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FendX Technologies Innovates Surface Protection with Nanotechnology

FendX Technologies Inc

FendX Technologies CEO Carolyn Myers joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share updates about FendX Technologies, a company pioneering the development of nanotechnology-based products designed to protect high-touch surfaces from contamination. Myers explained that FendX's innovations, licensed from McMaster University nearly four years ago, are focused on creating surfaces to which bacteria, viruses, and organic substances do not adhere, boasting efficacy rates of 95% or higher. These products include a film with an adhesive backing for easy application and a spray offering broader application, both providing 24-hour protection against contaminants. The company is targeting the healthcare sector, particularly hospitals and long-term care facilities, as well as high-traffic areas such as transportation hubs, schools, and malls. The goal is to mitigate the transmission of potentially lethal pathogens in these environments. Following a recent private placement, FendX is gearing up for the commercialization of its REPELWRAP Film and advancing the spray to be commercialized in 2025. Ongoing developments in the product lineup are also underway to further combat surface contamination. Overall, FendX Technologies is focused on leveraging nanotechnology to create innovative solutions for surface protection, aiming to contribute to public health and safety in various sectors. Contact Details Proactive North America Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

April 08, 2024 07:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Non-addictive options to Opioids: Exploring Pain Relief Options Before Taking Opioids


A video accompanying this announcement is available at: While opioid dispensing rates in the U.S. are slowly ticking down, they remain elevated compared with rates in other countries. The U.S. makes up only 4.4% of the world’s population, but it consumes over 80% of the world’s opioids Luckily, consumers today have more options than ever before for powerful, nonaddictive pain relief as they navigate their unique positions on the overall pain spectrum, including but not limited to over-the-counter (OTC) medications, physical therapy, medication and chiropractic care. Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse (MAPDA) in partnership with Aleve®, a marquee pain relief product from Bayer indicated for minor pain, launched “The Painful Truth,” campaign developed to encourage consumers to explore, with their doctors, pain relief options such as OTC products before taking opioids, when appropriate. “The Painful Truth” campaign launched with a film featuring real pain sufferers who are at crossroads in their pain relief journeys and seeking guidance. The featured patients believe they are participating in a video call with a pain expert who will help them explore their options, but as the conversation progresses, our “expert” reveals that they are in fact in recovery from opioid use disorder. At this critical juncture in their care, the patients are encouraged to consider different pain relief options. A nationwide media tour was conducted on March 26th featuring Mary Bono, Co-Founder, Chair of the Board of Directors & CEO of Mother’s Against Drug Abuse (MAPDA) and Matt Robinson, A voice from “The Painful Truth” campaign and Co-Host of Till the Wheels Fall Off (TWFO) podcast. Topics that were discussed included: · What people need to know about the pain relief options available to them before taking opioids when appropriate and after discussion with their healthcare provider. · Matt’s first-person experience with opioid use disorder. · The work Mother’s Against Drug Abuse has done to address the issue. · How patients can choose and advocate for themselves as it relates to pain management. For more information, visit About with Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse (MAPDA) Founded in 2011, Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on policy advocacy, opioid use disorder (OUD) prevention education, and opioid awareness programs. For more information, visit About Bayer Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and nutrition. In line with its mission, “Health for all, Hunger for none,” the company’s products and services are designed to help people and the planet thrive by supporting efforts to master the major challenges presented by a growing and aging global population. Bayer is committed to driving sustainable development and generating a positive impact with its businesses. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and create value through innovation and growth. The Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and quality throughout the world. In fiscal 2023, the Group employed around 100,000 people and had sales of 47.6 billion euros. R&D expenses before special items amounted to 5.8 billion euros. For more information, go to Contact Details YourUpdateTV +1 212-736-2727

April 05, 2024 10:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Unlocking the Power of Immunotherapy: Elicio Therapeutics’ (NASDAQ: ELTX) Novel AMP Platform


By Jeremy Golden, Benzinga Approximately two million people were diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. in 2023, with breast, prostate, lung and bronchus cancers among the most common. An estimated 609,820 people died of cancer last year. The most common treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, though other options include targeted therapy as well as laser and hormonal therapies. Another treatment option is immunotherapy, which is designed to utilize the immune system to fight cancer. Immune responses are orchestrated by key immune cells in the lymph nodes, but for many therapies, getting to these critical sites is far from certain. Small molecule-based immunomodulators easily pass through the blood vessel walls at the injection site. As a result, they are rapidly flushed away into the systemic circulation, limiting access to the lymph nodes. Often, this results in a failure to realize the full potential of the immune response. Worse yet, it can lead to the development of dangerous toxicities at other sites in the body. Elicio Therapeutics’ Novel Approach Founded in 2011, Elicio Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELTX) is developing treatment options aimed at significantly improving the quality of life for cancer patients through the utilization of precision vaccines, immunomodulators and cell-based therapies to potentially assemble cancer-killing immune responses against solid tumors. The company is optimistic about the potential of lymph node-targeting made possible by applying the natural trafficking pathways of larger molecules. This approach differentiates Elicio from its competitors and could be highly promising for enhancing anti-tumor immune responses and improving therapeutic efficacy. Developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the company’s proprietary Amphiphile or “AMP” platform, which combines expertise in materials science and immunology, is being used to develop novel immunotherapies, including cell therapy activators, immunomodulators, adjuvants and vaccines for an array of aggressive cancers and infectious diseases. Here’s how it works: The AMP platform is designed to deliver therapeutic payloads directly to critical immune cells in the lymph nodes, enhancing the cancer-fighting mechanisms of the immune system. By delivering cancer immunotherapies to the center of the immune response, this approach is intended to optimize the natural ability of the lymph nodes to educate, activate and amplify cancer-specific T cells. Engineered to coordinate immunity in these uniquely potent sites, the AMP platform was built to amplify the magnitude, potency, quality and durability of the immune response to drive antitumor activity. At the injection site, the platform prevents detrimental payload delivery to systemic circulation, instead guiding the payloads into the lymphatics to promote lymph node delivery. Additionally, it preserves the structural integrity and activity of payloads by preventing any degradation prior to uptake by lymph node resident immune cells. Upon reaching the lymph nodes, the platform optimizes retention and directs the delivery of payloads to key immune cells responsible for the coordination of immune responses, specifically the activation and amplification of cancer-specific immune cells in lymph nodes. Overall, Elicio Therapeutics anticipates that the AMP platform could potentially provide a better quality of life to patients during treatment. The strategy is set apart from other treatments by its ability to activate immune mechanisms directly in the lymph nodes. Enhanced T cell infiltration into tumors, improved T cell expansion and persistence, potent anti-tumor T cell function and wide breadth of response are key attributes with the potential to improve efficacy and reduce the risk of resistance to therapy. Moving forward, Elicio Therapeutics is committed to developing its lymph node-targeting approach for deployment across a range of vaccines, immunomodulators and adjuvants — training the immune system to put the best cells forward to fight a broad spectrum of cancers. Featured photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash. Benzinga is a leading financial media and data provider, known for delivering accurate, timely, and actionable financial information to empower investors and traders. This post contains sponsored content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investing advice. Contact Details Benzinga +1 877-440-9464 Company Website

April 05, 2024 08:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Nexalin Technology unveils positive results of clinical study for Gen-2 tACS device

Nexalin Technology

Nexalin Technology CEO Mark White joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share positive results from a clinical study evaluating Nexalin’s Gen-2 tACS device for reducing pain in veteran patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). The study was conducted at The University of California, San Diego, and involved collaboration with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) San Diego Healthcare System, as well as the Radiology, Psychiatry, and Neurosciences Departments of UC San Diego. mTBI is a significant concern for veterans and the general public, leading to various physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral deficits. However, effective treatments for post-concussive symptoms (PCS) are limited, and the underlying pathophysiology is not fully understood. Symptoms of PCS often overlap with those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), further complicating diagnosis and treatment. The clinical trial was conducted as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study over an eight-week period, involving two groups: an active tACS group and a sham tACS group. Twenty-four veteran patients with mTBI received twelve sessions of either active or sham tACS over four consecutive weeks, followed by a four-week follow-up period to assess outcomes. The positive results from this study are significant, especially considering the substantial market potential for treatments addressing traumatic brain injuries. According to Global Market Insights, the Traumatic Brain Injuries Assessment Market is projected to reach over $7.2 billion by 2032. Nexalin's innovative approach offers promise in addressing the needs of individuals suffering from mTBI, potentially improving their quality of life and providing hope for effective treatment options in the future. Contact Details Proactive North America Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

April 04, 2024 11:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Classiq and Quantum Intelligence Corp (QIC, Korea) Partner On Quantum Accelerated Drug Development

Classiq Technologies

Classiq, a leading quantum computing software company, and Quantum Intelligence Corp. ( QIC, Korea ) today announced the launch of innovative joint research to accelerate drug development by applying quantum computing to pharmacology. The collaboration is under the auspices of Classiq’s Quantum Computing For Life Sciences & Healthcare Center, launched with NVIDIA last year. This new partnership is dedicated to utilizing the Classiq platform to explore the use of quantum computing in pharmacology for a wide range of predictive and analytical applications. This includes the discovery and design of novel drug candidates as well as the prediction of potential side effects and interactions. The partnership focuses on significantly enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of drug development by integrating Classiq's quantum computing platform with QIC's drug development platform. “Quantum Intelligence diverges from the traditional route of biopharmaceutical companies, positioning itself more as a platform company powered by quantum and AI technology,” stated QIC's CEO, Hwanho Choi, MD., PhD. “Through this unique collaborative approach, we aim to precisely identify potential side effects early on, reducing risks across all stages of drug development and clinical trials.” QIC, a South Korean startup pioneering the QUEST-ADMET platform based on quantum computing and AI technologies, targets prediction of compound properties through electronic charge distribution algorithms, to efficiently assess therapeutic solution efficacy and safety of drug candidates. Classiq offers a leading quantum development platform with unique technology enabling high-level abstraction that simplifies and accelerates development of efficient complex quantum software and applications. The Classiq platform’s built-in functions, GitHub repository and seamless execution on quantum computing hardware, will be key components in the research to develop pharmacology applications for research. “This agreement marks a significant step towards a new era of accelerated drug development using quantum computing technology,” said Classiq’s CEO Nir Minerbi. “By combining Classiq's quantum computing technology with QIC's drug development platform, we target significant improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of drug development.” About Classiq Classiq Technologies, the leading quantum software company, provides an all-encompassing platform (IDE, compiler and OS) with a single point of entry into quantum computing, taking users from algorithm design to execution. The high-level descriptive quantum software development environment, tailored to all levels of developer proficiency, automates quantum programming. This ensures that a broad range of talents, including those with backgrounds in AI, ML and linear algebra, can harness quantum computing without requiring deep, specialized knowledge of quantum physics. Classiq democratizes access to quantum computing and equips its users to take full advantage of the quantum computing revolution, including access to a broad range of quantum hardware. Classiq’s core technology, algorithmic quantum circuit compilation, is engineered to power the quantum ecosystem of today and the future. Classiq works closely with quantum cloud providers and advanced computation hardware developers providing software for use with quantum computers, HPC and quantum simulators. Backed by investors such as HPE, HSBC, Samsung, Intesa Sanpaolo and NTT, Classiq’s world-class team of scientists and engineers has distilled decades of quantum expertise into its groundbreaking quantum engine. Follow Classiq on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter) or YouTube, and visit the Slack community and website, to learn more. About Quantum Intelligence Corp. (QIC) Founded in 2020 by CEO Dr. Choi Hwanho and CTO Dr. Kang Hong-seok, Quantum Intelligence Corp. (QIC), based in Seoul, South Korea, is at the forefront of integrating quantum computing with artificial intelligence to revolutionize drug discovery. Using its advanced QUEST-ADMET platform and the Quantum-Dock module, QIC aims to outperform conventional drug development approaches in both accuracy and speed, offering highly precise predictions of drug efficacy and safety. QIC's global expansion is supported by strategic partnerships, including collaborations with Oxford Quantum Circuits (UK), Quandela (France), and QuEra Computing (US), alongside a joint venture with 48Hour Discovery (Canada). These partnerships enhance QIC's presence in key North American, European and Asian markets. The collaborations are aimed at improving pharmacological predictions, discovering new drug candidates and investigating metalloprotein-ligand interactions and pharmacokinetics. Beyond healthcare, QIC is also exploring quantum computing's potential in the financial sector, aiming to transform algorithmic trading, risk analysis and asset management. QIC's diverse team of experts in quantum physics, molecular modeling and AI is committed to driving innovations that optimize the drug development process. These efforts have established QIC as a prospective leader in quantum drug discovery, aiming to reduce development costs and timelines while improving drug safety and efficacy. The company's strategy to license out drug candidates developed with its quantum computing technology marks a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry, underscoring Quantum Intelligence's potential for significant growth. Contact Details Rainier Communications on behalf of Classiq Michelle Allard McMahon Quantum Intelligence Corp. (QIC) Byung-Hoon Kim, Operations Manager Company Website

April 04, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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MedCognetics Secures Groundbreaking Patent for Inclusive, Unbiased Medical Imaging AI Technology in Mammography


In a significant stride towards equitable healthcare technology, MedCognetics, Inc., a company focusing on medical imaging AI, today announced it has been awarded patent number 11,948,297 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent covers architectural strategies and methodologies for achieving unbiased AI in breast imaging. This innovation is backed by MedCognetics’ peer-reviewed publications in industry conferences such as the Radiological Society North America (RSNA) 2023, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) 2024, and a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This breakthrough is set to redefine the development of AI in the medical field ensuring MedCognetics’ algorithms maintain high performance across different patient demographics, thereby guaranteeing consistent, fair, superior patient outcomes. "This patent is a reflection of our team's focused pursuit of innovation and commitment to inclusivity,” said Ron Nag, CEO of MedCognetics, Inc. “Our technology is not just about improving patient outcomes through earlier and more accurate diagnoses; the focus is on fostering equality in technological development and ensuring universal access to advancements in healthcare systems worldwide. We remain dedicated to progressing in the field of unbiased medical imaging technology.” MedCognetics is actively engaged in partnerships with leading healthcare institutions and research organizations to bring its patented AI technology into clinical practice, aiming for widespread patient benefit from these advancements at the earliest. Full details of the allowance are listed in the Issue Notification Certificate issued by the USPTO. For further information about MedCognetics and its pioneering medical imaging AI technology, please visit About MedCognetics, Inc. MedCognetics provides an advanced AI software platform that integrates into radiology workflow. In addition, the AI algorithm is trained on a diverse global patient dataset to mitigate data biasing. The future of AI in healthcare is unbiased services and MedCognetics is at the forefront of creating a more predictable medical outcome and ultimately saving lives. Founded in 2020, the company is based in Dallas, Texas. For more information, please visit our website at Contact Details ANW Networks Alicia Nieva-Woodgate +1 415-515-0866 Company Website

April 03, 2024 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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HEALWELL AI shares major company milestones since its debut in Q4 of 2023


HEALWELL AI CEO Dr. Alex Dobranowski joined Steve Darling from Proactive to provide a corporate update, including the release of preliminary financial results for its Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Year Ended December 31, 2023. HEALWELL AI, which debuted in the fourth quarter of 2023, has achieved significant milestones since its inception. HEALWELL successfully raised approximately $29.5 million, providing the company with significant financial resources to fuel its growth initiatives. HEALWELL completed the acquisition of a majority interest in Pentavere, an AI healthcare company. This acquisition enhances HEALWELL's capabilities and strengthens its position in the healthcare AI market. HEALWELL announced a partnership with WELL Health Technologies, whereby WELL Health adopted HEALWELL's AI-powered physician co-pilot product, WELL AI Decision Support. This marks a significant milestone in the adoption of HEALWELL's technology in the healthcare industry. HEALWELL announced the acquisition of Intrahealth, an enterprise-class Electronic Health Record (EHR) company. This acquisition has contributed to HEALWELL's yearly run-rate revenues, which now exceed $20 million, primarily driven by SaaS and services. Dobranowski expressed optimism about HEALWELL's outlook, citing its organic growth profile and M&A strategy. The company has a strong and active acquisition pipeline, with the potential to more than double its current revenue run-rate to over $40 million per year using existing cash on hand. HEALWELL's strategic alliance with equity investor WELL Health Technologies continues to flourish, with significant activity in both Canada and the United States. In Canada, WELL Health recently launched WELL AI Decision Support, an AI-powered physician co-pilot providing clinical decision support for rare disease diagnosis and preventative care, sourced entirely from HEALWELL. Overall, HEALWELL AI is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the dynamic healthcare AI market, leveraging its innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and robust acquisition strategy. Contact Details Proactive North America Proactive North America +1 604-688-8158

April 03, 2024 10:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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PathAI Announces Research Presentations at the 2024 AACR Annual Meeting


PathAI, Inc., a leading AI-powered precision pathology company, today announced it will present research from its portfolio of oncology products at the AACR Annual Meeting on April 7-10, 2024, in San Diego, CA. The research demonstrates how machine learning models developed to characterize the tumor microenvironment (TME) from routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E)-stained whole slide images (WSIs) can be used to advance biomarker development and precision medicine strategies. The presentations include new research leveraging PathAI’s pan-tumor foundation models and its commercially available product, PathExplore 1, to identify key histologic features associated with molecular signatures and patient response to therapy. Highlights: Researchers deployed PathExplore on HNSCC and NSCLC samples to characterize the cell and tissue composition of the tumor microenvironment, as well as compute immune phenotypes directly from H&E WSI. (Poster #905 ) Researchers from Incendia Therapeutics developed a continuous scoring method for Discoidin Domain Receptor 1 (DDR1), which revealed widespread immune exclusion in tumors based on the spatial distribution of lymphocytes, CD8+ T cells, and CD45+ immune cells from H&E and mIF images. DDR1 is highly expressed in epithelial cancers and has been implicated in tumor growth, invasion, and lack of response to therapy. The immune exclusion score correlates with DDR1 mRNA and protein expression. The study provides additional insight into the role of DDR1 in human cancers and may be useful in selecting indications and stratifying patients for DDR1-targeted therapies. (Poster #2916 ) Using unsupervised learning driven by PathExplore’s features and a novel collagen fiber detection imaging technology, researchers discovered three distinct phenotypes of cancer associated stroma (CAS) that had distinct patterns of association with survival and gene expression signatures. Two of them were enriched in collagen fiber density as well as in density of fibroblasts, while the third phenotype had the highest density of immune cells, providing a categorization of different types of CAS-tumor interaction that may be useful for patient stratification. (Poster #4912 ) Using AI-powered models from PathAI, Foundation Medicine researchers investigated digital pathology TME features of immunotherapy outcomes among NSCLC patients within a real-world dataset from the Flatiron Health-Foundation Medicine Clinico-Genomic Database. These results indicate that the composition of the TME assessed via digital pathology may have utility in identifying NSCLC patients who will respond to first-line immune checkpoint inhibitors beyond the established immunotherapy biomarkers. (Poster #4969 ) In collaboration with EMD Serono, AI-powered TME models from PathAI were used to analyze H&E WSI of NSCLC from a randomized Phase 3 trial directly comparing two immunotherapies. Researchers compared cell abundance features with gene expression data from the same samples and found that immune and stromal cell abundance features were associated with expression of genes in relevant cellular pathways, confirming the biological relevance of our cellular features. In analyzing the features alongside the clinical data from the retrospective study, researchers identified candidate prognostic immunotherapy biomarkers. (Poster #6179 ) Researchers from Incendia Therapeutics illustrated that morphologic features derived from H&E images using PathExplore can be effective predictors of CD8-defined immune exclusion, providing an option for patient stratification by immune phenotype using widely available H&E images. The features and direction of association align with prior knowledge of the mechanism or manifestations of immune exclusion or infiltration in the TME, including the relative density of lymphocytes in tumor and stroma. (Poster #7392 ) PathAI’s pan-tumor foundation models were used to identify tissue regions and cell types on H&E WSI to quantify tumor purity across multiple tumor types. Model-derived tumor purity estimates were compared to three orthogonal molecular methods of purity and found to correlate across disease indications. These results provide evidence of how AI can improve the efficiency of molecular testing and enhance precision diagnostic strategies. (Poster #7402 ) Follow PathAI on LinkedIn and X for more updates from #AACR24 and visit us in person at booth #1549. 1 PathExplore is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. About PathAI PathAI is the only AI-focused technology company to provide comprehensive precision pathology solutions from wet lab services to algorithm deployment for clinical trials and laboratory use. Rigorously trained and validated with data from more than 15 million annotations, its AI-powered models can be leveraged to optimize the analysis of pathology samples to improve efficiency and accuracy of pathology interpretation, as well as to better gauge therapeutic efficacy and accelerate drug development for complex diseases. PathAI, which is headquartered in Boston, MA, and operates a CAP/CLIA-certified laboratory in Memphis, TN, is proud to have a team of 600+ innovative thinkers from around the globe. For more information, please visit Contact Details SVM Public Relations and Marketing Communications Maggie Naples +1 401-490-9700 Company Website

April 03, 2024 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

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Lotus Network

Lotus Network, a Denver-based non-profit organization providing opportunities for all women to create meaningful connections, announced today its 2024 Spring Connector event, Reigniting the Women’s Spirit, featuring the “Shmealer” (shame healer) Sarah Lajeunesse. An award-winning coach, writer and speaker, Lajeunesse brings Reigniting the Women’s Spirit to the U.S. for the first time at this Lotus Network event. The discussion will explore how the weight of perfectionism, people-pleasing, societal, cultural and gender expectations and pressures, are deeply rooted in guilt and shame. Touching upon the ways these self-conscious emotions can prevent a woman from experiencing a greater, richer quality of life, this timely talk will explore the yearning so many women experience in wanting to feel whole and empowered. Through a hilariously liberating and thought-provoking discussion about uncomfortable emotions, “ Reigniting the Women’s Spirit” is aimed at helping women: Identify and challenge their own personal limiting beliefs and unrelenting patterns that keep them stuck Set healthy boundaries and communicate them effectively with others Cultivate self-compassion and self-care practices that nurture well-being and happiness Uncover individual strengths for achieving self-confidence Lajeunesse will provide tips on how to release the heavy, unnecessary burden of shame that has continued to plague many women for years, decades and even generations. She will also address ways to stop the unconscious passing down of guilt and shame repercussions throughout life. The Spring Connector event will be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2024 from 7:00–9:00 P.M. at the Leach Center for the Performing Arts on the Colorado Academy campus, 3800 South Pierce Street, Denver, CO, 80235. Lotus Network’s hope for the event is that all women – mothers, daughters, sisters and friends – become more empowered to make important and necessary journeys to reclaim their voices, choices and lives by releasing guilt and shame to better trust themselves. “Reflecting Lotus Network’s founding mantra of ‘It’s Never Too Late...,’ we bring the Front Range a premier event to which we believe so many women can relate. Empowering women through connection is a global, topical conversation that we are bringing to the forefront through Sarah’s first U.S. discussion. Our goal for this event – and all our programming – is to truly connect women and provide them platforms and tools for learning, growth and self-discovery,” Lotus Network Co-founders Lisa Cook and Leslie Heins explained. Tickets are $35 for Reigniting the Women’s Spirit Event and can be purchased at Connector Event 2024 Featuring Sarah Lajeunesse - Lotus Network There also will be a VIP Meet & Greet event with Lajeunesse on Monday, May 6 th. In addition, the event will be offered via a virtual platform for out-of-state participants. For more information on ticket purchases and the event, please contact HealthONE Rose Women's Hospital is the sponsor behind Lotus Network’s Spring Connector event. About Sarah Lajeunesse Sarah Lajeunesse is an award-winning coach, writer, speaker and “shmealer” (shame healer) whose work is devoted to helping women heal the guilt, shame and past experiences that prevent them from moving toward a greater, richer quality of life. From working with, speaking to and supporting hundreds of individuals across several countries, ranging from teens to those in their 60’s and in various phases and stages of life, she’s witnessed the long-term damage and detrimental impacts the weight of shame can carry. Visit the Shmealer at About Lotus Network In 2019, best friends and business partners Lisa Cook and Leslie Heins founded Lotus Network, a nonprofit organization raising awareness of purposeful living by inspiring women of all ages to live in authentic and gratifying ways through connection. Lotus Network encourages women to start their next chapter by taking on new challenges – physically, mentally and spiritually – by spreading the message that age is not a limitation. Lotus Network’s pillars include connection, empowerment, integrity, optimism and purpose. Please visit and connect with the organization on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to learn more. Contact Details Susan J. Turkell +1 303-766-4343 Company Website

April 03, 2024 08:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time

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