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Freelance jobs grow despite AI, finds new data from

FREELANCER.COM (ASX: FLN), the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by number of users and jobs posted, today released its quarterly Fast 50 Index for Q2 2024 based on data from 251,000 jobs posted to the platform. Computer Security (up 27.1% from 868 to 1,103 jobs) emerges as the fastest-growing freelance skill on, based on job postings across more than 2,000 skill categories from April 1 to June 30, 2024. This trend in cybersecurity skills suggests more small-to-medium businesses are turning to freelancers for cyber security support, further backed by Network Administration (up 9.9%, from 1,229 to 1,351) also placing in the top 25 fastest growing jobs on the platform. The data also shows no negative impact on generative AI tools on freelance jobs, evident in the growth of Writing, Business Service, and Legal Skills seen in this quarter’s Fast 50 report, all of which were predicted to decrease with the rise in generative AI. PDF writing (up 26.7%, from 2,533 to 3,210) was the second fastest growing job, followed by third place being Microsoft Word (up 23.9%, from 3,368 to 4,173) projects which are also associated with content writing. Writing job Copy Typing came in at the 16th place, growing 11.6% (from 4,428 to 4,941). Legal jobs, which were expected to have been ‘at threat’ to AI, have also increased (up 12.0% from 1,138 to 1,274), as well as Legal Research (up 10.8% from 917 to 1,016). In addition to the index, ’s annual AI survey, which surveyed more than 4,100 workers globally, investigated AI impact on income and the initial results are shedding light on earnings. When asked how the introduction of AI tools have impacted earnings, more than half of workers (52.5%) reveal they’re earning either the same or more. One fifth (19.2%) say that they’re earning a lot more since generative AI tools were introduced, while only one sixth (17.7%) admit to earning less. “AI is creating more jobs than it takes. While many critics continue to speculate which jobs will be made redundant with AI tools, the data shows that freelance jobs which are labeled as the ‘most at risk to AI disruption’ are in fact growing. The preliminary results from our AI survey also dispel the myth that freelancer are earning less since the introduction of generative AI as more three quarters of workers we surveyed are either earning the same or earning more, with a subset taking advantage of AI and earning a lot more.” said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive at Cybersecurity threats are on the rise across all organizations, but are particularly harmful for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) which have little-to-no security expertise and usually minimal protection. As a result, businesses turned to freelancers for help. In 2Q24, Computer Security jobs ranked as the fastest growing skills (up 27%), indicating there has been an uptick in cyber security threats targeting SMBs. Many of the projects posted throughout the quarter require help with network security, security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities, and creation of cyber security response play books. General business services are also increasing on the platform as more employers are hiring freelancers to support their small businesses. A clear indication of this is the popularity of Market Research and Telemarketing jobs coming in as the fourth and fifth fastest growing skills in Q2 2024, up by 21.1% (from 1,525 to 1,859) and 19.4% (from 1,177 to 1,405), respectively. Other business related skills grew in Q2 2024, including Sales (up 15.5% from 3.467 to 4,005), Lead Generation (up 12.2% from 1,802 to 2,021) and Business Plans (up 10.9% from 1,197 to 1,328). A sudden increase in General business services means that many of the new businesses, which are usually started at the beginning of the year, now require further assistance in helping grow and scale their business. Fastest Falling Skills for Q2 2024 The main category of jobs that fell in Q2 2024 was eCommerce related jobs, which saw a significant increase in Q1 2024. Shopify Templates, ranked as the fastest falling skill and was down by 13% (from 1,476 to 1,284). CSS, which is commonly used in website development, was also down (11.8% from 9.486 to 8,368). Both WooCommerce (from 1.072 to 952) and Shopify (2,545 to 2,269) also fell in the quarter. The easing of eCommerce jobs in this quarter was mainly due to seasonality. Typically, entrepreneurs will start a business at the beginning of the year, requiring help to set up their websites or eCommerce platforms. From there, the entrepreneur either pivots to hiring freelancers for other business services, such as sales or research which we’ve seen in Q2 2024 fastest growing jobs, or are equipped with enough to run their business without any further help. Fastest Growing Overall Job The most popular online freelancing job by total volume is currently Graphic Design with almost double the amount of projects than the other top skills. Graphic Design is followed by PHP (programming), Photoshop, Website Design and HTML (programming). These are typically the best skills for any new freelancer to focus on initially when starting their freelancing journey. How Electronic Repairs Are Becoming the Fastest Growing Skill Globally Electronic Repairs has emerged as one of the fastest-growing job categories on the platform over the past year. In Q2 2024, it ranked 19th among the top 25 fastest-growing jobs, with a 10.7% increase (from 14,945 to 16,548 jobs). However, its most impressive growth is evident in the year-over-year comparison, where Electronic Repairs jobs surged by 162%, from 6,315 in Q2 2023 to 16,548 in Q2 2024. Electronic Repairs are in-person jobs where freelancers are deployed across select countries and cities to fix laptops, printers and computer hardware as part of the Freelancer Global Fleet Program. ##### Fast 50 The Fast 50 index is the world’s largest forward indicator of trends in online jobs related to industries, technologies, products, and companies. The data is based on 251,000 jobs posted to the platform between 1st April to 30th June 2024. Data: Fast 50 Quarterly Index – Q2 2024 2023 Q2 v 2024 Q2 Fastest Growing Jobs for Q2 2024 Fastest Falling Jobs for Q2 2024 About Freelancer Twelve-time Webby award-winning is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by total number of users and projects posted. More than 74 million registered users have posted over 23.8 million projects and contests to date in over 2,000 areas as diverse as website development, logo design, marketing, copywriting, astrophysics, aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Freelancer owns and Loadshift. Freelancer Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker ASX:FLN and is quoted on OTCQX Best Market under the ticker FLNCF. Contact Details Marko Zitko +1 650-800-6863

July 18, 2024 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Leaders in Real Estate Advocate for Cooperative Approaches to Address Housing Crisis

K3 Holdings

K3 Holdings, a privately held real estate investment firm with extensive holdings throughout the United States is advocating for collaboration as stakeholders consider housing policies to combat homelessness. In a recent article published by The Mortgage Note and a blog post at the K3 Holdings and Alpine LA Properties websites, leaders stressed the need for cooperative approaches to policies that can address housing options, especially for disadvantaged populations. “At K3 Holdings and Alpine LA Properties, we experience firsthand the complex challenges faced by both landlords and tenants in the quest for safe and adequate housing. The ongoing economic turbulence, driven by higher interest rates and inflation, underscores the urgency for cohesive, sensible housing policies. As political leaders seek effective solutions, expanding the perspectives at the table is essential,” stated Nathan Kadisha, a K3 Principal. “Safe and adequate housing is a cornerstone for community stability and prosperity—it is a moral imperative. When families struggle to find stable homes, the repercussions ripple through society, leading to increased homelessness and pressure on social services. This issue affects every facet of our communities, highlighting the critical need for effective policy solutions.” According to Kadisha, effective housing policy should create mutually beneficial outcomes for both landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, policy debates often frame these groups as adversaries, competing for limited resources. This adversarial mindset overlooks the shared goals and common interests that can unite landlords and tenants. While often considered unlikely allies, landlords have a vested interest in advocating for policies that support tenants and promote vibrant, inclusive communities. Advocacy from property companies can help ensure the financial health of investments and fosters environments where tenants can thrive. “As stakeholders continue to seek solutions, policymakers should work collaboratively to address the root causes of housing insecurity while protecting property owners' interests. This approach can solve critical issues facing all parties. Unlike so many political battles, when it comes to affordable housing policies, one group does not have to lose for another to win,” Kadisha continued. One key area for sensible policy action is rent stabilization. Thoughtfully implemented rent stabilization can provide tenants with the stability they need while allowing landlords to earn a fair return. By capping annual rent increases at a rate tied to inflation, we can ensure rental housing remains affordable without imposing undue burdens on property owners. Ensuring fair treatment for tenants and landlords alike helps build stronger, more resilient communities. “As property managers, we bring a unique perspective to the table, balancing tenant needs with our business interests. Lopsided policies can harm the broader community, making it imperative for us to advocate for balanced, unifying housing policies. By working together, we can bridge the gap between stakeholders and pave the way for a more equitable, sustainable housing market.” Addressing the current housing crisis demands bold, visionary leadership from policymakers. By prioritizing policies that promote stability, fairness, and inclusivity, stronger communities where everyone has access to safe, stable, and affordable housing can be built. Property managers are ready to collaborate with policymakers, tenants, and other stakeholders to realize this vision. ### For more information or to schedule an interview with a K3 spokesperson, please contact Dan Rene at 202-329-8357 or Contact Details K3 Holdings Dan Rene +1 202-329-8357

July 17, 2024 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Mosquito Control Urgent as Virginia Faces Worst Season: Diamond Exterminators Provides Relief

Diamond Exterminators

This year, mosquitoes are proving to be a bigger nuisance than ever, particularly in Virginia. Multiple cities in Virginia have made the top list for the worst mosquito problems, with Norfolk ranking in the top 25 worst cities for mosquitos. Diamond Exterminators, a leader in pest control services, is stepping up to help residents combat this growing issue with their comprehensive mosquito control services. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total human disease count of West Nile Virus (WNV) in 2023 was over 2,400, with 47 states, including Virginia, reporting cases. Experts warn that the problem could be even worse this year due to the mild and wet winter, making mosquito control more crucial than ever. Connor Eason, Vice President of Diamond Exterminators, commented, “We recognize the heightened problems mosquitoes are causing this year. Balancing a treatment program that effectively controls mosquitoes while protecting pollinators is crucial. Significant advances in mosquito control have introduced safe alternatives. However, effective control involves more than just spraying; a skilled exterminator can also help you find simple ways to reduce the mosquito population and recommend natural alternatives.” Diamond Exterminators not only offers advanced mosquito treatment programs but also provides valuable tips for homeowners to reduce mosquito populations in their yards. Here are some expert tips from Diamond Exterminators: 1. Eliminate Standing Water Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so regularly emptying water from flowerpots, birdbaths, and gutters can significantly reduce their numbers. 2. Maintain Your Yard: Keep grass and shrubs trimmed to minimize resting areas for mosquitoes. 3. Use Natural Repellents: Plant mosquito-repelling plants such as citronella, lavender, and marigolds. 4. Install Screens: Ensure all windows and doors have screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. 5. Utilize Mosquito Traps: Strategic placement of mosquito traps can help reduce the mosquito population around your home. As mosquito problems continue to rise, Diamond Exterminators remains committed to providing safe and effective solutions for the community. Their comprehensive approach to mosquito control ensures that residents can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the constant nuisance of mosquitoes. For more information about Diamond Exterminators' mosquito control services and tips for keeping your yard mosquito-free, visit Diamond Exterminators is a premier pest control company dedicated to providing top-quality pest management solutions for residential and commercial properties. With over 20 years of industry experience, our expert team employs state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly methods to ensure effective and sustainable pest control. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, offering personalized service plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. At Diamond Exterminators, our mission is to create safe, healthy, and pest-free environments for our community. For more information, visit #DiamondExterminators #MosquitoControl #VirginiaMosquitoProblem #WestNileVirus #MosquitoTips #NorfolkMosquitoes Contact Details Diamond Exterminators Connor Eason +1 757-545-2001 Company Website

July 12, 2024 02:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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XLRE ETF: An Exploration to the Real Estate Sector

Select Sector SPDR

Since its introduction in 2015, the Select Sector SPDR Real Estate Sector ETF ( XLRE ) has served as a tool for investors interested in exploring opportunities within Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Management, and Development markets. Highlighting industries such as Industrial, Data Center, and Telecommunications, XLRE presents a targeted yet broad strategy for real estate investment. The fund currently maintains a portfolio of 31 REITs dedicating a substantial share—more than 60%—to its top ten holdings. This allocation strategy demonstrates XLRE's approach to maintaining a diversified, yet focused, portfolio of real estate investments. Prominent Holdings* Include: ProLogis (10.53%) American Tower A (9.20%) Equinix Inc (7.27%) Welltower (6.31%) Simon Property A (5.01%) Digital Realty Trust (5.00%) Realty Income (4.66%) Public Storage (4.61%) Crown Castle (4.30%) Extra Space Storage (3.33%) XLRE's portfolio is designed to cater to a variety of investor preferences. Another feature of XLRE is its expense ratio of only 0.09%**, offering a cost-effective pathway for those looking to enter the real estate sector. Moreover, XLRE's practice of daily reporting on portfolio holdings and allocations promotes transparency, providing investors with a clear picture of where their funds are allocated. Investor Considerations Investors considering ETF investments have the opportunity to gain exposure to specific sectors as well as the potential for focused investment strategies. By including only S&P 500 component companies, XLRE enables investors to align their real estate investments with mostly large cap names in the sector. Overview of XLRE The Real Estate Sector ETF ( XLRE ) aims to simplify investor access to the REIT & Real Estate Management & Development markets, zeroing in on sectors like Industrial, Data Center, and Telecommunications. With its diversified portfolio, low expense ratio, and dedication to transparency, XLRE represents a noteworthy opportunity for investors aiming to broaden their real estate investment horizons. DISCLAIMER: This is a work of research and should not be taken as investment or financial advice. Therefore, Select Sector SPDRs or the publisher is not liable for any decision made based on the publication. About the Company: Select Sector SPDR ETFs offer flexibility and customization opportunities. Many investors have similar outlooks, but no two are exactly alike. Select Sector SPDR ETFs let investors select the sectors that best meet their investment goals. *Holdings, Weightings & Assets as of 6/30/24 subject to change **Ordinary brokerage fees apply DISCLOSURES The S&P 500 Index is an unmanaged index of 500 common stocks that is generally considered representative of the U.S. stock market. The index is heavily weighted toward stocks with large market capitalizations and represents approximately two-thirds of the total market value of all domestic common stocks. The S&P 500 Index figures do not reflect any fees, expenses or taxes. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses before investing. One may not invest directly in an index. Transparent ETFs provide daily disclosure of portfolio holdings and weightings All ETFs are subject to risk, including loss of principal. Sector ETF products are also subject to sector risk and non-diversification risk, which generally will result in greater price fluctuations than the overall market. Diversification does not eliminate risk. An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. To obtain a prospectus, which contains this and other information, call 1-866-SECTOR-ETF (732-8673) or visit Read the prospectus carefully before investing. ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, is the distributor for the Select Sector SPDR Trust. Media Contact: Company: Select Sector SPDRs Contact: Dan Dolan* Address: 1290 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80203 Country: United States Email: Website: *Dan Dolan is a Registered Representative of ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc. ALPS Portfolio Solutions Distributor, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, is the distributor for the Select Sector SPDR Trust. SEL007650 EXP 9/30/24 Contact Details Dan Dolan +1 203-935-8103 Company Website

July 12, 2024 05:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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HomeSphere and RM Interiors Partner on Flooring Savings for Homebuilders


HomeSphere, the leading platform connecting building product manufacturers to mid-market homebuilders, today announced its newest partnership with homebuilding industry service provider, RM Interiors. With this unique partnership, HomeSphere’s network of 2,700+ U.S. builders now have access to RM Interiors’ (RMI) turnkey program which includes sourcing and installation of vinyl plank, tile, carpet and more from the nation’s leading flooring manufacturers. "RM Interiors is one of the first HomeSphere partners to offer end-to-end purchasing and labor services,,” said HomeSphere President and CEO Greg Schwarzer. “RMI installs thousands of flooring units per month across the country in both new construction and renovation projects. Now, our builders can leverage their expertise to build more homes faster and improve margins.” RMI is a full-service residential flooring installation partner with local warehouses and field teams across U.S. markets. Because RMI offers products, labor, installation, and stages from local sites, HomeSphere builders will save valuable time and cost on a home’s most expensive line item. “Flooring is one of the most significant interior expenses on any construction project,” said RMI Director of Business Development Cole Bennett. “RMI’s system finds efficiencies by managing products, labor and installation under one brand and we look forward to extending those savings - and more - to HomeSphere builders.” About HomeSphere Established in 1999, HomeSphere connects local and regional homebuilders to exclusive rebate offerings. HomeSphere’s builder network constructs and closes more than 250,000 new homes and units per year, making it the largest homebuilding group in the country by volume. Using HomeSphere-HQ, HomeSphere’s award-winning rebate management platform, builders capture incentives on completed homes, discover new products for their future projects and develop key relationships with the 80-plus manufacturers in HomeSphere’s preferred partner network. For more information about HomeSphere’s products and solutions for homebuilders and manufacturers, visit About RM Interiors RM Interiors is a national, full-service flooring installation company for builders, contractors, ownership groups, and property management professionals. Over the last decade, RMI has opened 18 locations and installed carpet, vinyl, and tile in hundreds of thousands of homes and apartments across the United States. For more information, visit Contact Details Tracy Henderson +1 720-989-3530 Company Website

July 09, 2024 07:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time

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You May Be Spending More On Property Taxes Than You Need To – Save On Taxes With Ownwell And Only Pay Out Of What You Save


By Anthony Termini, Benzinga Real estate analytics firm CoreLogic recently published a report that showed property taxes on the median single-family home in America have risen by more than 25% since 2019. During the same period, Federal Reserve data show that the average sales price of those homes rose by more than 33%. Do Higher Home Prices Justify Higher Property Tax Assessments? Higher home prices may lead many homeowners to conclude that their property tax increases are accurate and reasonable. However, property tax assessments aren’t appraisals intended to reveal a given property’s actual value. Tax assessments “aim to capture a measure of fair market value at a given point in time,” says Debbie Loesel, a Senior Tax Manager at the accounting firm Deloitte. That measure is expressed as a mill rate. Mill rates are determined by local governments as part of their annual budget process. The mill rate is set by dividing a city’s or county’s budget shortfall by an estimate of the value of real property in the jurisdiction and then dividing that number by 1,000. According to Colton Pace, co-founder of Ownwell, a company that helps homeowners lower their property tax bills, “a mill is one one-thousandth of a dollar, and in property tax terms is equal to $1.00 of tax for each $1,000 of assessment. 15 mills, therefore, is equal to $15 for every $1,000 of assessed value, or 1.5%.” Deloitte’s Loesel points out that the volume of property subject to assessment means that “jurisdictions generally rely on mass appraisal techniques.” Ownwell’s Pace suggests that this is where issues arise. He says that “the value that is put on an assessment notice is an opinion. They’re valuing millions of properties all at the same time. So there’s lots of room for errors.” What Can Homeowners Do To Lower Property Tax Bills? The first step in lowering a property tax bill is understanding the variables that go into it. Sales comparisons – the technique used by appraisers – are commonly used to assess the value of residential real estate. But this is not as straightforward as it may sound. Two homes next door to each other on the same street can still be significantly different. A typical tax assessment system won’t pick this up. “For example, you can get a discrepancy in assessments if you have an older home next to a new one,” says Ownwell’s Pace. The next step homeowners can take to lower their property tax is to work with a professional. Appealing an assessment should be based on more than just a disagreement with the bill. Hiring a local real estate attorney may help. But that process can be expensive. Firms like Ownwell can help decipher the complexity of an assessment and analyze a property to identify opportunities to reduce a tax bill without an up-front fee. Ownwell gets paid out of any tax savings its analysis finds, and its evaluations are extensive. In the states where it operates – California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas and Washington – Ownwell combines proprietary technology and deep local knowledge to build evidence that a reduction is warranted. The company understands the nuances that can affect a residential property tax bill in each state. Ownwell manages an end-to-end process that includes filing paperwork, talking with local assessors and even attending appeal board hearings. When this process results in a reduced tax, the company’s fee is a portion of the homeowner’s savings. The company has been successful in securing tax reductions for some 86% of the homeowners that use its service, and Ownwell notes that the average tax savings amount to about $1,150. More importantly, customers are not charged for any work unless the taxing authority provides signed documentation that the homeowner’s final property tax bill is actually reduced. If Ownwell’s analysis identifies any risk that a property tax bill could be increased, it won’t pursue an appeal. Pace points out that it is still important to review property taxes every year to ensure that the amount billed is accurate and fair. Registering on the company’s site takes about three minutes. Entering a property address will reveal any potential tax savings and creative ways to save on other costs of homeownership. Paces says this is ingrained into its process, “Ownwell's mission is to make the cost of real estate more clear and equitable.” To find potential exemptions, homeowners can check their county tax assessment website or enter their address for a free estimate at Featured photo by Public Co from Pixabay. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

July 09, 2024 08:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust Issues Monthly Reporting Package for June 2024

Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust

Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust (“the Trust”) has filed a Form 8-K containing its monthly report for the period ended June 30, 2024. An aggregate total distribution of $20.95 million or $0.279359 per trust certificate will be paid on July 10, 2024, to certificateholders of record as of July 9, 2024. Additional information, including the Trust’s Monthly and Quarterly Reports, as well as other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) can be accessed via the Trust’s website at About Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust Copper Property CTL Pass Through Trust (the “Trust”) was established to acquire 160 retail properties and 6 warehouse distribution centers (the “Properties”) from J.C. Penney as part of its Chapter 11 plan of reorganization. The Trust’s operations consist solely of owning, leasing and selling the Properties. The Trust’s objective is to sell the Properties to third-party purchasers as promptly as practicable. The Trustee of the trust is GLAS Trust Company LLC. The Trust is externally managed by an affiliate of Hilco Real Estate LLC. The Trust is intended to be treated, for tax purposes, as a liquidating trust within the meaning of United States Treasury Regulation Section 301.7701-4(d). For more information, please visit Forward Looking Statement This news release contains certain “forward-looking statements”. All statements other than statements of historical fact are “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may be identified by the use of forward looking terminology such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “continue,” “could,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “might,” “our vision,” “plan,” “potential,” “preliminary,” “predict,” “should,” “will,” or “would” or the negative thereof or other variations thereof or comparable terminology and include, but are not limited to, the Trust’s expectations or beliefs concerning future events and stock price performance. The Trust has based these forward-looking statements on its current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections. While the Trust believes these expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections are reasonable, such forward-looking statements are only predictions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond its control. These factors, including those discussed in the Trust’s Registration Statement on Form 10 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), may cause its actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. For a further list and description of such risks and uncertainties, please refer to the Trust’s filings with the SEC that are available at The Trust cautions you that the list of important factors included in the Trust’s SEC filings may not contain all of the material factors that are important to you. In addition, in light of these risks and uncertainties, the matters referred to in the forward-looking statements contained in this news release may not in fact occur. The Trust undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as otherwise required by law. Contact Details Jessica Cummins - Investor Relations +1 847-313-4755 Company Website

July 08, 2024 04:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Flash Appoints Chris Donus as President

Flash Parking

Flash, the leading end-to-end parking technology platform, today announced that Chris Donus, the current CFO, has been appointed president of the organization. In the newly established role, Donus will expand his focus on day-to-day operations, working closely with the leadership team to execute transformative strategies that include the expansion of Flash’s burgeoning digital demand network, EV charging and parking platform scale, and driving the company’s regionalized branch organization to deliver unmatched partner experiences. Dan Sharplin will continue in his role as Chairman and CEO, focusing on international growth, strategic transactions, and ecosystem partnerships. “This promotion reflects Chris’s exceptional leadership and expertise at this time of tremendous momentum for Flash as we rapidly scale our industry-leading parking and EV charging digital ecosystem," said Flash CEO Dan Sharplin. “In the next 24 months, we anticipate more transformation in the parking industry than we’ve seen in several decades prior. Chris has the relevant experience to ensure we execute on our priorities that allow us to drive this industry transformation.” “We are building a parking and EV charging ecosystem where a seamless driver experience benefits everyone,” said Donus. “There is an incredible amount of innovation and hard work being done across Flash to build the platform and partnerships that further our position as the leader in parking and EV Charging technology. I look forward to ensuring the value we create is incomparable in my role as President of Flash.” Before Flash, Donus served as COO and CFO at Wheel Health, a venture-backed telehealth platform developer designed to connect companies and clinicians to deliver virtual care. He also served in senior leadership roles at Lyft as VP and Business Unit leader of Express Drive, the customer-facing fleet line of business, generating over $400 million in rental revenue and over $2 billion in Lyft rides. Prior to that, he was president of Silvercar from 2015 to 2018 alongside roles as COO, from 2017 to 2018, and CFO from 2012 to 2015. He has also served in leadership roles at Freescale Semiconductor, Hertz Global Holding, and Lucent Technologies. About Flash Flash is a pioneering technology company bringing seamless parking and EV charging experiences to drivers through a first-of-its-kind digital ecosystem. Flash’s platform connects reservable parking and charging in the apps drivers use every day with garage, surface lot, event, and valet parking locations—connected and controlled via a cloud-based operating system with unrivaled intelligence. Customer-obsessed brands partner with Flash to deliver digital, easy-to-use, reliable, and increasingly frictionless experiences to drivers eager to pay for a solution that eliminates wasted time, excess emissions, and stress. The solution has arrived. Contact Details Razor Sharp PR Ray Young +1 512-694-6097 Company Website

June 27, 2024 10:00 AM Central Daylight Time

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Superlab Suisse opens state-of-the-art facility in Basel, fostering new spaces for scientific breakthroughs

Superlab Suisse

For life sciences and biotech companies, access to affordable dedicated lab spaces is hard to come by. Labs are prohibitively expensive to build and operate, posing significant financial barriers to innovation and research. A cutting-edge new alternative is being offered by Superlab Suisse, a leading provider of innovative laboratory and research spaces that today announces the grand opening of its newest facility in Basel. With this new facility, Superlab Suisse becomes the largest private lab space in Switzerland. Opening in July 2024, following the success of the Lausanne location supported by Biopôle Lausanne and InnoVaud, the expansion marks a significant milestone in Superlab Suisse's mission to provide research infrastructure to Switzerland's dynamic life sciences sector. Forging ahead with its successful partnership with Swiss Prime Site, Superlab Suisse is set to open the door for huge commercial opportunities in the ideally suited location of Basel, a booming biotechnology hub and home to over 700 companies including pharmaceutical giants like Novartis and Roche. The new facility, nestled within the bustling Stücki Park with neighbours like Tech Park Basel, Lonza, Medartis, NBE, and Boehringer Ingelheim, offers ready-to-use laboratory spaces equipped with the latest technology and essential operational support services, allowing teams to channel their resources into scientific research rather than lab operations. Spanning over 4770 square metres, it promises to be a nucleus of scientific collaboration and breakthrough, redefining laboratory services in Basel. "We are thrilled to bring Superlab Suisse's innovative platform to Basel, the city of Pharma," says Xi Zhang, CEO of Superlab Suisse. “Our holistic solution frees scientists from operations headaches, so they can save time and focus on science. We service, you discover”. Life sciences and biotech companies have until now lacked the widely accepted lab solutions that have benefitted industries such as tech and finance. Universities have typically been the only viable option, with lab construction and operation requiring significant upfront investments — costs which redirect attention away from research and delay progress in getting products to market. Superlab Suisse's serviced BSL1 and BSL2 labs provide a new industry standard of lab solution. Users in one location such as Basel also gain access to facilities in Lausanne and other locations. By delivering ready to move in lab solutions for life science companies of all sizes, including startups, scale-ups, and corporates, Superlab Suisse eliminates the hurdles of lab construction and operation. One of the first companies to secure their space at the opening is Skyhawk Therapeutics, which has recently announced a research collaboration with Ipsen focusing on RNA targeting in rare neurological diseases. In addition to the Basel location, Superlab Suisse continues its commitment to innovation with plans for a third site in Zurich Schlieren. This new facility, scheduled to open in March 2025, will cater to the diverse needs of start-ups, spin-offs, and established companies in the life sciences sector, further solidifying Superlab Suisse's position as a leader in laboratory-as-a-service solutions. This one-stop solution not only solves the true problems of life science companies but also attracts like-minded innovators to meet and collaborate. Superlab is expanding this year to more cities in Europe, the US, and Asia, embodying a borderless lab concept because life science benefits humanity as a whole. Dr. Rajwinder Lehal, CEO of biotech business Cellestia commented: “Superlab is exactly the place which the scientific community needs, where we can concentrate on our work without being distracted by construction or operation. Superlab provided us with state of the art infrastructure and equipment that we needed to hit the ground running from day 1.” Emmanuel Savioz, CEO & Chairman, Tigen Pharma commented: “Superlab is a great place to work in a vibrant scientific community. Our team at Tigen can focus on growth, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, latest equipment and a competent and fun Superlab team to support on-site”. About Superlab Suisse AG Superlab Suisse AG offers innovative laboratory solutions through its "Lab as a Service" business concept. With state-of-the-art facilities, professional services, and financing support, Superlab Suisse empowers companies in the biotech, pharma, and medtech sectors to focus on research and innovation. About Swiss Prime Site AG Swiss Prime Site is the largest real estate company in Switzerland and one of the leading commercial property companies in Europe. The real estate portfolio spanning across densely populated areas is valued at approximately CHF 26 billion and includes own properties – with about CHF13 billion commercial properties and development projects – as well as ones managed on behalf of third parties with about CHF 13 billion AuMs invested in residential and commercial buildings. Contact Details Superlab Suisse Bilal Mahmood +44 7714 007257 Company Website

June 25, 2024 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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