow’s Skies The potential for a transformative shift in the aviation industry is immense. Just as Tesla reshaped the automotive landscape, Horizon Aircraft has the opportunity to do the same for aviation. The company envisions a future where air travel is more efficient, accessible, sustainable and integrated into our daily lives. Through continuous innovation, New Horizon Aircraft aims to make this vision a reality. Featured photo by Lars Nissen from Pixabay. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

July 11, 2024 08:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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The Future Of Air Mobility: Horizon Aircraft's Cavorite X7 Leading The Charge In eVTOL Innovation


By James Blacker, Benzinga Imagine being able to order a flying taxi at the touch of a button, then to be whisked over the traffic and across the city in minutes, navigating above skyscrapers to an awaiting vertiport. Imagine a loved one being airlifted to the hospital in half of the time of a traditional helicopter. While this futuristic vision was once confined to the realm of science fiction, excitement for a new form of air travel is growing as advances in technology could bring them to our skies sooner than many think. Global investors expect to see the first commercial flights using electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft by 2026. The United States Federal Aviation Administration said last year that it expects the first eVTOL to begin commercial operations around late 2024 or early 2025. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, recently outlined a roadmap for eVTOL aircraft use, which it sees launching in the country by 2026, with fully autonomous versions in the skies by 2030. According to Spherical Insights, the Advanced Mobility Market (AMM) was worth $9.3 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.69% from 2023 to 2033, reaching $51 billion. Morgan Stanley has an even more bullish outlook, predicting that AMM will encompass a total addressable market of $1.5 trillion by 2040, citing the convergence of technologies such as batteries, autonomous systems and advanced manufacturing as reasons for this explosive growth. Who Needs A Pilot, Anyway? Several key players are making headlines in the eVTOL market, including New Horizon Aircraft (NYSE: HOVR), Joby Aviation and Lilium. While most companies are taking a traditional piloted approach with their eVTOLs, others, such as Archer Aviation (NYSE: ACHR), EHang and Boeing (NYSE: BA) subsidiary Wisk Aero are developing fully autonomous versions. As the technology develops and governments begin to adopt regulations to allow unpiloted eVTOLs, we can expect to see other players, such as Horizon Aircraft, following suit with autonomous vehicles of their own. Horizon Aircraft: Bucking The Trend While many competitors in the space are developing fully electric eVTOL aircraft, Horizon’s Cavorite X7 uses a hybrid electric propulsion system, allowing it to travel faster, go further and carry more useful cargo. According to the company, the X7 will have a maximum range of 500 miles, a maximum useful load of 1,500lb and a top speed of 250 mph – outperforming its all-electric competitors in every metric. The seven-seat Cavorite X7 uses a patented fan-in-wing design, with 14 electric ducted fans installed. After a vertical takeoff, the wings reconfigure, allowing it to fly like a normal aircraft during en-route flight. It can also take off and land from a traditional airport like a normal aircraft. The Canadian firm currently has a 50%-scale prototype that has successfully demonstrated hover flight and hopes to complete a successful transition flight soon. The company recently announced a number of promising technical updates. Horizon’s innovative approach appears to be working – earlier this year, Indian air operator JetSetGo signed a letter of intent with the company to purchase 50 Cavorite X7 for $5 million each, with an option to purchase an additional 50, at a total cost of $500 million. With its innovative approach to eVTOL design, and with a government that has shown robust support for the development of sustainable aviation, New Horizon Aircraft seems to be in a good position to take advantage of a potential boom in this new and disruptive form of air travel. Featured photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

July 01, 2024 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Flash Appoints Chris Donus as President

Flash Parking

Flash, the leading end-to-end parking technology platform, today announced that Chris Donus, the current CFO, has been appointed president of the organization. In the newly established role, Donus will expand his focus on day-to-day operations, working closely with the leadership team to execute transformative strategies that include the expansion of Flash’s burgeoning digital demand network, EV charging and parking platform scale, and driving the company’s regionalized branch organization to deliver unmatched partner experiences. Dan Sharplin will continue in his role as Chairman and CEO, focusing on international growth, strategic transactions, and ecosystem partnerships. “This promotion reflects Chris’s exceptional leadership and expertise at this time of tremendous momentum for Flash as we rapidly scale our industry-leading parking and EV charging digital ecosystem," said Flash CEO Dan Sharplin. “In the next 24 months, we anticipate more transformation in the parking industry than we’ve seen in several decades prior. Chris has the relevant experience to ensure we execute on our priorities that allow us to drive this industry transformation.” “We are building a parking and EV charging ecosystem where a seamless driver experience benefits everyone,” said Donus. “There is an incredible amount of innovation and hard work being done across Flash to build the platform and partnerships that further our position as the leader in parking and EV Charging technology. I look forward to ensuring the value we create is incomparable in my role as President of Flash.” Before Flash, Donus served as COO and CFO at Wheel Health, a venture-backed telehealth platform developer designed to connect companies and clinicians to deliver virtual care. He also served in senior leadership roles at Lyft as VP and Business Unit leader of Express Drive, the customer-facing fleet line of business, generating over $400 million in rental revenue and over $2 billion in Lyft rides. Prior to that, he was president of Silvercar from 2015 to 2018 alongside roles as COO, from 2017 to 2018, and CFO from 2012 to 2015. He has also served in leadership roles at Freescale Semiconductor, Hertz Global Holding, and Lucent Technologies. About Flash Flash is a pioneering technology company bringing seamless parking and EV charging experiences to drivers through a first-of-its-kind digital ecosystem. Flash’s platform connects reservable parking and charging in the apps drivers use every day with garage, surface lot, event, and valet parking locations—connected and controlled via a cloud-based operating system with unrivaled intelligence. Customer-obsessed brands partner with Flash to deliver digital, easy-to-use, reliable, and increasingly frictionless experiences to drivers eager to pay for a solution that eliminates wasted time, excess emissions, and stress. The solution has arrived. Contact Details Razor Sharp PR Ray Young +1 512-694-6097 Company Website

June 27, 2024 10:00 AM Central Daylight Time

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Ocean Power Technologies Selected as Preferred Supplier for PowerBuoy with Merrows in Middle East

Ocean Power Technologies Inc

Ocean Power Technologies CEO Philipp Stratmann joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce that the company has been selected as a preferred supplier for a PowerBuoy equipped with Merrows, its Artificial Intelligence-capable Maritime Domain Awareness Solution. This selection is for an immediate delivery opportunity in the Middle East. The contract, once finalized, is expected to generate revenues in the current quarter. The company had previously announced the completion of engineering for Merrows to operate in hot climates. Stratmann highlighted that this development is another example of the company's growth in its PowerBuoy business. He emphasized that the Middle East presents significant opportunities for Merrows and the potential to integrate additional Wave Adaptive Modular Vessels (WAM-Vs) into their operations. This strategic move underscores Ocean Power Technologies' commitment to expanding its market presence and leveraging its advanced maritime technologies to meet the growing demand in the Middle East. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

June 26, 2024 10:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Select Sector SPDR ETFs: A Focused Approach for Sector-Specific Portfolio Management

Select Sector SPDR

In the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets, Select Sector SPDR ETFs present a method for investors looking to engage in sector-specific investments. By breaking down the S&P 500 into distinct sectors, these ETFs provide a pathway for both individual and institutional investors to craft more targeted and strategic investment portfolios. The Select Sector SPDR ETFs encompass a range of sectors, each represented by a dedicated ETF. This structure allows investors to focus their investments on specific areas of the economy, depending on their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and market outlook. Overview of Select Sector SPDR ETFs: Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLC): Focuses on telecommunications and media companies. Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLY): Targets companies focused on non-essential goods and services such as luxury items, travel, and leisure. Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLP): Concentrates on essential consumer goods and services like food, clothing, and personal products. Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE): Dedicated to the energy sector, focused on oil and natural gas. Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF): Encompasses banking, investment, and insurance industries. Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV): Focuses on pharmaceuticals, healthcare equipment, and services. Industrials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLI): Includes manufacturing, construction, and logistics firms. Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLB): Covers the chemicals, construction materials, and packaging industries. Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLRE): Targets commercial real estate services and REITs. Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK): Concentrates on the information technology, semiconductor, and electronics sectors. Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLU): Dedicated to electric and gas utility companies. By offering a straightforward and transparent approach to investing in specific sectors, Select Sector SPDR ETFs enable investors to adapt their investment strategies in response to changing market conditions. The Select Sector SPDR ETFs offer a focused approach to investment, allowing for detailed sector analysis and strategic portfolio management. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, these ETFs provide a valuable tool for investors looking to refine their investment strategies through sector-specific allocations. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of research and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Therefore, Select Sector SPDRs or the publisher is not liable for any decision made based on the publication. About the Company: Select Sector SPDR ETFs offer flexibility and customization opportunities. Many investors have similar outlooks, but no two are exactly alike. Select Sector SPDR ETFs let investors select the sectors that best meet their investment goals. DISCLOSURES The S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged index of 500 common stocks that is generally considered representative of the U.S. stock market. The index is heavily weighted toward stocks with large market capitalizations and represents approximately two-thirds of the total market value of all domestic common stocks. The S&P 500 Index figures do not reflect any fees, expenses or taxes. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses before investing. One may not invest directly in an index. Transparent ETFs provide daily disclosure of portfolio holdings and weightings All ETFs are subject to risk, including loss of principal. Sector ETF products are also subject to sector risk and nondiversification risk, which generally will result in greater price fluctuations than the overall market. Diversification does not eliminate risk. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus, which contains this and other information, call 1-866-SECTOR-ETF (732-8673) or visit Read the prospectus carefully before investing. ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, is distributor for the Select Sector SPDR Trust. Media Contact: Company: Select Sector SPDRs Contact: Dan Dolan* Address: 1290 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80203 Country: United States Email: Website: *Dan Dolan is a Registered Representative of ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc. ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, is the distributor for the Select Sector SPDR Trust. SEL007597 EXP 8/31/24 Contact Details Dan Dolan +1 203-935-8103 Company Website

June 24, 2024 05:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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FuelRod Launches Free Battery Swaps at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Fuel Rod

FuelRod, a leading provider of portable power solutions, today announced an exclusive promotion sponsored by Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). This groundbreaking initiative, which runs through November 30, allows travelers at AUS to swap their depleted FuelRod chargers for fresh ones at no cost. This marks the first promotion of its kind at any airport, highlighting FuelRod’s commitment to ensuring travelers have reliable access to power and a stress-free travel experience. Travelers passing through AUS can now enjoy the convenience of swapping their depleted FuelRods for fully charged ones up to 10 times per month, free of charge. This hassle-free process can be completed at any of the several FuelRod kiosks throughout the airport by simply selecting the “swap” button, entering a phone number, and exchanging the used rod for a fresh one. Phone numbers are collected to track the 10-use limit. For travelers who prefer not to provide a phone number, the standard swap fee of $1 applies. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is the first airport to offer such a promotion, setting a new standard for passenger comfort and convenience. This collaboration with FuelRod reflects a shared commitment to keeping travelers charged and connected by ensuring a reliable portable power source for their devices. FuelRod aims for this promotion to inspire similar initiatives nationwide, bringing sustainable charging solutions to travelers across the country. “We are extremely proud of our partnership with Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and their support of our vision for easily accessible, eco-friendly charging for travelers on the go,” said Joe Yeagley, FuelRod Co-founder. “AUS, as the first airport to sponsor the FuelRod “Swap” service, exemplifies Texas hospitality and demonstrates their commitment to providing an elevated experience for their passengers.” About FuelRod FuelRod is a California-based company specializing in portable power solutions. The developer of the FuelRod kit, the first reusable, portable charging system, FuelRod allows you to charge your mobile device on the go and then recharge or swap it for a fresh one. With a growing network of kiosks nationwide, FuelRod ensures your devices stay powered virtually wherever you go. Learn more at Contact Details Razor Sharp PR Ray Young +1 512-694-6097 Company Website

June 20, 2024 09:00 AM Central Daylight Time

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Pyxis Tankers chairman and CEO on market outlook and growth strategies

Pyxis Tankers Inc

Pyxis Tankers Inc (NASDAQ:PXS) chairman and CEO Valentios (Eddie) Valentis, talked with Proactive about the recent Posidonia shipping event and its impact on the shipping industry. Valentis shared his insights on the optimistic outlook for shipping sectors despite global headwinds. He highlighted that industry players are leveraging substantial cash balances to pay down debt, renew fleets, and make significant shareholder distributions. Valentis noted the strong chartering environment for product tankers, influenced by tighter inventories and changing trade patterns due to geopolitical conflicts. Discussing market conditions, Valentis provided an update on product tankers and dry bulk sectors. He mentioned the positive near-term outlook supported by refinery additions and OPEC+ supply cuts. Additionally, Valentis shared Pyxis Tankers' recent performance, including Q1 2024 financial results, fleet expansion, and new acquisitions. He also outlined the company's shareholder value enhancement initiatives, such as share buyback programs and reducing convertible preferred shares. Valentis said the favourable prospects for both sectors and its existing capital resources allow Pyxis to actively pursue value-enhancing investment opportunities. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

June 11, 2024 11:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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NOVUS INK Advisors and Solidus Capital Group Team-up to Serve Growing Transatlantic Commercial Interests of Mid-Market Enterprises

NOVUS INK Advisors

NOVUS INK Advisors and Solidus Capital Group signed a services agreement today to provide integrated senior advisory and execution services to small-and mid-market enterprises amid thriving commercial interests between the United States and Europe. The two firms aim to accelerate client services by combining expertise and resources to support growth into new markets, encompassing management counsel, valuation, performance tracking, board advisory, marketing, communication, public and government affairs. The collaboration will enable NOVUS INK Advisors and Solidus Capital Group to meet the unique needs of global small-and mid-market enterprise clients operating across business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and business-to-government segments. The transatlantic economy is proving remarkably robust in the face of global economic and geopolitical disruptions. No two other regions in the world are as deeply integrated as the United States and Europe, according to the 2024 Transatlantic Economy Report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, AmCham EU, Johns Hopkins SAIS and the Transatlantic Leadership Network. The report states: "the $8.7 trillion transatlantic economy employs more than 16 million workers in mutually onshored jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. It is the largest and wealthiest market in the world, accounting for half of total global personal consumption and close to one-third of world GDP in purchasing power. Ties are solid in foreign direct investment, portfolio investment, banking claims, trade and affiliate sales in goods and services, digital links, energy, mutual R&D investment, patent cooperation, technology flows, and sales of knowledge-intensive services." The services agreement will be overseen by a committee chaired by Pia De Lima and Daniel Diaz, NOVUS INK Advisors' Managing Partners, and Andreas Dal Santo, Solidus Capital Group's Managing Director. NOVUS INK Advisors is based in Miami. Solidus Capital Group, affiliated with Atlantic Business Labs, is based in New York. NOVUS INK Advisors is a communication, public and government affairs lobbying firm. NOVUS INK Advisors' practice areas include Corporate, Band and Product Reputation, Business Strategy, Crisis and Reputation Risk, Financial Services, Investor Relations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Brand and Product Marketing Communications Strategy, and Public and Government Affairs. NOVUS INK Advisors is a registered lobbying firm. To learn more, visit: Solidus Capital Group specializes in management consulting, business valuation, and board advisory services for firms expanding into North America, Latin America, and Europe. It is spearheading an ecosystem of companies, consultants, and subject matter experts with experience from different industries and regions to support corporate and institutional clients' global strategies and growth into new markets. To learn more, visit CONTACTS: NOVUS INK Advisors: Solidus Capital Group: Contact Details NOVUS INK Advisors Client Services Company Website

June 11, 2024 09:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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