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Vicinity Motors promotes Brent Phillips to President as company drives strategic initiatives

Vicinity Motor Corp.

Vicinity Motors President Brent Phillips joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss his recent appointment and his vision for the company's future. With over 30 years of experience in the commercial transportation field, including leadership roles in distribution and manufacturing, Phillips brings a wealth of expertise to his new position. Phillips's extensive background includes serving as General Manager at Alliance Bus Group, a prominent bus distributor, where he played a key role in driving operational excellence and sales growth. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Sales, Commercial Bus Group at REV Group, overseeing multiple brands and distribution channels across two manufacturing facilities. In his new role as President of Vicinity Motors, Phillips will spearhead the sales, assembly, procurement, and engineering teams, while also providing clear direction for the company's sales and operations programs. His strategic focus will include bringing production of the Vicinity Lightning electric bus to Ferndale, WA, as well as enhancing the company's existing VMC 1200 Dealer network across Canada. One of Phillips's key initiatives will be to ensure that fleets have access to Canada's only purpose-built, fully-electric work truck through the VMC 1200 Dealer network. Additionally, he will focus on providing Dealers with the necessary support for vehicle sales and service, as well as launching a strategic network of VMC 1200 Dealers across the U.S. With Phillips at the helm, Vicinity Motors is poised for growth and expansion as it continues to innovate and lead in the electric vehicle market. His leadership and strategic vision will drive the company forward as it strives to deliver cutting-edge transportation solutions to customers across North America. Stay tuned for further updates as Vicinity Motors continues to make strides under Phillips's leadership. Contact Details Proactive North America Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

April 18, 2024 12:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Ocean Power Technologies looks to expand growth teaming with major defense contractor

Ocean Power Technologies Inc

Ocean Power Technologies CEO Philipp Stratmann joined Steve Darling from Proactive to unveil a groundbreaking development: the signing of a teaming agreement with a major international defense contractor. This strategic alliance is poised to propel maritime domain awareness to new heights by leveraging OPT's innovative Merrows suite of solutions. In his discussion with Proactive, Stratmann elucidated that the teaming agreement grants the international contractor exclusive rights to provide OPT's Maritime Domain Awareness Solution (MDAS) within specified geographic regions. This collaboration represents a fusion of OPT's cutting-edge technology with the contractor's unparalleled expertise in defense, homeland security, and commercial programs, aiming to fortify capabilities in maritime security and surveillance. At the heart of this collaboration lies MDAS, a revolutionary solution developed by OPT that integrates state-of-the-art data collection and analysis capabilities. By harnessing autonomous marine platforms such as vehicles and buoys, coupled with advanced sensors and data analytics, MDAS delivers comprehensive maritime surveillance, tracking, and monitoring capabilities. This real-time situational awareness empowers stakeholders across various sectors, including defense, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue operations. The partnership between OPT and the international defense contractor heralds a new era of innovation and collaboration in the realm of maritime domain awareness. By pooling their respective strengths and resources, the two entities are poised to enhance security and safety in key maritime regions, safeguarding vital interests and promoting stability in an ever-evolving global landscape. As OPT continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation, this partnership underscores the company's commitment to advancing maritime security and sustainability. Stay tuned for further updates as OPT and its collaborators pave the way for a safer and more secure maritime domain, empowered by cutting-edge solutions and strategic partnerships. Contact Details Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

April 17, 2024 02:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Rail Vision score major US order advancing railway safety using its AI technology

Rail Vision Ltd

Rail Vision CEO Shahar Hania joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting news about the company securing an order for its innovative AI-powered Switch Yard System from a Class 1 freight rail company in North America. This order, previously announced, marks a significant milestone for Rail Vision as it expands into the North American market and sets a new standard for safety and efficiency in rail operations. The freight rail company, one of the largest in North America, will install and evaluate the system on its locomotive to test various safety scenarios. Hania explained that Rail Vision's Switch Yard System utilizes electro-optic sensors combined with AI, machine learning, and Advanced Driver Assistance System solutions to address limited vision issues, extending the range of sight and reducing downtime. By enhancing punctuality, efficiency, and safety, the system aims to revolutionize rail operations. This announcement comes shortly after Rail Vision received another order for its AI-driven Switch Yard System from Loram, a leading US-based provider of railway track maintenance equipment and services. The order from Loram serves as a pilot project to integrate Rail Vision's advanced technology into Loram's rail track maintenance operations. This collaboration underscores both companies' commitment to advancing railway safety and operational efficiency. If the pilot project proves successful, Rail Vision and Loram will explore opportunities to expand their collaboration, potentially integrating Rail Vision's innovative solutions into Loram's service offerings across the United States. This strategic partnership highlights the potential for Rail Vision's technology to make a significant impact on the railway industry's safety and efficiency standards. Watch the full interview for more insights into Rail Vision's recent developments and its vision for the future of rail transportation. Contact Details Proactive North America Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

April 17, 2024 02:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Comtex Launches Omnia: A Cutting-Edge News API Platform leveraging NLP and AI


Comtex News Network, Inc (Comtex), a leading provider of news aggregation and distribution services to top firms in financial services, news publishing, syndication, and analytics, proudly announces the launch of its innovative API platform, Omnia. Omnia is a state-of-the-art API platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses access and utilize news content. Omnia empowers users with instant access to real-time streaming news, AI-generated article summaries, enhanced tagging and categorization based on NLP, advanced filtering, and access to an extensive catalog of curated news sources. Key Features of Omnia Include: Real-time Streaming News: Omnia provides real-time streaming news via websockets push and REST API for seamless integration into existing systems. Enhanced Tagging and Categorization: Leveraging AI and proprietary NLP-based algorithms, Omnia offers enhanced tagging and categorization of content, including press releases, earnings releases, product categories, and more. AI-Generated Article Summaries: Omnia utilizes AI to generate concise and searchable article summaries, enabling users to quickly grasp an article before reading it. Advanced Filtering: Omnia's advanced filtering capabilities allow users to customize their news feeds based on specific criteria, ensuring they receive only the most relevant content. Access to an extensive collection of curated, high-quality sources used by top companies in financial services, analytics, research and a broad range of industries. Omnia is designed for rapid integration and serves a variety of use cases, including training of LLMs, financial platforms, asset management, trading, academic research, legal research, market research, and much more. Commenting on the launch, Comtex CEO Kan Devnani said, "We are pleased to bring a flexible, state-of-the-art news platform with access to curated, premium news sources to market. Omnia is an extendable platform, combining AI with our rich experience applying NLP to news content. This will allow clients to derive more intelligence and insights from the news content we offer and help clients curate and identify the content most relevant to them. Comtex will use Omnia to deliver evolving analytics and insight to its users." Access to Omnia can be trialed by visiting Comtex encourages users to explore its features and capabilities. To learn more about Omnia and request a demo, please contact or visit About Comtex News Network, Inc (Comtex): Comtex News Network Inc (Comtex) is a leading provider of news aggregation services to top firms in financial services, news publishing, syndication, and analytics. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Comtex delivers comprehensive news solutions that empower businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Comtex also offers syndication services to content providers and platforms to generate traffic to online content. Contact Details Comtex News Network Media Relations

April 12, 2024 02:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Select Sector SPDR ETFs: A Strategic Approach to Precision Investing and Customized Portfolios

Select Sector SPDR

In the dynamic world of investing, Exchange-Traded Funds ( ETFs ) have proved to be a powerful tool for investors seeking diversification, flexibility, and potentially a more sector-driven approach. Select Sector SPDR ETFs offer a focused approach to sector investing, enabling investors to specifically target sectors within the broader market. This method of investment strategy is designed to arm investors with greater control and flexibility over their portfolios. Select Sector SPDR ETFs segment the S&P 500 into 11 investable sectors, covering all broad market segments. They provide access to various industries, allowing investors to craft a diversified portfolio that aligns with their unique investment goals. This approach presents an excellent opportunity for both individual and institutional investors to effectively navigate the financial markets. Each ETF comprises well-known, large-cap companies from the S&P 500, ensuring broad exposure and diversification. The transparent nature of ETFs allows for daily disclosure of portfolio holdings and weightings, providing investors with visibility into their investments. The full lineup of Select Sector SPDR ETFs includes: Communication Services Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLC) Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLY) Consumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLP) Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLE) Financials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF) Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLV) Industrials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLI) Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLB) Real Estate Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLRE) Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK) Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLU) These ETFs provide flexible, transparent, and low-cost investment options to both retail and institutional investors. The flexibility offered by these ETFs empowers investors to make strategic adjustments in their portfolios as market conditions change. This flexibility, combined with the transparency of daily disclosure of portfolio holdings, allows investors to always be aware of where their money is invested. Select Sector SPDR ETFs offer a unique opportunity to invest in various sectors with precision and flexibility. They provide a simplified approach to sector investing, allowing investors to customize their portfolios to meet their specific investment objectives. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of research and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Therefore, Select Sector SPDRs or the publisher is not liable for any decision made based on the publication. About the Company: Select Sector SPDR ETFs offer flexibility and customization opportunities. Many investors have similar outlooks, but no two are exactly alike. Select Sector SPDR ETFs let investors select the sectors that best meet their investment goals. DISCLOSURES The S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged index of 500 common stocks that is generally considered representative of the U.S. stock market. The index is heavily weighted toward stocks with large market capitalizations and represents approximately two-thirds of the total market value of all domestic common stocks. The S&P 500 Index figures do not reflect any fees, expenses or taxes. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses before investing. One may not invest directly in an index. Transparent ETFs provide daily disclosure of portfolio holdings and weightings All ETFs are subject to risk, including loss of principal. Sector ETF products are also subject to sector risk and nondiversification risk, which generally will result in greater price fluctuations than the overall market. Diversification does not eliminate risk. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus, which contains this and other information, call 1-866-SECTOR-ETF (732-8673) or visit Read the prospectus carefully before investing. ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, is distributor for the Select Sector SPDR Trust. Media Contact: Company: Select Sector SPDRs Contact: Dan Dolan* Address: 1290 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80203 Country: United States Email: Website: *Dan Dolan is a Registered Representative of ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc. ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, is the distributor for the Select Sector SPDR Trust. SEL007439 EXP 5/31/24 Contact Details Dan Dolan +1 203-935-8103 Company Website

April 12, 2024 05:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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American Clean Power Association Providing Solutions and Powering the Future


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: American made clean power is rapidly growing from coast to coast.. Renewables like wind and solar—coupled with battery storage—led new power generation over the past several years and the future is bright. The clean energy industry is fueled by American workers and supports family farms and communities across this country. Clean energy is a leading source of U.S. job creation and investment. Clean energy provides jobs for nearly a half a million Americans. The U.S. has enough installed clean energy to power nearly 70 million American homes. Harnessing our world-class clean energy resources will play an essential role in strengthening the country’s economy. Fully realizing our clean power potential will create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, boost U.S. manufacturing, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The American Clean Power Association (ACP) is the leading voice of today’s multi-tech clean energy industry, representing over 800 energy storage, wind, utility-scale solar, clean hydrogen, and transmission companies. ACP is committed to meeting America’s national security, economic and climate goals with fast-growing, low-cost, and reliable domestic power. On April 3 rd, Jason Grumet, American Clean Power Association, Chief Executive Officer conducted a nationwide media tour discussing the following topics: What is clean power and how widespread its usage is. National and local economic benefits. How adoption of clean power is a major job driver. Benefits of renewable farming and success stories from local farms and farm owners For more information, visit FUELFORTHOUGHT.ENERGY Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

April 11, 2024 02:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Annette Clayton Joins Flash Board of Directors

Flash Parking

Flash, the leading digital ecosystem provider connecting drivers to parking and EV charging experiences, today announced Annette Clayton, chairwoman and former CEO of Schneider Electric, has joined the company’s board of directors. Ms. Clayton has decades of automotive, technology and energy industry experience and brings an extensive track record guiding corporate strategy and operations for growth companies and pioneering startups. “We are incredibly fortunate to welcome Annette to our board of directors,” said Dan Sharplin, Flash’s CEO and Chairman. “She is an accomplished leader who has dedicated her career to companies that are transforming their respective industries, and her talents and expertise will be invaluable to our next chapter of growth, particularly when it comes to meeting the needs of modern drivers through the next wave of EV adoption.” Ms. Clayton joins Flash’s board of directors after recently concluding her tenure as CEO of Schneider Electric North America. During that time, Ms. Clayton led business strategy for the region, representing 30,000 employees and sales of more than $11 billion in fiscal year 2022. “Working with innovators like Flash that reimagine an industry is the work I love,” said Ms. Clayton regarding her appointment. “I have followed Flash’s evolution from its startup days and think the current moment is among its most exciting – Flash has done the heavy lifting and is poised to bring all the players together to set the new standard for a first-of-its-kind digital ecosystem.” Ms. Clayton currently serves on the public boards of Duke Energy, NXP Semiconductors, Oshkosh Corporation and Nordson Corporation. Ms. Clayton’s prior board service includes National Electrical Manufacturers Association, National Association of Manufacturers and many of Schneider Electric’s Energy-as-a-Service joint ventures. She was also a member of Rewiring America’s CEO’s for Electrification coalition for business leaders. Prior to Schneider Electric, she served in senior management roles for Dell, where she led the transformation of its global supply chain and fulfillment model, and General Motors Corporation, including president of Saturn Corporation, where she oversaw strategic direction, financial accountability, and profitability. Ms. Clayton holds a bachelor’s degree in general engineering from Wright State University, a master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Dayton and has completed the London Business School executive development program. About Flash Flash is a pioneering technology company bringing seamless parking and EV charging experiences to drivers through a first-of-its-kind digital ecosystem. Flash’s platform connects reservable parking and charging in the apps drivers use every day with garage, surface lot, event, and valet parking locations — connected and controlled via a cloud-based operating system with unrivaled intelligence. Customer-obsessed brands partner with Flash to deliver digital, easy-to-use, reliable, and increasingly frictionless experiences to drivers eager to pay for a solution that eliminates wasted time, excess emissions, and stress from driving. The solution has arrived. Visit to learn more. Contact Details Flash Parking Ray Young +1 512-694-6097 Company Website

April 04, 2024 03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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NAFA Unveils Esteemed OEM Panel Discussion at I&E 2024: Insights into the Future of Fleet Management

NAFA Fleet Management Association

In an era where the pace of innovation accelerates daily, NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA) is excited to spotlight a cornerstone event at the Institute & Expo (I&E) 2024: the OEM Panel Discussion. Esteemed leaders from Toyota, Stellantis, GM Envolve and Ford Pro will gather on Tuesday, April 23, to highlight the future of the automotive industry, and its next phase of evolution that will impact every driver, in every fleet, and on every road. "Bringing together the brightest minds from leading OEMs, the OEM Panel Discussion at I&E stands as a testament to our commitment to providing fleet professionals with forward-looking insights and strategies," said Bill Schankel, CAE, CEO of NAFA. "This year, we're diving into the transformative trends that are not just reshaping our industry but also the way we think about mobility, sustainability and technological integration in fleet management." The esteemed panelists include: Tom DeLuise, Senior Manager Commercial and Government Fleet Sales, Toyota Eric Swanson, Vice President, Commercial Sales, East Region, Stellantis Robert Wheeler, GM Envolve Area Sales Manager, GM Envolve Greg Wood, Commercial & Government Sales General Manager, Ford Pro This panel promises to deliver invaluable insights into the future of fleet management, making it a must-attend session for those looking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry landscape. I&E attendees can also look forward to an array of education sessions spanning emerging technologies, operations management, strategy and sustainability, among other topics. From EV integration to regulatory compliance and beyond, the I&E education tracks are meticulously designed to address both the diverse needs of fleet professionals and the pressing challenges shaping the industry today. Tuesday’s General Session will also feature an exclusive keynote address by Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro, titled "Ford Pro – Our Learnings: Grow Productivity, Reduce Risk." Prospective exhibitors are encouraged to secure their space early to ensure prime placement in the I&E Expo Hall. For more information about reserving an exhibit booth, please visit NAFA’s website. Sponsorship opportunities can be secured here. This year’s current sponsors include Bestpass Inc., FASTER Asset Solutions, Geotab, Holman, Legend Fleet Solutions, Merchants Fleet, Motive, Samsara, Shell Fleet Solutions, Stellantis, U.S. Bank Voyager, WEX and Wheels, Inc. NAFA Fleet Management Association is the membership organization for professionals who manage the mobility requirements of vehicle fleets that include commercial, public safety, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for corporations, governments, universities, utility fleets, and law enforcement in North America and across the globe. NAFA’s members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance, repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 4.8 million vehicles that drive an estimated 84 billion miles each year. NAFA’s members control assets and services well above $122 billion each year. For more information, please visit, and communicate with NAFA on LinkedIn, Facebook, and X. Contact Details Keaveny Hewitt +1 919-622-5276 Company Website

April 02, 2024 02:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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4 Stocks with Exposure to the Growing Asian and Middle Eastern EV Markets


There’s been a lot of recent news about automakers cutting back on or delaying production of electric vehicles (EVs) due to slowing consumer demand. One of the main culprits responsible for the weakening demand is high interest rates, which have made consumers hesitant to finance big-ticket purchases like electric cars. Luckily, a rebound could be on the horizon as the Fed’s interest rate hiking cycle appears to be at an end, which means once rates start falling, EV sales should pick back up. As a matter of fact, a recent report from Fortune Business Insights projects that the global EV market will grow from $500.48 billion in 2023 to $1.5 trillion in 2030, representing a CAGR of 17.8%, which reaffirms the industry’s solid growth prospects. Even as the US market slows, EV adoption in other regions like Asia, the Middle East, and Africa has been rapidly increasing. In Asia, analysts expect EV sales to grow at least 22% annually until 2028, while the Middle East market will almost triple to be worth about $7.65 billion by the same time, according to Deloitte. These economies are already growing at a healthy clip, and now, thanks to increasing government incentives, EV adoption is driving massive demand. This means that EV companies with an early foothold in these regions could reap substantial gains as this trend continues to play out. Due to this fact, we have identified four EV stocks with a presence in these regions that we believe should be on your radar. VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ:VVPR) provides a comprehensive suite of sustainable energy solutions (SES), including electric vehicles, solar systems, battery technology, microgrids, and critical power services, through its subsidiaries. For some background, VivoPower started out by providing solar energy for clients in the commercial, industrial, and government sectors but went public after Arowana Inc., a spac acquisition, acquired it in a transaction worth $162 million. In October 2020, VivoPower acquired a majority shareholding in Tembo e-LV, marking its entry into the highly profitable electric vehicle market as illustrated by the double-digit revenue growth rates of top OEMs. For instance, BYD, Tesla, and NIO increased FY2023 revenues by 42%, 19%, and 10%, respectively, while Li Auto (LI) experienced an impressive 160% growth. But unlike those companies, VivoPower’s Tembo takes a different approach to solving the EV problem, which we believe could be even more profitable. Instead of people getting rid of their current cars to buy new EVs, which inadvertently leads to more emissions, Tembo supplies conversion kits containing all the parts needed to convert a vehicle from an internal combustion engine (ICE) to an electric (EV). These parts include the batteries, an e-motor, a reduction box, a charger, software, and many other components that make the converted vehicle work safely and seamlessly. The EV specialist offers conversion and integration capabilities and IP for ruggedized and customized off- and on-road light utility vehicle applications (for both new and second-hand vehicles) that could be used to service a diverse range of sectors, from mining, infrastructure, and utilities to government services, game safaris, and humanitarian aid. According to the iea, there should be around 350 million EVs on the road by 2030 if we are to stay the course to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The only problem is that, as of 2022, there were just over 26 million EVs on the road. It's unlikely that OEMs will fill all this demand and this is where VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ:VVPR) comes in. The company’s conversion kits are already resonating well with the EV market, and we believe that the company’s business model and approach have been validated based on a number of key corporate milestones achieved so far. For starters, VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ:VVPR) significantly expanded its distribution network after securing a commitment of 5000+ kits and an order pipeline of 10,000+ in the first half of 2023. Those included an MOU in Jordan for 1,000 kits, opening a path to the Middle East, which is the largest Landcruiser market, and a definitive agreement in Kenya for 4,000 kits, providing entry into second-hand vehicle segments, which expands the addressable market considerably. More recently, Tembo signed a definitive joint venture agreement with Francisco Motor Corporation in September 2023 to develop and supply electric utility vehicle (“EUV”) electrification kits for a new generation of electric jeepneys (e-jeepneys) in the Philippines, which could be a major growth driver for VivoPower. That is because the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) estimates that the cumulative sales of e-vehicles in the country will reach 6.6 million units by 2030, driven by favorable government policies. In fact, e-vehicles got an exemption from excise tax, and a recent Executive Order scrapped the tariff rates of completely built-up imported e-vehicles for five years to help them become more cost-competitive in the country. VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ:VVPR) also signed a joint venture with Geminum Pty Ltd in October 2023 to design, test, and implement digital twins of Tembo’s EUVs and ancillary Vivopower sustainable energy solutions (SES). In essence, this means that VivoPower offers EV investors exposure to the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, which is why the company has seen strong financial support, illustrating investor interest and confidence. Last year, in December, Vivo received a direct investment of $5 million into Tembo at a pre-money valuation of $120 million from a private investment office based by a member of the ruling Al Maktoum family of Dubai. At the moment, VVPR has a market cap of about $4.5 million, which implies that its valuation has significant upside potential even without taking into account its other subsidiaries. Moreover, VivoPower International PLC (NASDAQ:VVPR) announced that it will spin off the majority of its Caret business unit’s portfolio, representing up to ten solar projects totaling 586 MW-DC at varying stages of development, which should further unlock shareholder value. It’s also important to note that in February, Vivo started the delivery of its next-generation Electric Utility Vehicle (EUV) powertrain conversion kits to Access Industrial Mining Inc, Tembo’s exclusive distributor in Canada. The Tembo EUV conversion kits will transform new and second-hand diesel-powered 4×4 LandCruiser and Hilux vehicles into ruggedized EUVs that are fit for purpose for mining and other industrial applications. VinFast Auto Ltd. (NASDAQ:VFS) is a Vietnamese EV maker which went public following the completion of its merger with the U.S.-listed spac company Black Spade Acquisition in a transaction valued at approximately $23 billion, according to a June filing with the U.S. SEC. Soon after listing, shares of the EV maker had a massive rally, topping out at an all-time high of $93 before retracing back to slightly below its listing price as demand for EVs cooled. VFS recently reported fourth-quarter earnings, revealing it delivered a record number of 13,513 EVs globally in the period, up 35% quarter-on-quarter, with total EV deliveries for the full year coming in at 34,855, representing a 374% increase from 2022. Going forward, the company has set its sights firmly on South Asia as its next growth frontier, which is why, at the Bangkok International Motor Show, VFS announced plans to sell its electric vehicles in Thailand, indicating it had already made arrangements with auto dealers to open showrooms in the country. This could be a huge opportunity for the company considering that Thailand has an ambitious goal to convert 30% of the 2.5 million vehicles it makes annually into EVs by 2030. In addition to that, VFS marked its launch in Indonesia during the Indonesia International Motor Show 2024 by signing preliminary agreements with five dealers. The company also signed an MOU with three Indonesian companies for our fleet of the first 600 EVs for taxi purposes in Indonesia. Unsurprisingly, Chardan Research has reiterated its bullish view on VinFast Auto, with analyst Briand Dobson noting the company’s Q4 results showed the company's ability to drive production growth despite supply chain headwinds. Dobson and team believe shares of VFS are undervalued at below $6 and boosted their price to $13, which implies about 133% upside from the current price. NWTN (NASDAQ:NWTN), based in the United Arab Emirates, is a pioneering green energy company that develops new energy vehicles and is dedicated to providing passenger-focused, premium electric vehicle products and green energy solutions to customers. The company’s electric vehicles include a Supersport coupe and smart passenger vehicles, such as MUSE and ADA. NWTN also went public via a SPAC with East Stone Acquisition back in November 2022, in a transaction that resulted in NWTN receiving gross proceeds of $400 million in PIPE investment from institutional investors and strategic partners. According to its most recent earnings filings, the company generated just $0.6 million in revenues over the six months ending June 30, 2023, and lost $70 million in operations over the same period. During the period, NWTN delivered ten vehicles to one customer from its electric vehicle assembly facility in Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi ("KEZAD"), which got its sales licenses from Abu Dhabi Emirate in early 2023. The company has been strengthening its distribution networks and recently established a ground-breaking collaboration with Autostrad Car Rental Company for the purchase of two hundred Rabdan One vehicles for their fleet, which would initially support the prestigious COP 28 event. According to NWTN, the partnership marks a historic moment in the evolution of sustainable transportation in the UAE as the Rabdan One is introduced into Autostrad’s prestigious fleet. Ahmed Abood Al Yafei, Group CEO of Autostrad, highlighted the group's commitment to sustainability: "The acquisition of the Rabdan electric fleet aligns with our strategic vision for sustainable mobility. " The company has been attracting significant investor attention, with a number of hedge funds such as Renaissance Technologies, Jane Street Group, and Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. and other institutional investors having recently increased their stakes in NWTN. Lucid Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:LCID) is an American EV company with headquarters in California and a manufacturing plant in Arizona. During the company’s recent earnings call, it was revealed that it produced 2,391 EVs for Q4 and a total of 8,428 electric vehicles in FY 2023, showing 17% year-over-year growth. Lucid's actual production results came in at the top end of Lucid's revised guidance for FY 2023 (8,000–8,500 EVs). The company reported revenue of $157.2 million, which was about 39% lower than Q4 2022, and the company's quarterly net loss was $653.8 million. Despite that loss, things could be gearing up for a turnaround. One of the highlights of the call was that the management team said that the Gravity, an SUV model scheduled to launch in late 2024, would "expand [the] total addressable market from 2023 by more than 6x," while the "more affordable, high-volume midsize car," scheduled to launch in late 2026, "will expand [the] market opportunity from 2023 to nearly 20x." That could perhaps explain why Saudi Arabia has invested immense political and economic capital for Lucid to succeed. Just recently, LCID announced that it had entered into an agreement with its majority stockholder, Ayar Third Investment Company, an affiliate of the Saudi Public Investment Fund ("PIF"), to purchase $1.0 billion of a newly created series of convertible preferred stock via private placement. "We are extremely pleased to receive this strong, continued support from the PIF as we work to solidify our place as the world's leading EV technology company," said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group. "We continue to invest for the long term in both our technology and our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, with PIF's support as a key differentiator.” Disclaimers: The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides investors a safe harbor in regard to forward-looking statements. Any statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, assumptions, objectives, goals, or assumptions of future events or performance are not statements of historical fact may be forward looking statements. Forward looking statements are based on expectations, estimates, and projections at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated. Forward looking statements in this action may be identified through use of words such as projects, foresee, expects, will, anticipates, estimates, believes, understands, or that by statements, indicating certain actions & quotes; may, could or might occur Understand there is no guarantee past performance is indicative of future results. Investing in micro-cap or growth securities is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investor’s investment may be lost or due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled. Capital Gains Report (CGR) owned by RazorPitch Inc. is responsible for the production and distribution of this content. CGR is not operated by a licensed broker, a dealer, or a registered investment advisor. It should be expressly understood that under no circumstances does any information published herein represent a recommendation to buy or sell a security. CGR has been retained by VivoPower International PLC. to produce and distribute this content. As part of that content, readers, subscribers, and webs are expected to read the full disclaimers and financial disclosure statement that can be found on our website All content in this article is information of a general nature and does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Nothing in this article constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information in the article constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto. CGR is not a fiduciary by virtue of any persons use of or access to this content. Contact Details CapitalGainsReport Mark McKelvie +1 585-301-7700 Company Website

April 01, 2024 05:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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